Who Will Be Chris Renfrew’s Partner Against The Kings Of Catch?


With the issues between him and Joe Hendry now settled, Chris Renfrew moves on to the next stage of his ICW career as he returns to the tag team division. Following The Kings of Catch’s victory over The Hunter Brothers on night two of Shug’s Hoose Party 5, Renfrew interrupted them as they complained about not receiving a championship opportunity. A challenge was made for August 26th at The Garage, with Renfrew picking a partner to face Aspen and Lewis.

With just one week to go until the match, let’s take a look at some possible candidates to team with Chris Renfrew!

BT Gunn

When Renfrew announced he was returning to the tag division, the first partner that sprang to mind for fans was his old New Age Kliq ally BT Gunn. Gunn is coming off the back of a huge win over the massive Austrian that is WALTER and although he suffered a loss to former protege Kez Evans the following evening, The Oddity has the opportunity to redeem himself with a second match against Kez this Sunday. He may already be scheduled to compete that night, but don’t write BT out of the tag division just yet.

Stevie Boy

As a result of losing his Shug’s Hoose Party 5 main event match to DCT, Stevie Boy was forced to leave the UK. However if these stipulations have told us anything in the past, it typically means one of two things; he’ll be back soon, or he’s going to WWE. Considering he’s currently signed to a contract with ITV/World of Sport, I would imagine the first option is the best bet. The story could even be that Stevie blames The Kings of Catch for him being forced out of the UK, thus splitting the two sides up and causing all Filthy Generation fans to have their hearts broken.

Kieran Kelly

This is an obvious one considering Kieran Kelly has been heavily involved with Chris Renfrew for the majority of the year. The up and coming star started off as Renfrew’s personal referee for the longest match in wrestling history and, alongside Leyton Buzzard, impressed many of the ICW faithful. Should it be Kieran that’s revealed as the partner, I’d like to see his 24/7 contract for Fear & Loathing XI come in to play with Aspen, Lewis, and anyone else that may run out trying to win it. I loved the 24/7 rule for the Hardcore Championship, so I’m hoping it’s used to similar effect here and this tag match would be a good starting point.

Joe Hendry

I’m not too certain on this one as I was with the other three, especially since they’ve been at each other’s throats since the start of the year. Nevertheless though, how would anyone be able to stop a team of Chris Renfrew and Joe Hendry? You’ve got a man willing to do whatever it takes to pick up the victory (even if it means dropping people head-first on to a pile of cinderblocks, although I’m sure Jimmy Havoc’s had worse) and you’ve got an accomplished amateur wrestler who’s competed for Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and World of Sport Wrestling in a matter of weeks. Not even The Kings of Catch would be able to put an end to this tag team. Like I said, I’m not as certain on this one as I would be with the others but who knows these days?

Those are my four picks to be Chris Renfrew’s partner as he returns to tag team wrestling. Who do you want to see team with the former World Heavyweight Champion?

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