Source Championship Tournament: Bracket Breakdown


We are now just a few days away from Source Wrestling’s three-night event to crown the inaugural Source Champion. Taking place from July 13th-15th, the three nights will see a 16-man single-elimination tournament to determine a champion. With the brackets being officially revealed this past weekend, let’s break them down!

Joe Coffey vs Alexander Darwin MacAllan

Joe Coffey’s first round opponent is a man I’m not too familiar with, Violence Institute member Alexander Darwin MacAllan. Coffey is one of the most experienced competitors in the tournament, recently competing in WWE’s second United Kingdom Championship Tournament as well as being officially signed to NXT UK, so is there a need to speak too much about him? Now although MacAllan may not be as well known as the bulk of the other entrants, he appears to be an imposing figure even if he does look a bit like Jesus, and has apparently never been pinned or submitted in singles action (if my sources are correct). From the titbit of the promo I watched before last night’s Raw, ADM looks quite promising on the mic so I hope he delivers in the ring aswell. Judging by his size, The Iron King may need an extra jump on that discus lariat if he looks to advance forward.

Prediction – Joe Coffey

Jayla Dark vs Kieran Kelly

The only woman in the tournament is Jayla Dark, who recently won her first taste of gold in the form of the Fierce Females Championship. Her opponent also began his first proper championship reign at the end of March as she faces SWA Scottish X Champion, “Shotgun” Kieran Kelly. If you ask me, both of these entrants are highly underutilised, with Dark having to wait a number of years to gain her first championship. Kelly has found a bit of success recently, officially joining the ICW roster with a potential match at The Hydro on the cards. Whoever goes forward in this match has the full capability to go the full way.

Prediction – Jayla Dark

Lewis Girvan vs Sugar Dunkerton

Lewis Girvan started training at the Source Wrestling School all the way back in 2008 and the rest is history. The Renegade has solidified his status within British wrestling, receiving plenty of success as both a singles and tag team competitor. Currently in possession of the Heavyweight Championships in Respect Pro Wrestling and Celtic Championship Wrestling, he has the potential to become #Lewis3Belts on Sunday night. If he has any hopes of doing so, he’ll have to first get through American star Sugar Dunkerton. Dunkerton looks like a solid competitor from the one top moves video I watched and boasts as many nicknames as David Starr. While Girvan may be one of the favourites to win the tournament (I even had him as one of my Five Picks back in April when the tournament was first announced), but Dunkerton brings with him a mass of charisma that will perhaps deter The Best Young Wrestler a bit. Plus, Sugar’s scheduled for all three nights so might as well have him advance.

Prediction – Sugar Dunkerton

Aspen Faith vs Scott McManus

Lewis’s Kings of Catch partner Aspen Faith will be in first round action opposite Scott McManus. Aspen has exactly what it takes to make it through 16-man tournaments, becoming the inaugural WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion just over one year ago, but his matches there were spread out over a number of months instead of three straight nights. Still though, his submission game is second to none which may come in handy against an opponent with a Hap-Jitsu background (a black belt nonetheless). Scott McManus, one half of The Underdogs tag team, hasn’t gotten the same level of recognition that partner Kieran Kelly has been getting recently, which may show with this tournament. McManus’ career would skyrocket if he got far in the bracket but considering he’s got The King of Catch in the opening round, don’t put your money on him winning.

Prediction – Aspen Faith

MATT DALY vs Jack Jester

Poor MATT DALY. The Man Who Needs No Introduction has quite possibly the toughest challenge in the first round as he faces off with Source debutant Jack Jester. DALY, as the nickname suggests, is quite the charismatic star but no matter how much glamour that surrounds him, does he really stand a chance against Big Kink? Unless he has help from his Violence Institute teammates, probably not. Jester is without a doubt one of the most recognisable names anywhere he goes, winning gold all over the place. He currently holds a number of Tag Team Championships, so it is about time to add some more singles gold to the collection? I’d say so.

Prediction – Jack Jester

Grant McIvor vs Luke Matthews

This’ll be difficult to write about, two names that I know very little about except for the stables they’re part of, it’ll be The House of Saynt’s Grant McIvor and The Violence Institute’s Luke Matthews squaring off in the opening round. McIvor looks like quite a tall guy going by the moniker of “The Gazelle”, recently making his Discovery debut under the tutelage of Christopher Saynt. Grant also made it to the quarterfinals of this year’s Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament before falling at the feet of eventual winner Irving Garrett. Meanwhile, Luke Matthews is a man I’ve never seen the work of. I believe he has some matches on YouTube however, so I’ll have a look at them before the weekend.

Prediction – Grant McIvor

Stevie Xavier vs Craig Anthony

A match I’m quite interested in will see Stevie Xavier facing off with relative newcomer to Scottish wrestling Craig Anthony. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know exactly how much the leader of The Filthy Generation has accomplished over the last few months. ICW King of Insanity, ICW Square Go! winner, ICW World Heavyweight Champion, PBW Heavyweight Champion, World of Sport star. The Source Championship would add even more prestige to the already impressive list of accolades held by The Icon Killer. Even though Craig Anthony has only competed in a handful of matches (his debut only took place in March of this year), he’s caught on rather well which earned him the nickname “The Natural”. A participant in this year’s Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament, Craig will look to get past the first round in his second tournament but it won’t be an easy task given who he has to go up against.

Prediction – Stevie Xavier

Mike Bird vs David Devlin

The final round of 16 contest sees Mike Bird and David Devlin compete for, as far as I’m aware, the very first time. A Welsh native, Bird has left his mark on Scottish wrestling during his reign as ICW Tag Team Champion last year alongside NXT UK’s Wild Boar. While wrestling regularly for home promotions like Dragon Pro Wrestling, Bird seems to have fallen off track slightly, not getting as much appreciation as he should be getting. David Devlin is someone I’ve not seen much of but he looks promising. A recent failure to become the inaugural Reckless Intent Tag Team Champions is perhaps the fire Devlin needs inside him to go far in his career. Expect some hard-hitting strikes from this one.

Prediction – Mike Bird

Going by my predictions, it would then leave us with the quarterfinals looking like this;
Joe Coffey vs Grant McIvor
Jayla Dark vs Stevie Xavier
Aspen Faith vs Sugar Dunkerton
Jack Jester vs Mike Bird

Might as well mention that at this point, my overall pick to win the entire tournament and become the inaugural Source Champion is Stevie Xavier.

Other matches announced for the weekender are;

Night Two – Mike Bailey vs Solar
Night Two – Sammie Jo vs Veda Scott
Night Three – KOE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa) vs The Hunter Brothers (Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter)
Night Three – Andy Wild vs Rowan Frey
Night Three – Irving Garrett’s Open Challenge
Night Three – The Source debut of NXT UK’s Jordan Devlin.

Tickets can still be purchased from, priced between £8-26.


Who’s your pick to win the tournament?