WZ Aberdeen Anarchy: Top 10 Moments From The Beach Ballroom #1

We are only 2 weeks away from Aberdeen Anarchy 2018, taking place on September 1st at The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen it’s the biggest night on the wrestling calendar in the North East. To celebrate we’ll be posting several articles on the lead up to the event with flashback reviews, lists and previews hyping up Aberdeen Anarchy.

We continue the countdown of the Top 10 moments in Aberdeen Anarchy history that took place at The Beach Ballroom with number 1, the return that shook WrestleZone’s core.

Photo credit Dod Morrison

Sterling Oil Returns (2015)

Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 wasn’t the best of nights for the former members of Sterling Oil, William Sterling, teaming with Blue Thunder and D-Von Dudley, lost to The Dogs of War and Lou King Sharp. Lord Alan Sterling was tapping out, again, to Chris Masters and Damien was defeated by Crusher Craib in a Revolution Rules match. The team had split in 2013 with each going on individual paths. William enjoyed success as a Tag Team Champion with Blue Thunder, Damien had the same success with Revolution while Alan had banged his head and became Lord Alan Sterling.

Scotty Swift defeated Joe Coffey to win the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship but his night didn’t end the best with Alan Sterling and Damien running out to attack Swift. William Sterling and Blue Thunder followed to make the save but William turned on Thunder to join the attack. They all revealed t-shirts with Sterling Oil written on them, marking the return of the dastardly faction in WrestleZone.

It wasn’t long before Richard R. Russell made his return to advise the group to try and take over WrestleZone.

Our number one moment in our countdown of the Top 10 Moments From The Beach Ballroom.

Top 10 Moments From The Beach Ballroom

10. The King Is Crowned (2017)
9. Jack Jester Tames The Beast (2014)
8. Len Ironside’s Last Stand (2015)
7. Archer Gets Wood (2015)
6. Russell Gets A Trim (2017)
5. The Worm Versus The Slug (2014)
4. The Battle of the Big Men (2017)
3. Scotty Swift on Top (2015)
2. The Beast Rejoins Sterling Oil (2017)
1. Sterling Oil Returns (2015)

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