SWN Meets… Bingo Ballance (Aberdeen Anarchy Special)

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With Aberdeen Anarchy X coming up this Saturday night, we’ll have a few interviews up on the site with some of the stars featured on the show.

We managed to get a chat with charismatic Irishman Bingo Ballance, a man who faces a daunting task on September 1st when he faces Chavo Guerrero!

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

First of all, congratulations on being chosen to face Chavo Guerrero Jr. at Aberdeen Anarchy. How did you react after finding out you’d be in this match?

Cheers, Adam. I was surprised initially, but very pleasantly so! It wasn’t anything I was expecting, to be honest, but I’m delighted to get the opportunity, and am very grateful to WrestleZone for it. I’ve always enjoyed Chavo’s work, so I’m looking forward very much to facing him at the Ballroom on September 1st.

Bit of a basic question here, but what inspired you to start your training?

I was a big wrestling fan from about 8 years old, so when I learned there was a training school in Dublin not far from me, it was something I just had to try, and I loved it from the word go. I threw myself into it, and was lucky to have things click for me quite quickly.

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up, and who’s your favourites now? Did any of them influence your style of wrestling?

My favourites growing up were Bret Hart, Owen Hart, The Rockers and The Ultimate Warrior. Nowadays, I enjoy watching the likes of Seth Rollins and Johnny Gargano, amongst others; Rollins’ match with Miz this year, and Gargano’s with Andrade Almas were two I admired hugely. I wouldn’t really pattern my own style on anyone’s in particular, but guys like Paul London, Austin Aries, Brian Kendrick, Chris Jericho and Lance Storm would’ve been some I liked watching more than others to generate a few ideas.

Who would be your all-time dream opponent?

I know this is really boring, but I don’t actually have one! It’s a question I’m asked often, but it’s a really hard one to answer. Right here and now, I’d probably say Rollins, if pushed.

Photo credit Dod Morrison

Correct me if I’m wrong but aside from your appearances at WrestleZone, you don’t currently wrestle for any other Scottish promotions. Are there any companies you’d like to be given an opportunity in?

You are not wrong, sir! I wrestled a number of shows for PBW in the past, along with SSW and SWE, but currently WrestleZone is the only Scottish promotion I’m working for. WrestleZone is a great fit for me, to be honest – the fanbase and emphasis on storytelling is something I really like, and their outlook on wrestling squares very much with my own. Saying that, I think a go in Discovery would be quite cool – there’s some great talent there, and some interesting matches could crop up.

You’ve been competing on WrestleZone shows for a handful of years now. What have been your favourite matches/opponents/moments from your time in the north-east?

Nearly ten years, actually, and they’ve flown by! My favourite match (unsurprisingly) would be the first match Stevie Xavier and I had at Aberdeen Anarchy. I knew once we’d finished up that I was happy with the match and that everything seemed to flow nicely, but I never could’ve imagined that people would still be talking about it years later; it’s a great feeling, and I’m delighted people enjoyed it- I certainly had a blast working with Stevie. Other favourites would be a match I had with Damien at Peterhead last year in the Tri-Counties Tournament, the semi-final match with Aspen Faith at the Regal Rumble, the Fatal 4 Way Christmas Chaos Comes Early match (with Alan Sterling, Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift) and the inter-gender tag match at this year’s Battle of the Nations; considering both ladies were débuting, I was really pleased with how the match came off, and it was a great team effort by all involved. My Undisputed Title win against Johnny Lions holds a lot of sentimental value, too, and I really enjoyed that match.

Contrary to the previous question, is there anyone on the WrestleZone roster you’d like to work with that you haven’t already faced?

Zach Dynamite would definitely be one. I’ve known him years, and even though we battled in the Ladder Match last year, we didn’t face off in the tournament, itself. We have a similar outlook, and we’ve had good chemistry any time we trained together, so at some point, it’d be great to work with him. One other big one would be Scotty Swift; another guy I’ve known donkey’s years, but we’ve never faced off in singles competition – that would be a very interesting one.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy saw you in the title picture as one of the final four in the fantastic Tri-Counties Championship Tournament. How do you feel your performances went throughout the tournament?

I was very happy with the Tri-Counties tournament, and the opportunity to work with some of WrestleZone’s own guys, like Alan Sterling, Damien and Aspen Faith. They were really fun matches, and the challenge of keeping one eye on the clock, due to the time limit, added an interesting extra dimension to things.

You’ve been known for putting on showstealing performances whenever you come to Aberdeenshire, especially at Aberdeen Anarchy. How much pressure do you feel you’re under with this being arguably your biggest WZ match to date?

Thanks very much, first off –appreciate that. It’s a weird one to describe, but I don’t actually feel under that much pressure. It’s actually been a huge motivational boost, more than anything else. A friend of mine over here in Dublin is a PT, and a former wrestler, as well – he and I had some cracking matches years ago—and he’s helping me get ready for this match with Chavo. This is legitimately the hardest I’ve ever trained for any match in the thirteen years I’ve been wrestling, and the best I’ve felt since I fractured my elbow last year, and even long before that. I can’t wait to get in there with Chavo. WrestleZone have given me a great opportunity here, and I’m gonna do everything I can to put on the best possible match I can.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

No idea. I’m actively trying not to look that far ahead, and just enjoy what I’m doing right now! I’ll be 38 in five years’ time, so I don’t know if I’ll still be on the go by that stage – fingers crossed, if my body holds up, I will be. I’ve always said that once I stop actually enjoying wrestling, I’ll stop doing it, but that hasn’t happened yet. Regardless of when I actually wrap up and call it a day, I would hope to have my last match in WrestleZone, if they’ll have it! I’ve had some good experiences in Ireland, but my most creatively satisfying work and most enjoyable memories in wrestling have been in Aberdeen, and that’s where I’d hope to close out my career.

And finally, where can fans follow you on social media?

My Facebook page is my most regularly-updated source (Bingo Ballance), so best keep an eye on that for any updates, results, pictures and all that jazz!

Our thanks go to Bingo Ballance for taking the time to chat to us.


For anyone that want’s to see what promises to be a match of the year contender, Aberdeen Anarchy tickets are still available;

  • ONLINE – www.aberdeenperformingarts.com
  • IN-PERSON – His Majesty’s Theatre (located on Rosemount Viaduct) or The Lemon Tree (located on West North Street)
  • TELEPHONE – 01224 641122