Wrestler Spotlight: Lady Valkyrie

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today’s focus is on Ireland’s Lady Valkyrie, who debuts for Fierce Females this weekend.

Photo credit John Morrissey Photography

Alias – Lady Valkyrie, Valkyrie
Nicknames – “The Hidden Gem of Irish Wrestling”
Companies Wrestled For – Over the Top Wrestling, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Celtic Championship Wrestling, Superstar Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ulster, Main Stage Wrestling, Uprising School of Pro Wrestling, German Wrestling Federation, Megaslam Wrestling and Flemish Wrestling Force
Titles & Accomplishments –
1x FFPW Irish Junior Heavyweight Champion
2017 GWF Breakout Star of the Year
Signature Moves – The Guillotine (Diving Legdrop to an opponent hung on the ropes), Moonsault
Alliances – The Queens Court w/Katey Harvey, The Rocky Starr Experience w/Rocky Starr & Dude Roadsville
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