The Bedlam Report | ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 5

By Doctor Bedlam

Hello and welcome to The Bedlam Report, I am of course Doctor Bedlam and with me we will look at the company Insane Championship Wrestling, I have followed ICW since 2010 and here you will read reports, reviews, previews and general points of discussion from my own humble point of view and I will stress the opinions stated in these reports are just that, my own personal opinion.

So without further ado, let us have a look at the upcoming big ICW event, Shugs House Party 5

Let me say in advance the idea of Shug’s being over the course of a weekend is a brilliant idea, it makes it feel more special, more of an occasion I know they toyed with different formats like having the nights in different venues (and different cities) but it seems to have settled on the current format for both nights at the same venue (which would have been the O2 ABC if it wasn’t for the tragic fire), the O2 academy is a beautiful venue and it should be a good weekend.

So lets look at the matches confirmed for night one.

Just Justice vs Lionheart – This should be a great match and it seems in general the two are working better together than the last time they feuded. The last time the feud felt actually awkward, Lionheart was very real and serious, everything was or would feel like a shoot promo whereas Jackie was very firmly kayfabe and wrestling all the way as it’s still sort of like that, they are, this time, focusing the feud better, it’s hard to describe fully, it feels right this time but not when it was first done, the Just Justice character is so very brilliantly played over the top by Jackie Polo you can’t help but smile at his performances and promos and yet Lionheart’s broken man approach is played to perfection, this is a man who is considered by many as one of the best wrestlers Britain has ever produced, has attracted attentions of WWE and TNA/Impact at various times yet he can not beat Polo, a man he believes is below him, despite everything (granted you get the feeling that this time he will break that particular duck and eventually beat Polo but that’s wrestling). This is one match that regardless of who you are cheering for you will go home thinking you saw an awesome match.

BT Gunn vs Walter – Okay I have a confession, before he was announced I had literally no idea who the hell Walter was, when it was announced that “Walter is coming” I was literally like… O… K… who IS Walter (of course a quick look on Wikipedia then YouTube showed me exactly who he is and I will admit he is a great performer). BT Gunn is one of those guys in ICW who could have a great match with anyone, some may say his title run came to an end a little too soon. I have no fears about whether this will be a great match, none at all, yet for some reason I find it hard to get excited about it, I love BT Gunn as a wrestler, I think from what I seen Walter is a talented wrestler but it’s not grabbing me as much as other matches on the card are.

Jody Fleisch vs James Storm – Long before I really knew much about the current British wrestling scene (especially the Scottish promotions) there was one British wrestler whom I had heard of who hadn’t, at one point, appeared on the old World of Sport and that man was Jody Fleisch. Ironically from a friend of mine from Denmark, he showed me many videos of Jody (including a match from the old FWA against none other than AJ Styles) from the first moment I saw him hit the Phoenix DDT I was a fan, equally James Storm is one hell of a performer, be it as a singles wrestler or as part of America’s Most Wanted or Beer Money the guy has awesome talent and charisma so this is the match I personally am excited about as to who will win, that is anyone’s guess.

The Kinky Party vs Bram and Iestyn Rees – Oddly even though I love Jester and Sha as performers and I do admit I am in the minority I just don’t like them as a team, I dunno why, I genuinely don’t, there’s just something about the team I don’t like. Bram and Iestyn as a tag team apart from looking like they could just about beat anyone in the roster easily are, in fact, actually quite good as a team, and while I feel ICW is not finished with The Kinky Party quite yet, I do feel that Rudo’s boys could pull off the win here, it could be a decent feud if it happens and a true test of The Kinky Party partnership, but one things for sure win or lose, you can bet anything there will be interference.

Chris Renfrew vs Joe Hendry – Firstly I respect Chris Renfrew as a person and as a worker, however, lately for various reasons I just find that in my honest opinion (and once again I may be in the minority) I can’t really get behind him in this feud, I feel Joe Hendry, however, is an enormous talent whom I feel could and probably should have been ICW Champion by now, his charisma, his promos, music videos and matches are all amazing. Oh sure he has been going elsewhere (surely that means he is very much in demand, right?), I would like to think this could be a springboard for Joe to eventually be a main eventer, or not as the case may be, I could go on a rant about how at times wrestling companies in general either push guys before their time or drag their heels to the point where when they wrestler does get the title no-one cares as much, but that’s for another day, this should be a good match.

Ravie Davie vs Kid Fite – This could be the surprise of the night, we all know how good Kid Fite is and Davie is a rare breed of wrestler who can maintain the balance of a larger than life gimmick yet still be a great wrestler (sometimes you find that some wrestlers get so into portraying a gimmick it can sometimes hinder their actual wrestling performance) I see Davie win but I am expecting it to be a hard fought battle, and its not over yet as the victor goes on to face James Storm in night two so you can expect both guys trying to end it quickly to try and be as fresh as possible for the next match.

Sam Barbour vs Lewis Girvan – I have not seen much of Sam Barbour, in saying that, what I have seen has impressed me and in Lewis Girvan I can think of no better opponent to have his first big singles match in ICW against. I can see this being the opening match and I could think of no better way to start it, I can see the rest of The Filthy Generation run in but hopefully that won’t detract from the match.

Night Two

Stevie Boy vs DCT – I will be honest, as much as I respect and like DCT as a person and as a wrestler and I am aware he has held titles in other companies but I honestly don’t see him as the man to take the title off Stevie. The stipulation where the loser leaves ICW (and the country) is surprisingly well done this time because you usually find it can ruin a match due to news coming out that one of the wrestlers involved is leaving/needing time off/that sorta thing and takes the drama out of it but ICW, to their credit, have managed to maintain the suspense of it. I personally see Stevie retaining, he has has far too much momentum and there’s a lot of great matches and feuds he can have with the title, he needs a decent reign and I see DCT being another victim of The Filthy Generation.

Aaron Echo vs Jeff Cobb – Aaron Echo has come along way in the past few years, The Echo Bible has certainly captured the crowds imagination. Cobb, if I am genuinely honest I am not as familiar with his work, however that said I can see this being a nice solid match, I can see Aaron winning but who knows maybe Jeff will produce a surprise win?

Andy Wild vs Jody Fleisch – This could be an intriguing match-up, the obvious clash of styles can work well and we know both guys can put on a great match, I will say I am pleased to see Andy Wild, thanks to his loyal “wild boys” is once again gaining popularity in ICW. This could be a dark horse for match of the night, I can’t really call this one, it’s too close to call.

Kid Fite or Ravie Davie vs James Storm – This one is interesting as the match will have a different feel depending on who wins in night one, Davie and James Storm already have history so there will be added tension to the match, yet equally Jame Storm vs Kid Fite could prove to be a very interesting match-up too.

Viper vs Kasey vs Martina – Three very different wrestlers in terms of wrestling style, I’d say the chances of Viper retaining are very high as I can see Martina and Kasey getting in each others way and potentially continuing their feud after this match. I do wonder if Sammi Jayne, had not had her unfortunate injury, could this match have been a fatal four way?

The Hunter Brothers vs The Kings of Catch – It’s good to see more tag teams in ICW, I can see the Hunter Brothers putting in a strong performance but just getting bested by The Filthy Generation’s resident tag team, I can imagine this to be the opening match possibly and if it lives up to its potential will set us up nicely for the rest of the night.

As for other happenings going on at Shug’s. We have Jeff Jarrett as commissioner, with people wondering and hoping what if any interactions will happen between him and Just Justice, I can see him like Foley and Nash before him having his influence felt in a few of the matches yet not be an ever present character. I do hope no-one does ‘f*ck TNA’ chants for him, I actually admire the guy for creating what is now Impact Wrestling, the fact its still going today is surely a good thing. The other big news is Grado’s return. I will be honest, I never bought into the Grado hype, I didn’t like his brand of comedy wrestling however I am curious as to where he will fit into ICW on his return and how the crowd will take him. There will be the fans just glad to see him return, some that will not like that he left for Impact Wrestling (sometimes I think some people just blindly hate TNA/Impact ‘cos it’s the cool thing to do), I do feel his style is more suited to ICW now than back then, I personally really would have loved to see a Grado vs DCT feud, but that’s me.

So there you have it, my thought and musing on Shug’s House Party 5, now I do ask that when posting comments, I am just writing my opinion, nothing more, nothing less, hope you enjoy.