Reckless Intent Tag Team Championships Tournament: The Final Two


For the past three months, Reckless Intent Wrestling have been hosting an eight-team tournament to crown the inaugural Reckless Intent Tag Team Champions. As the months have gone on, we are now down to the final two with champions to be determined tomorrow night at Cruel Summer. Before that, let’s take a look at how our finalists made it this far.


The Age of Orion (Michael Chase & Theo Doros)
Quarterfinals – def. Lucha Scotland (Robbie Solar & Falcon) by Pinfall
– def. Divinity (Brandon Adams & Justin Deed) by Pinfall

Michael Chase and Theo Doros have been two of the longest-serving members on the Reckless Intent roster, but only started teaming together in the middle of 2017. Taking their team up and down the country from ICW to UPW, Chase and Doros have established themselves as the team to beat in Reckless Intent as they saw off two rather different teams in the quarters and semis. Between them, they’ve done all there is to do in RI (except the Battle of West Lothian Tournament) but can they go all the way and add their first set of tag gold to the trophy cabinet?


High Society (Luke Aldridge & David Devlin)
Quarterfinals – def. The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Cousin Zander) by DQ
– def. The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar) by Pinfall

High Society is comprised of two of the most underrated talents Scotland has to offer in my humble opinion. Luke Aldridge is always a guy that’s stood out to me, while I’ve also recently started getting invested in David Devlin’s work. These two got to the finals by beating two teams from the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, albeit one by disqualification but a win is a win. David was the winner of the this year’s Battle of West Lothian Tournament a few weeks ago, perhaps giving himself and Aldridge an added bit of momentum as they look set to win the Tag Team Championships.


I’ve predicted a High Society victory from the outset, but who do you think will become the inaugural Reckless Intent Tag Team Champions?




All photos are property of Reckless Intent Wrestling and David J Wilson.