WZ Aberdeen Anarchy: Top 10 Moments From The Beach Ballroom #9

We are 10 weeks away from Aberdeen Anarchy 2018, taking place on September 1st at The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen it’s the biggest night on the wrestling calendar in the North East. To celebrate we’ll be posting several articles on the lead up to the event with flashback reviews, lists and previews hyping up Aberdeen Anarchy.

We continue the countdown of the Top 10 moments in Aberdeen Anarchy history that took place at The Beach Ballroom with number 9, a night a ‘The Hardcore Icon’ defeated ‘The Creator of Carnage’.

Photo credit Dod Morrison

Jack Jester Tames The Beast (2014)

Since winning the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship from Johnny Lions in the main event of the 2013 Aberdeen Anarchy event, Crusher Craib looked unstoppable. Turning back challenge after challenge. It looked like there was nobody that could possibly take the title from ‘The Creator of Carnage’.

In a star studded 2014 Regal Rumble, Jack Jester bested the likes of Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Grado to earn himself a chance at Crusher’s Undisputed WrestleZone Championship. In the shows that built to The Beach Ballroom, Jester looked to rattle the beast as he seemed to take great delight in causing Crusher to lose focus and trigger a near uncontrollable violent temper. The unshakable Crusher Craib was being broken down mentally.

As we came to Aberdeen Anarchy, Jester looked confident but Crusher kept his calm, as the match progressed Jack Jester used any trick in his arsenal, even bringing in a chair while referee Mikey Innes was knocked out before grabbing one of the ringside camera girls, dragged her into the ring and threatened her with his corkscrew. In a moment that exposed Crusher as human, not just an animal, Crusher panicked and begged Jester to unhand her while Jester demanded Crusher lied down. As Jester pushed the girl towards Craib, Crusher’s first act was to safely escort her out of the ring. Such sympathy had never been seen by Crusher before.

Crusher fought back but Jester wasn’t going to be denied, throwing a chair at the head of Crusher while he was seated on the turnbuckle, allowing Jester to drop Craib on his head with a tombstone to lift the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship.

It wasn’t over, Jester decided more punishment was required as he took aim with a steel chair, only to be ran off by Scotty Swift and X-Pac to close the 2014 Aberdeen Anarchy event.

A shocking moment in WrestleZone history.

Top 10 Moments From The Beach Ballroom

10. The King Is Crowned (2017)
9. Jack Jester Tames The Beast (2014)
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7. ???
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