Wrestler Spotlight: Angel Hayze

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. It’s time to get crazy with Hayzey today, as we’re looking at one of PBW Academy’s breakout stars Angel Hayze.

Photo credit Emma Dockrell Photography

Alias – Angel Hayze
Nicknames – N/A
Companies Wrestled For – Premier British Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, All Star Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, Source Wrestling, Shield Pro Wrestling, Northern Championship Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle and Carnage In Caol
Titles & Accomplishments –
1x and last SSW Diamonds Champion
2018 WIVA Wrestling Women’s Social Media Tournament Winner
Signature Moves – Spear, Fisherman’s Suplex
Alliances – Absolution w/Mikey Ratings & The Jeremies (Pete Jeremi & Noah Jeremi)
Social Media – Facebook | Twitter