Discovery Wrestling 2018 Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament: Bracket Breakdown


This year’s Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament kicks off this weekend with the first two quarterfinals, followed by the other two on September 2nd. The lineup has had some changes since being originally revealed, with Tom Fulton replacing Michael Chase and Liam Thomson replacing Joey Axl. A fantastic field of eight will see two men make their Discovery return, and three men make their debut (a full rundown of the competitors can be found here, with the exception of Fulton and Thomson). Let’s talk about the matches for now though. The four first round matches will see some rather intriguing contests, let’s take a closer look at each one!


August 5th – Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh
Chris Renfrew vs Theo Doros

As I mentioned in the show preview, Chris Renfrew and Theo Doros are both looking for that one victory to make their statement known in Discovery Wrestling. Renfrew has found success in every promotion he’s stepped foot in with the exception of Discovery, whereas Doros has spent his time in Discovery under the guidance of Christopher Saynt. You’d think his allegiance with The House of Saynt would give him the numbers advantage heading in to this one, but a video released on the Disco Facebook page showed that things aren’t going too smoothly in the ranks of HoS as Saynt believes he should’ve been the one in the tournament. It’s not looking good for a Theo Doros victory.

Prediction – Chris Renfrew


August 5th – Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh
Martin Kirby vs Tom Fulton

The debuting Martin Kirby finds himself across the ring from the man of the future, Tom Fulton in this opening round contest. Kirby is someone that can come in to any promotion and fit right in. His character work makes you either love him or loathe him, an effective good guy or bad guy. Unfortunately for him however, there’s no way you can study for a man coming from the future. How are you going to watch his tapes? How will you know what moves to look out for, and how to possibly counter them? So many possibilities that could prevent the master of the Sable Bomb from walking away victorious.

Prediction – Tom Fulton


September 2nd – The Jam House, Edinburgh
Irving Garrett vs Liam Thomson

Another Discovery debutant is 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament winner Scotland’s resident bone collector, Irving Garrett. He’s set to face Liam Thomson on September 2nd, a man who recently returned to the ring following a year and a bit away. Irving has been making a name for himself up and down Scotland since winning the Drew Galloway Invitational in May, earning himself a shot at the Scottish X Championship in the process. Meanwhile, Liam Thomson is someone that spent years making a reputation for himself. Now that The Bad Boy is back, he needs to get his name back on the map and start re-earning those bookings!

Prediction – Liam Thomson


September 2nd – The Jam House, Edinburgh
Eddie Dennis vs Andy Wild

Eddie Dennis is the third and final man making his first Discovery appearance in this tournament, and he has a tough match to begin with as he faces Disco Derby winner Andy Wild. The Pride of Wales has been making waves in both PROGRESS for his rivalry with ex-partner Mark Andrews and in ATTACK! as part of the Nothing to Prove faction. One of the signings to the new NXT UK brand, Dennis made his NXT live event debut just a few days ago alongside Zack Gibson and James Drake. Considering the current hype surrounding Dennis and the rest of the NXT UK names, it continues the trend of Andy Wild facing massive names in a Disco ring. Zack Gibson, Bad Bones, Jordan Devlin, now Eddie Dennis. I imagine this to be match of the tournament, but the other rounds could produce some barnstormers once we get to them!

Prediction – Andy Wild

The tournament kicks off later today at Edinburgh’s Portobello Town Hall, and continues on September 2nd at The Jam House.

Who’s your pick to win this year’s Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament?