Preview: United Pro Wrestling ‘Summer Sizzler’

United Pro Wrestling return to The Fisherman’s Hall in Buckie to once again support The Teddy Bear Group, a local charity on September 8th. This marks the third trip to Buckie with another fun night of wrestling to come. United Pro Wrestling recently crowned their first champion in Theo Doros who will defend the title in a tough contest, but more on that a little bit later on. A few matches have been announced which I will run through.

Ian Ambrose vs Livewire Zack Matthews

Ian Ambrose makes his Buckie debut against firm favourite Livewire Zack Matthews, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ambrose and he was one of my favourites during my travels down to Dundee. Ambrose brings a very unique hybrid style, he can work the ground, hit the air and can break the match down into a brawl. A unique individual. Matthews is a crowd-pleaser but will have his work cut out for him against the #Scumbag and will have to rely on power and standing his ground, using his size to wear-down his smaller opponent. This will be a first time ever contest so there might be some trepidation in the early going.

The Kings of Unity (Chris Lamb & Riley Adams) vs Zack Leon & Tyler Reid

The Kings of Unity unite to take on the team of Zack Leon and Tyler Reid. Reid only made his debut very recently while all four are still young in their careers. Leon and Reid look like two confident and outlandish individuals but Lamb and Adams have more experience as a team plus will take any shortcut that comes their way.

Delsin Dayre vs Jack Morris

One of the matches I’m really looking forward to, Delsin Dayre is also making his Buckie debut coming up against Jack Morris, who is on the ascendancy right now. Both like to use agility, relying on deceptive speed which can turn the tide in seconds, so this will be a quick paced match that will have eyes darting around the hall.

Luke Aldridge vs Steven ‘Air’ Myles

Another match that is one that I’m wanting to see. This more powerful and aggressive Luke Aldridge hasn’t been shy in getting grittier in the ring while he comes up against the smooth high-flyer in Steven ‘Air’ Myles, another making his Buckie debut. Watch out for his 450 splash, it’s a thing of beauty.

UPW Heavyweight Champion – Theo Doros (c) vs Stallyon

The main event of the evening is Theo Doros defending his United Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against the mysterious and dangerous Stallyon. Stallyon is usually flanked by Euan G Mackie who hasn’t been announced for the event. It will be interesting to see if Mackie will be accompanying his Opera of Silence comrade or if Stallyon will be left to his own devices on this night.

A really stacked line up of action in store with the chance to see some really good matches so if you’re in Moray area then it’s certainly worth making the trip to Buckie for this one.

Tickets are available but limited, you can still grab them online at TicketSource.


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