WOS Wrestling Episode 4 – Looking At The Scots


This week’s episode of World of Sport once again featured four action-packed matches in to the 60 minute slot. The women were showcased, the tag division had its fourth and final quarterfinal bout, and it had quite possibly the greatest match to ever air on British television. Since no Scots competed in that match there won’t be much mention of it here so I’ll just tell you to check out the replays just to see Will Ospreay vs Martin Kirby. Unbelievable.

Kay Lee Ray and Viper

Kay Lee Ray’s first defence of the Women’s Championship came against one of the women she defeated to become the inaugural champion, New Zealand native Bea Priestley. I may have fallen asleep for a few minutes as the next thing I knew, Viper strolled to ringside to cause a no contest. 2017 Mae Young Classic competitor Ayesha Raymond then made her debut, putting an end to The Vixen of Violence’s assault before executive Stu Bennett stopped the melee.

So this was an interesting one. Viper continuing to be angry about not winning the championship and now with the addition of Ayesha Raymond to the mix, it looks as if she’s met her match in terms of size. According to the WOS website, Kasey Owens is also there so maybe we’ll see her in next week’s Battle Royal?



Grado was given a task by Stu Bennett to find a partner and enter the Tag Team Championships Tournament against Crater and Robbie X, so who else better than wrestling royalty in the form of British Bulldog Jr. Crater, as expected didn’t budge an inch except for the end of the match where he decided to walk out on Robbie X because the tag titles aren’t worth his time apparently. A Grado Cutter (typically known as an RGradO, but y’know, copyright reasons for TV) to Robbie secured the semifinal spot for Grado and British Bulldog Jr. By the looks of the bracket, they’ll face Adam Maxted and Nathan Cruz in the next round.

Wasn’t the biggest fan of this match, partially due to the fact that I’m not much of a fan of Crater. Like with Johnny Pugs/Kuma, he won’t be able to take a proper bump and so he’s more or less just there as a showcase act. The work between Grado and Robbie X saved the match personally. This was only my second time seeing Robbie, and once again he impressed. The match of course also progressed the story between Grado and Stu Bennett. My gut feeling tells me that Stu will cost Grado and Bulldog the titles, whether it’s in the semis or the overall finals.


Joe Hendry

The main event was a Triple Threat Match that was basically an unofficial #1 Contenders Match between Justin Sysum, Joe Hendry, and Adam Maxted Nathan Cruz, with The Professional looking to protect the face of his partner. Hendry almost had the match one with a Hendry Lock but Cruz made it to the ropes in time. A unique flying spinning clothesline thing picked up a victory for Justin “The Hammer” Sysum, essentially putting him in line for a championship opportunity against Rampage.

Much preferred this episode to the one from last week. Action after action after action. Aside from two short promos (only two that I remember at least), it was a wrestling-heavy show instead of the typical talking from Rampage and his cronies. Let’s hope this continues in the coming weeks! On a side note, I’ll predict right now that Joe Hendry will be WOS Champion by the end of the season. I mean, it’s going to be him or Sysum, right?

Next week’s episode will see the two semifinals in the Tag Team Championships Tournament as Alpha Bad meet Just Uz while Adam Maxted and Nathan Cruz face Grado and British Bulldog Jr., as well as Crater competing in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match, and Kay Lee Ray defending her Women’s Championship in a Battle Royal!

Full Results
WOS Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Viper ended in a No Contest
Will Ospreay def. Martin Kirby by Pinfall
WOS Tag Team Championships Tournament Quarterfinals – Grado & British Bulldog Jr. def. Crater & Robbie X by Pinfall
Triple Threat Match – Justin Sysum def. Joe Hendry and Nathan Cruz w/Adam Maxted by Pinfall