Lou King Sharp Is Pure Dead Brilliant. Why? HERE’S WHY!

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Over the last week or so it would be hard to escape this spat between Lou King Sharp and Simon Miller from WhatCulture or Defiant, whatever it’s called nowadays. I have no idea how it started but it’s heated up with Sharp taking offence of Miller walking into promotions without putting in the hard work that others have to get there.

I don’t know who Simon Miller is so here I am going to educate those that say they’ve never heard of Lou King Sharp.

Krissy Forbes aka Lou King Sharp is a product of the Premier British Wrestling Academy, the same school that trained the likes of Noam Dar, Kay Lee Ray and Kenny Williams along with current Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Stevie Boy Xavier.

Making his official in-ring debut in 2013, Sharp forged himself a niche where he was the ultimate sufferer of small man syndrome, standing a colossal 5’4″ and a ripped and jacked eight and a half stone. He would square up to anyone, but usually found himself outsized, building a reputation for his entertaining antics and overconfidence, proudly proclaiming himself to be ‘Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler’, Lou King Sharp was quick to leave an impression wherever he would turn up.

Under the guidence of Kid Fite, Sharp is wise beyond his years, being able to make subtle tweaks to his character that allows for fans to either boo him or offer support whenever he decides it, never afraid to make himself the butt of the joke. Sharp has also travelled across the world from holiday camps all over the UK, to Europe in Ireland, Finland, Norway and Denmark, to the United States, wrestling everyone and anyone with no fear. Whether it was flyering, building the ring, dismantling the ring, he would, and still does, everything that he can do to give back to those that have taken the time to book him to do the thing he loves to do.

He’s picked up titles along the way including the Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Future Division Championship, Premier British Wrestling Tag Team Championship, Pro Wrestling Elite Tag Team Championship and WrestleZone Tag Team Championship along with being the 2017 PBW King of the Cruisers, joining names like Liam Thomson, El Ligero and Kenny Williams to hold that accolade. Facing names like Grado, Hornswoggle, Noam Dar, Viper, Carlito, The Hurricane, D-Von Dudley, The Young Bucks, Tommy Dreamer while wrestling for some of the biggest companies in the United Kingdom including Insane Championship Wrestling and Discovery Wrestling. Wrestling in famed venues like The Barrowland Ballroom, The Beach Ballroom and The Caird Hall, places steeped in history and in front of thousands. He has also appeared on television as part of the entertaining Pure Dead Brilliant faction with Krieger and Kid Fite, many would say it was one of the few bright spots of the doomed 5 Star Wrestling weekly show.

One of the most captivating on the microphone, Lou King Sharp is more than just a funny play on words, he knows what he is about. He’s worked for the last 5 years to be considered one of the most consistently reliable wrestlers in the UK. An entertainment powerhouse who will make you laugh, seeth or cry. A true “sports entertainer”.

If you haven’t heard of Lou King Sharp, you should go change that.

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