Review: ICW Fight Club Episode 100

By Ian Browne

Saturday night? Check.
Just finished the brand new ICW Fight Club? Check.
Whisky? Check.
Wife gone to bed? Check

Did ICW not get the message, but I was hoping for a big 100 episode celebration with balloons and cake for everybody in the crowd, but no, not even a mention!

Ravie Davie versus Mikey Whiplash

With all the themes that we have lost in the recent cull I would have to say I miss Whiplash’s the most! I would get chills when hearing his theme start up in a packed event. When you see Mikey it means you where going to see every form of wrestling you could think of, all from this one lad from Stoke-on-Trent, who is the best thing ever to come from there, well maybe second to Lemmy.

Right from the off you could see where this one was heading, as like so many of Whiplash’s matches you know your in for every type of hold and hard hit until the bell is rung.

The crowd made themselves heard with a 60/40 split in favour of Mikey.

What I love about Whippy’s matches is one minute you’re enjoying Mikey trade hold for hold with minimum effort to escape anything he would find himself in, to then smashing someone in the face and getting ready to put himself through some glass! That’s the sort of speed and escalation you get to enjoy. In this match we our treated to Whiplash preforming a headstand, that gets the crowd going by clapping his feet together before having a wee rest on the top ropes, just to show Davie that he is indeed Legion. It all goes a bit new Japan from here and I loved it. Davie and Whippy take turns in giving each other forearm after forearm. All that was missing was hushing the audience before each thud of solid meat into jaw. Mikey has a little more to give in his forearms as he’s just a very generous guy!

Davie does his part and keeps up with Mikey and sells every move perfectly (not that it would be hard to sell a hit from Whippy). I want to see more from Davie and he’s much better then being ‘The Fresh Prince Of Drumoyne Square’ I what to see him join Legion and say goodbye to Teisto and say hello Slipknot! Just think about how amazing that would be?

Davie gets win over Mikey when he gets a chair wrapped around his head, Whippy may be disqualified but that’s ok as out comes Mark Dallas to give Mikey a peace of his mind and without any mic’s they raise their voices and belt it out! Dallas tells Mikey that he is better then using brutal methods, Mikey got right into Marks face and yelled that ICW stands for F**K THE RULES. Things are heating up and I’m very much looking forward to what’s coming next.

Bram versus DCT for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship

Ah Bram you really do look like a real shit, he is a heel that I will always get behind. I’ve never seen a bad match when Bram is involved (even when Martina is in the ring!).

Now what’s not to love about DCT and Coach Trip, they always bring a smile and a laugh anywhere they go. I’m not sure if I want DCT holding the title for a long time but he should be proud of everything he has done this year.

DCT can prove to everyone that he is more than a wrestling innuendo and my God, when DCT placed that chair and went for the cannon ball to get murder castled, then we get treated to three more! BUT I will say this, I never know how to feel about a wrestler getting hit by a finisher to no sell it, to then pull off his own finisher to only then have him then sell the first move (I may have just confused myself there). It just pulls the curtain too far back and I just don’t think it works.

The match ended in a no contest when Red does not get out of the ring after getting involved, DCT keeps the title but the rest of the night will not go his way. Red and Bram keep up their attack for Jackie Polo to save the day and to restore some order. Bram gets knocked and tossed out in a very satisfying reunion where our heroes are together again there is a God! well there is a God for about 60 seconds before Jackie’s stick gets a second outing to DCT forehead! Then to rub piss in the wounds Jackie calls Coach Trip back to be by Polo Promotions side and to turn his back on DCT. Jackie has eyes on the gold, unfortunately success comes with a price and that price is even your friends looking at you with envious eyes.

The ending so was good and so heartbreaking that it over shadowed the main event, and left me wondering what was next for Bram? At this point I don’t see anything planned for him.

The match of the night for me had to be Davie versus Whiplash. We got to see a wee bit of everything, technical, hardcore and story progression. I’m sad to say that we are in the twilight of Whippy’s wrestling career and I can’t wait to see what the plan is. Over the past months they have been giving us a Mikey that has been finding to hard to win without having to resort to using chairs or his hardcore ways, the great part about this is we truly got to see what he can really do. A lot of the times he did not pick up the win but that does not matter, as what I saw was someone that wants the ICW world to know that he is not a hardcore wrestler but a true professional wrestler. Having said that I’m hooked to what will happen to DCT and that backstabbing Coach Trip!

In all a great show, the 60 minutes felt like 20 and I only got through half of my drink, which means I liked it.