SWN Meets… Shawn Johnson (Aberdeen Anarchy Special)

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With Aberdeen Anarchy X coming up this weekend, we’ll have a few interviews up on the site with some of the stars featured on the show.

Today’s focus is towards current Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson, who makes WrestleZone history on September 1st in the first ever Steel Cage Match!

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

What initially drew you in to professional wrestling?

No idea if I’m being honest… I just remember watching it and instantly being hooked. Looking back I would say it was due to the larger than life characters and stories.

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up, and who are your favourites today? Have any of them influenced your style in wrestling?

I was always a big Steve Austin fan growing up, I still am! Today some of my favourites to watch for various reasons would be Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, The Miz & John Cena. Influence in styles, maybe tiny bits from various, no one in particular I would say.

Why did you decide to start training to be a wrestler?

Within my friend group we were all big wrestling fans and did whatever we could to get our wrestling ‘fix’, then the opportunity came to join a training school a good few years ago and now here we are.

You’ve been with WrestleZone since the very beginning. What have been your favourite matches/opponents/moments thus far?

Ah jeez, there’s been a few. Teaming with ‘Hacksaw Jim Duggan’, tag team Ladder Match at Aberdeen Anarchy, winning the Tag Titles, winning the Undisputed Championship, winning the Regal Rumble, sharing locker rooms with past and future stars. Looking at matches more recently I’ve really enjoyed my matches against Damien, he certainly can bring out the best in me and Aberdeen Anarchy is set to be another cracker.

Photo credit Dod Morrison

You spent 4 years teaming with Bryan Tucker as The Granite City Hotshots until turning on him at the end of 2015. Would you say you enjoy working more as a singles wrestler or a tag team wrestler? Or are there pros and cons for each?

There’s definitely pros and cons to each that’s for sure, I enjoyed my tag team run and was ready for the singles stuff when it came, however I do still enjoy a tag team match. Done right it can be and should be one of the best matches on the card.

The rivalry you had with Bryan upon his return was intense. How much did you enjoy working against your former partner?

I really enjoyed our run and think we had some good matches. I felt it told a great story and we got some good crowd reactions.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Moving on to current events, your rivalry against Damien has left everyone gasping at the twists and turns. How as it felt being part of the moments that have happened over the last few months?

Again I have really enjoyed this run, telling good stories and getting the reactions has been great. It’s all played nicely into our match at Aberdeen Anarchy X.

You are set to make WrestleZone history at Aberdeen Anarchy with a Steel Cage Match. You’re clearly not taking the match lightly judging by the shape you’ve gotten yourself in to. How much are you looking forward to this match?

I was one of them men who took part in the very first Ladder Match in WrestleZone, and now I am one of the first for the very first Cage Match, so yeah that’s pretty cool. Much like the first Ladder Match we will set the tone at Aberdeen Anarchy. I’ve been working hard and I am looking forward to getting out there and blowing it out the water.

Are you nervous at all heading in to the show knowing the expectations people have for the night?

I don’t get nervous, I get ready…

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Main eventing Aberdeen Anarchy for 7th time in a row!

And finally, where can fans follow you on social media?

Shawn Johnson on Facebook
@shawnwz on Twitter
@shawn.wz on Instagram


For fans looking to see this Steel Cage Match in-person, Aberdeen Anarchy tickets can still be bought;