Review: Pro Wrestling Ulster Goes INSANE

As a special treat I’ve taken a look at Pro Wrestling Ulster’s Goes INSANE event that took place on May 27th at S13 in Belfast. PWU are a company I know in name only. So I came into this event with a total blank slate, bar the ICW roster and a couple others of the PWU roster I didn’t know many names on the show.

Insane Championship Wrestling owner Mark Dallas was in charge of the evening hence the goes insane tag. Which qualified it to be featured on this very website.

Rocky Starr came out to kick off the show with his troop The Rocky Starr Experience. He had a moan about not being booked and he was interrupted by guest general manager Mark Dallas. Dallas told him that it was down to Rocky Starr to do something about it but if he wanted an opportunity he can get one and introduced the ICW World Heavyweight Champion Stevie Boy.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Stevie Boy defeated Rocky Starr w/The Rocky Starr Experience (Dude Roadsville & Lady Valkyrie) by pinfall to retain.

Before the bell Stevie Boy flung himself through the ropes onto The Rocky Starr Experience and Rocky Starr. A slingshot DDT saw Starr roll out of the ring and crawl under the ring while Stevie Boy was distracted. Starr distracted the referee while Stevie got a beat down on the outside. Starr took control and hit a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. They traded punches with Starr taking a gut kick to get the upper hand but missed a rush and found himself flying back with a snap German Suplex from Stevie Boy. Stevie punched, kneed, kicked and Falcon Arrowed Starr for a close two count. The Rocky Starr Experience made their presence felt again by grabbing the leg of Stevie allowing Starr to go for a flatliner but it was wriggled out of and Stevie hit a superkick for another near fall. The Rocky Starr Experience held Stevie as Starr looked to clock Stevie with the ICW title but the referee stopped it, Stevie escaped from The Experience and landed the Devil’s Halo to Starr to retain.

It was alright, nothing spectacular but good. I was a litle confused by the lead up to the finish. Why would Starr decide to get himself disqualified? It needed a ref bump to add a bit of logic to it. Anyway, there was a lot of use of Lady Valkyrie and Dude Roadsville as distraction which was pretty good.

PWU All Ulster Championship – Michael May w/The Enterprise (Luke Cullen & Liam Royal) defeated CTB3 by pinfall to retain.

CTB3 went straight for the armbar, but May escaped. CTB3 snapped the fingers of Luke Cullen of The Enterprise when he tried to interfere then did the same to Michael May. The match was back and forth with both getting some offense in. May missed a top rope splash and CTB3 took over but Luke Cullen was back causing the distraction, May couldn’t put CTB3 away with a Death Valley Driver. CTB3 locked in an armbar but Luke Cullen tried to interfere but was locked into an amrbar, Liam Royal ran in to help Luke Cullen escape, the distraction allowed May to low blow CTB3 and small package him for the win.

The Enterprise and Michael May attacked CTB3 after the match but was stopped by Phil Boyd, he took a sip of beer and grabbed a broom to smack Royal and Cullen while Michael May scurried away. Boyd hit the Air Raid Crash on Cullen.

Boyd challenged Michael May to a match then and there, PWU Chairman Terry Chapman made the match official at Gold Rush.

This was pretty boring, Michael May was so bland and CTB3 wasn’t much more exciting. This was a bunch of moves, no story and little effort to get the crowd involved. The sole highlight of this whole match was Liam Royal on commentary.

Lionheart defeated Justy w/Darren Kearney by pinfall.

Some fun bits to start off with Kearney clearly excited to meet Lionheart while Justy trying to get Darren to cheat and help him. When it got going Lionheart was on the offense while Darren kept messing up and causing Justy to get distracted. Justy got the upper hand and locked in the fishhook. Justy tried twin magic with Darren, which of course didn’t work seeing as Justy has a couple stone over Darren plus a beard and trunks up to his nipples. Darren tried to throw his shirt to Justy but the aim was off, Lionheart caught it threw the shirt into Justy’s face, superkick and Rock Bottom saw Lionheart get the win.

I loved Darren Kearney, the most rubbish bad guy and totally lovable. There is a risk with this kind of comedy that the joke will wear thin quickly. Justy is mentoring Darren in being a bad guy but Darren is too nice. Like something from a sitcom. Very entertaining, super fun. I’d watch more of these two.

Mark Dallas explained Insane Rules with one extra tweak in that it was now falls count anywhere.

Insane Rules Match – Luther Valentine defeated Chris Renfrew by pinfall…kinda.

Renfrew came out with a wheelie bin of plunder as this started as a brawl on the outside, Renfrew through a bin at Luther before smashing him with a tube of Pringles. Renfrew used a chair, a water bottle and an umbrella. Gaining extra height on a standing leg drop by opening the umbrella. Valentine escaped a T-Virus attempt with a Superman Punch and took over. Using a chair to punish Renfrew but couldn’t put him away with a spinebuster. Valentine took off his belt and wrapped it around his fist only to run into a Stoner. Renfrew used the belt to whip Valentine. Valentine sent Renfrew head first into a wedge chair but the follow up Death Valley Driver couldn’t keep Renfrew down for three. Renfrew powerbombed Valentine through a clotheshorse which is something I didn’t think I would ever write.

Valentine hit the Valentine’s Kiss cutter but it was another close two count. Valentine went to hit the referee in anger but it was blocked and saw him stumble into another Stoner. Valentine used Freedom Powder to blind Renfrew, Valentine pushed the referee into Renfrew who got a Stoner. Renfrew pinned the referee but Valentine picked him up and landed his cutter onto a chair. Valentine slapped the referee’s hand to the mat three times for the win… I guess.

Silly, wild and chaotic. I really enjoyed it. Some fun stuff in this one.

PWU Tag Team Championships – ICW Tag Team Championships – The New School (Nathan Martin & LJ Cleary) vs The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) ended in a no contest.

Fun antics to begin with including Jack Jester planting a kiss on, what I assume to be, LJ Cleary’s Mum who looked to have a small part of him die inside. Martin gave Samuels the run around decided which corner he was going to stand in. Jester went into the crowd to grab a beer while Clearly returned the favour and went into the crowd and got himself a full fat coke like an animal.

There was a round of applause for the opening lock up. New School used their youth and quickness to run wild on Jester and Samuels with frequent tags. Samuels got back in and went about like a juggernaut but was taken down by Cleary’s top rope plancha. Jester looked to put Martin away with a Tombstone but two big lads came in to attack both teams. JDP and Tron laid out both teams and walked away.

Jester got on the mic telling the crowd that he didn’t want to leave them unhappy, Sha Samuels agreed and gave big props to New School and insisted that the New School’s music was played.

I have a bit of a man crush on Jack Jester and his team with Samuels is just so wonderful. These two teams might not have looked similar, or even wrestle similar but they had a similar dynamic of one who is a bit of a joker while there’s the “grown up” so to speak. I could see why the name LJ Cleary pops up on my Twitter feed so often. The match had the rug pulled from under it by JDP and Tron but before that it was a fun match between the two teams.

ICW Women’s Championship – Gauntlet Match – Viper defeated Lauren La Roux, Rhia O’Reilly, Debbie Kietel, Katey Harvey & Lady Valkyrie to retain.

Lady Valkyrie w/The Rocky Starr Experience (Rocky Starr & Dude Roadsville) defeated Lauren La Roux by pinfall.

La Roux looked to be cruising in the early going but a big kick had Valkyrie putting the boots to the PWU Women’s Champion. La Roux fought back and looked to have the match won with a powerbomb but The Rocky Starr Experience took over, Roadsville distracted the referee while Rocky Starr helped Valkyrie hit the Off With Their Head leg drop to pin the PWU Women’s Champion.

Rhia O’Reilly defeated Lady Valkyrie w/The Rocky Starr Experience (Rocky Starr & Dude Roadsville) by pinfall.

Valkyrie missed a crossbody as O’Reilly started battering her opponent. Once again The Rocky Star Experience made their presence known to get Valkyrie back on the offensive. Valkyrie missed a second rope moonsault, the follow up elbow drop and leg drop. O’Reilly rallied back with a Finlay Roll and senton. Before she could taste victory Rocky Starr pulled the referee out. The referee banned the Rocky Starr Experience from ringside which gave O’Reilly the perfect chance to roll up Valkyrie to move on.

Rhia O’Reilly defeated Debbie Kietel by pinfall.

A change of pace in the next section with some wrestling, counter holds and trading locks. Kietel used kicks to wear down O’Reilly. O’Reilly avoided a splash in the corner allowing her to fit in a DDT to create space. A neckbreaker from the second rope wasn’t enough for O’Reilly. Kietal got a facebuster in but it was only good for two. They battled back and forth with plenty of near falls but O’Reilly landed a quick double arm DDT to pick up the victory.

Katey Harvey defeated Rhia O’Reilly by pinfall.

O’Reilly asked for a bit of a breather but Harvey went for roll ups to tire out O’Reilly. O’Reilly eventually just sat on Harvey to get a wee rest. O’Reilly locked up Harvey in a Paradise Lock to tangle herself while she could take a wee break for a sip of Lucozade. The match got going with Harvey trying to put away Rhia quickly. The match moved onto the outside as the referee shouted that if they’re counted out then neither would get the title. They paused and ran back to the ring to restart. Harvey hit a nice Exploder Suplex for two Rhia replied with a superplex. Gory Bomb from Katey Harvey for the win.

Viper defeated Katey Harvey by pinfall.

The ICW Women’s Champion entered in last. A nice opening exchange that saw Viper move Harvey into a straight-jacket surfboard. Viper went to the well again by Harvey rolled through for a straight-jacket of her own.  Harvey attempted an Irish whip but Viper held her ground, landing sit up running crossbody but Harvey pulled Viper off the ropes following a Viper Bomb attempt. Harvey dodged a cannonball senton. Another Irish whip attempt was failed as Viper got the cannonball senton and Viper Bomb for a two count. A Viper Driver was thwarted as Harvey just got Viper up for a Gory Bomb but it wasn’t enough. Viper got the Viper Driver to retain.

A nice mix of matches, you had some classic good versus evil, some solid wrestling and some entertainment. The match slowed down in the middle but the final match was really good, the story of Harvey being unable to Irish whip Viper was a clever story woven through out the match. Although she never succeeded with the Irish whip she managed to get her with the Gory Bomb. It was a long match but it didn’t feel like a long slog which was testament to how the match was broken up into the difference sections. No two matches were the same. Good stuff.

PWU Championship – Tim Steed defeated Tucker to retain.

The match started with some balance back and forth, Tucker and Steed keeping up the with other with Steed going for a crossface. Tucker using his quickness to get a roll going but Steed overpowered Tucker with clubs and a big suplex to keep Tucker grounded. Tucker got a reprieve with a corkscrew roundhouse kick to get a rest from the punishment. They traded chops as Tucker brushed them off, the forearms rocked him but Tucker replied with a slingblade. Tucker went for the Swantuck but landed on the knees of Steed who planted him with a Samoan Drop. Tucker looked to have tweaked his knee but got back into it with a dropkick from the top rope. Tucker went for the superkick but was caught and trapped in a crossface from Tim Steed. Tucker tried to roll Steed into a pin but Steed rolled though. Tucker rolled again into a pinfall, Steed’s kick out broke the hold. Tucker hit the superkick but Steed barrelled back into the referee. JDP and Tron trotted out and hit Tucker with an elevated chokebomb. Steed rolled back in and gained the pinfall.

A pretty good main event, nice to see Tucker more and Tim Steed was pretty solid. Having JDP and Tron come out was fine, it was great that they introduced these two earlier in the night. Decent main event to close the show.

A highly entertaining show, this was my first PWU show and it was a great way to dip my feet into the Irish promotion. Some really good matches, the Justy-Lionheart and the tag team title match being the best on the show in my opinion. I got a couple favourites out of this including Darren Kearney and LJ Cleary. I’ll certainly look to watch some more of Pro Wrestling Ulster.

I think there could’ve been a bit more done to incorporate ICW a bit more but for what was offered it was a very good show.

It’s on YouTube now for your eyes to enjoy: