Could WrestleZone Have A Women’s Championship?

There I was, sat in the crowd for Aberdeen Anarchy X. Sammii Jayne and Viper opened up the main card and the one thing that was going through my head (aside from that it was a good match) was could WrestleZone introduce a Women’s Championship?


This is often a topic of discussion amongst WrestleZone fans. WZ may not have the superior women’s divisions that the likes of ICW and PROGRESS have (some would say they don’t have a division at all, which is fair to a certain degree) but whenever you do get a women’s match in the north-east, you know you’re going to be treated to a grand match.

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As for the roster, the only real proper staple in WrestleZone for the women is Sammii Jayne. Sure, you’ve got Viper coming in now and again plus you had Anastasia and Nova Moore debut from the training academy in the summer, but it’s only really Sammii that WZ have for the bulk of their women’s matches. That’s built a great little story though, with new faces making their debut to try and dethrone The Queen of WrestleZone.

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Mentioned there that Anastasia and Nova recently debuted out of the WrestleZone Training Academy in June on the opposite sides of an Intergender Match. At the moment, I’m not too sure what the future holds for the pair of them in WZ with Anastasia away down to Glasgow to train at the Source Wrestling School while Nova hasn’t even been mentioned since her victory at Battle of the Nations. Aside from those, there may be other female names training with WZ for all we know.

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When speaking about names that management have brought in so far, we’ve already seen Viper a few times as well as Debbie Sharpe (who has since retired) and both Kasey and Leah Owens. Little Miss Roxxy had been scheduled to debut twice but it had to be postponed both times due to reasons outwith WrestleZone’s control. With that said, you can expect to see the Newcastle native rocking up to Aberdeen sooner rather than later to finally have the match. But who else could turn up?

Personally, I’d love to see Kay Lee Ray make a triumphant return to WZ. A number of the NXT UK lasses would make for grand additions also, the likes of Jinny, Charlie Morgan, and Isla Dawn. If WrestleZone organised a One Wild Night-type show, then they could bring in Martina. There’s no way she’d be on one of the family-friendly shows, no matter how many of the fans #FanciesMartina. Names that are rising up the ranks, such as Emily Hayden, Sammie Jo, and Aivil would be more than welcome to come and learn first-hand from The Main Event Empress. All-female promotions, like Fierce Females and Pro Wrestling: EVE, could give a helping hand in trying to get some names to head up north.

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2016 saw WZ introduce the Tri-Counties Championship which stemmed from them asking for fans’ feedback on if they should implement a new title. The comments on that Facebook discussion saw one or two fans asking for a Women’s Championship. I believe I remember someone replying that they didn’t have enough females on the roster to justify introducing one. With Sammii Jayne now a more permanent fixture in the company, and more and more women’s matches being contested under the WZ banner, maybe that’s changed and perhaps it is time to debut the new gold.

There’s a still long way to go before they have a full-fledged women’s roster so to say, but I have full faith a WrestleZone Women’s Championship will be introduced within the next five years.

Do you think WrestleZone should introduce a Women’s Championship?