The Bedlam Report | Insane Championship Wrestling ‘T2.5 – It’s Yersel!’ Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam

Hello again my loyal readers, it’s that time again for me to look at ICW’s latest event, in this case the most recent Fight Club taping from its unofficial home in Glasgow’s Garage nightclub.

I have to say DCT’s promo at the start, where he more or less declares the Shug’s match stipulation null and void, refreshing, no bullshit reasoning, just an honest “I don’t think this stipulation is fair considering he was wrestling injured” and you know what? I applaud DCT for doing so.

So, lets get down to the matches shall we?

Kez Evans vs BT Gunn – This is a rematch of their intense bout at Shug’s Hoose Party, however, whereas the first match has a lot of anger and emotion injected into it, this match in comparison seemed to lack in that department, granted it was an excellent technical display it just didn’t have the same emotion behind, BT won and I wonder where Kez will go from here.

Aivil vs Kasey – Believe it or not, for me this was match of the night, we all know what Kasey is capable of but we are only just discovering the full range of Aivil’s talent, from the moment her awesome entrance theme hit to the final bell, she had the crowd captivated and put on a match with Kasey that stole the show. I see great things in the future for her (Though I find it amusing that someone near me likened Aivil to a gothic Merida from Brave), as for Kasey, it’s taken her a while but it’s a good thing that she’s now being seen as Kasey the singles wrestler and not just “one of the Owens Twins”.

Andy Wild vs Liam Thomson – I was there when these two had the best of five series, in fact it was back when ICW done a show every two months so almost literally every ICW show for a year started with these two in a match and they were all amazing matches, now obviously this was a slower paced match due to Andy changing his wrestling style and gaining the weight needed for it but this was a match between two solid performers. Once again Andy’s Wild Boys were out in force but weren’t enough to prevent Liam picking up the win then announcing he hasn’t forgotten about past events with Wolfgang, welcome back Liam, here’s hoping you get the sink back.

The Kinky Party & Grado vs The Fite Network – This was a better match than I thought it would be, I liked the Grado/Sha/Jester dynamic, it’s like being a kid and your best mate moves away and you make a new pal, but later the best mate moves back up near you and you want everyone to be friends but the new one feels left out. That’s exactly what that felt like, could that sort of tension cost them the titles? Jester’s jealousy that he’s not part of the Pinky Party pals? Could be good, the match itself was a decent  match that served its purpose, but I will say this, although I really didn’t wanna see Lou King Sharps arse for near enough the whole match, gotta give him credit for still performing as well as he did with his butt cheeks flapping in the wind, never since WCW’s Booty Man has someone bared it all like that for as long, you are one crazy wee guy Lou, hats off to you, though next time, keep your belt on please.

Lionheart vs Kay Lee Ray – Okay I will go on record and say I do not like inter-gender matches, never have, never will (in fact I remember years ago after a match between Kay Lee and TJ Rage I actually said I felt uncomfortable watching it and she understood why) also I find it very odd that they really started to push this “she’s good enough to go toe to toe with the guys” thing and that gender doesn’t matter AFTER ICW established a women’s division and a belt (it reminds me of a Mrs Brown’s Boys episode “you can’t say there’s rules then say it doesn’t matter at the same time”). Now I am making it clear I am not showing disrespect to Kay Lee as a performer, in fact she is one of the best wrestlers I have seen, it’s more I am uncomfortable sitting/standing there as a woman gets knocked about (even if it is a “fake” fight), it was a solid match for what it was, but just not my thing.

The NAK vs The Kings of Catch – Well we all knew that it was either going to be Kieran or BT Gunn that could partner Renfrew, I’m glad it’s a NAK reunion instead of a Renfrew and Kieran team, just my personal opinion. The Kings of Catch have developed a nice wee identity now and their personalities are shining through, the match itself until it was declared a no contest was a great match, that being said, as I have stated before I am not keen on this thing of Renfrew’s of feeling the need to tell the world he’s putting people over, its like with Joe Hendry, after he put Joe over in the ring, he grabs the mic and apparently puts Joe over verbally, all it did was bring the focus away from Joe and back onto Renfrew, partially undoing the good work he did and now he has done promos making out that while the Kings of Catch are a great team they are lacking the killer instinct. I don’t get his need to verbalise all this, they are over as it is, they don’t need this apparent seal of approval from Renfrew. Here’s an idea, after you guys have the series of matches and The Kings of Catch come out on top, let THEM cut the post match promo as the victors, just a wild suggestion, I respect the hell outta all the wrestlers and Renfrew is an awesome guy, I personally don’t get this approach to putting others over, I feel it’s like explaining a joke, if you have to explain it its either a bad joke or not told right. I will also say that ICW went for a, I guess obvious choice for once (they have had a habit at times of trying to be too clever and not always working out) with BT Gunn, could this mean a full time NAK return? Maybe, I feel it is the right time for them to return, plus Renfew’s best stuff was as part of The NAK, here’s hoping.

Mikey Whiplash vs Ravie Davie – Okay, this match was like a wolf fighting a Jack Russell, you know the little dog will give it everything its got and will try its best but you know in your heart of hearts the wolf will win, you can only hope it’s a painless death. That’s what this match honestly felt like, Davie has a lot of heart, but Mikey has the size, experience and sheer anger advantage and knows how to use it, the chaos at the end of the match was intriguing, it’s clear that although Dallas has (at times literally) fought to keep ICW an alternative company in regards to the rules, he felt Mikey took things too far, what’s going to come of this? Who knows.

DCT vs Bram – Now the event started late due to technical issues and I assume that’s why it was as short as it was and okay I love DCT but I’m starting to get annoyed at his “hulking up” bit. I hated when Hogan did it and to an extent Warrior kinda did it too, I dunno why, it’s just, it’s not needed, I feel, and looks daft as hell. The thing is, while I do think Bram would make a great champion (seriously, if Drew can be champ, Bram can be too, he’s regular enough, no longer considered an import) DCT did hold his own and the match was one where you truly had no idea who was coming out on top (let’s be honest, sometimes ICW and other companies can telegraph who’s winning a mile off during the match) I’m curious if the disqualification was the original finish or what but is served a purpose, keeping DCT strong and with the title but also protecting Bram too. The post match segment was gripping, the former Polo Promotions stablemate Jackie Polo helping DCT from a RUDO beat down only to turn on him and declared himself the new challenger AND forcing Coach Trip to abandon him, of course we know why Polo is doing this, having the title will surely mean another match, at The Hydro no less, against the challenger Lionheart.

Also it was interesting for Red Lightning to offer Aaron Echo a place in RUDO Sports, to be honest, he’d be a better fit than Kenny. I could see him and Iestyn Rees, being a tag team, which would free Bram to go for singles glory, I do think an Iestyn/Aaron would be an interesting team, they are about the same size but Iestyn is a muscular power guy whereas Aaron is more technical, it worked for The Hart Foundation, I would like to see Echo take Red up on the offer.

As much as Stevie’s injury has clearly caused the next new months worth of events and feuds to be ripped up and new ones planned, I can’t help but think something needs done with the Coffeys. When was the last time Mark defended the Zero-G? I actually feel that any momentum about the match has been killed stone dead, the buzz about the first ever ICW Coffey vs Coffey match has faded completely, people are more into how long The NAK are back, how long will DCT have the title, who will take it from him, when will Stevie return, everything but the Coffeys. I mean I understand that they have been too busy with WWE stuff to be able to do shows, either strip Mark of the Zero-G or follow my next suggestion.

ICW needs another belt, and no not a gimmicky one like a Glasgow street fight title or anything that ties it to a style or gimmick or just a silly name for no real reason, I suggest a European, UK, Commonwealth (maybe have Joe Hendry be the first champ of that) or something like that and keep the Zero-G for the cruiserweight style guys, it’s just these few events without the Zero-G has highlighted that it needs another title, it needs another carrot for the wrestlers to chase.

Basically it was a decent night, not the best but nothing truly bad happened either, though I wonder how badly the technical difficulties influenced the match finishes. One thing I have to say returning to giving the events silly/funny/whatever names (at least on the posters, the events are still treated like plain old Fight Clubs when it’s happening) I’m not sure I get the point of it apart from allowing whoever designs the posters to do “interesting” posters for the events, the reality is when they started doing them the first time around did it bring more people in, probably not, when it changed to just plain old fight club, did people leave because it no longer had silly names… no, have more people came due to them going back to silly names… yes that’s right, of course not, and I can’t be swayed by the “it’s part of the company’s identity” rubbish, they survived just fine calling it Fight Club for ages, sorry had to get that out.

I am sorry if people thought I get at Renfrew a lot and that I over react about inter-gender stuff but I do think Renfrew’s approach to putting people over… is odd, after Joe Hendry won his match, it should’ve been him on the mic saying how he defeated the great Chris Renfrew in his own specialty match and how not only does he hope he’s earned our respect but that the bookers took note too, instead we got Renfrew saying we should respect Joe Hendry, in the end bringing it back to him. It is not the first time he’s done this, ask me about his feud with Divers sometime. As for inter-gender, I’m sorry if my not liking seeing a woman get beaten up and thrown about by a man (even if it is fake) annoys some people (yeah how dare I not like women getting beaten up, shame on me) but also my line of work is one where I have been called upon to stop stuff like that happening (I’m a doorman/bouncer if that clears things up and I have stopped a few guys being violent to women, I hope that helps you understand).

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts and opinions.

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