Wrestler Spotlight: Mike Musso

Photo credit David J Wilson

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. With W3L’s annual Wrestlution event coming up on Friday, we’re going to focus on some of the names that have left their mark on the promotion. First up, it’s Mike Musso.

Alias – Mike Musso

Nicknames – “The Merchandise”

Debut – 2005

Companies Wrestled For  –

  • British Championship Wrestling
  • Fair City Wrestling
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • North East Wrestling Alliance
  • Premier British Wrestling
  • Price of Glory Wrestling
  • Pride Wrestling
  • Respect Pro Wrestling
  • Scottish School of Wrestling
  • Scottish Wrestling Alliance
  • Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
  • Source Wrestling
  • Showcase Pro Wrestling
  • Triple Team Promotions
  • WILD Promotions
  • World Association of Wrestling
  • World Wide Wrestling League

Titles & Accomplishments – 

  • 1x Premier British Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Nathan Reynolds
  • 1x Scottish School of Wrestling Worlds Champion
  • 6x World Wide Wrestling League Heavyweight Champion
  • 3x and first ever World Wide Wrestling League Tag Team Champion w/Rob McKay (1 time), w/Allan Grogan (1 time), and w/Nathan Reynolds (1 time)
  • 2011 World Wide Wrestling League Seven Deadly Sins Winner
  • 2014 World Wide Wrestling League Galashiels Cup Winner

Signature Moves –

  • Blunt Force Trauma (Fireman’s Carry DDT)
  • Indian Deathlock
  • Flying Elbow Strike
  • Knee Lift

Alliances –

  • The British Heart Foundation w/Carl Conroy
  • The Entertainers w/Euan McEwan
  • The Official Community w/Jamie Feerick, Scott Maverick, TJ Rage, Damian O’Connor, Nathan Black, Charles Boddington & Nicola Storm
  • w/Sara
  • w/Nathan Reynolds
  • w/Luke Aldridge

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