Preview: ICW Bravehearto


Before we sink in to this preview, can we take a moment to appreciate the recent posters and match graphics for ICW shows? Check out the graphic designer responsible for these on Twitter; Afterlife Designs.

Anyway though, ICW will be taping more episodes of Fight Club this Sunday at the Garage with a show called Bravehearto (the recent names for shows have also been pretty good). There will be a few returns on the night, with names such as Wolfgang and Joe Coffey set to make their first appearances in a few months while they have some time off from NXT UK. In addition, we’re now just under three months away from Fear & Loathing XI at the start of December. It’s time to start getting some matches confirmed!


ICW World Heavyweight Championship
DCT (c) vs Jackie Polo w/Coach Trip

Following the shocking conclusion to the August tapings, DCT will put the World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs against former Polo Promotions partner Jackie Polo, who will have Coach Trip in his corner. A defence against old rival Bram main evented Terminator 2.5 – It’s Yersel, a match that ended with a no contest. Jackie Polo, who was on commentary for the evening, saved The International Sex Hero from a further beatdown, only to whack him with the Polo mallet. In the most shocking part of the assault, Coach Trip switched sides as he aligned himself with Just Justice, putting years of allegiance with DCT behind him. The ICW fans will be split down the middle for this one. Some will be chanting “Just Justice”, while others will be chanting “OH!”. Big money match.


ICW Zero-G Championship
Aaron Echo vs Mark Coffey (c)

This is the first time since before Shug’s Hoose Party that there’s been no NXT UK tapings on the day of an ICW show. As a result, Mark Coffey is coming back home and he’ll be defending the Zero-G Championship against Aaron Echo. Echo was in the Gauntlet Match where Coffey become the three-time champion, being the first man eliminated by Andy Wild. The PBW Academy graduate impressed many with a victory over this year’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles winner Jeff Cobb at Shug’s, fully putting his name back in the title picture. The Power Forward was scheduled to defend the gold against his brother Joe at SHP 5 but as mentioned, contractual obligations said no to that match. Despite that, I imagine the match will still happen (Fear & Loathing XI most likely) so The Iron King may still stick his nose in to Mark’s business on Sunday night.


Good Housekeeping Match
If Thomson loses, he becomes Wolfgang’s personal assistant
Wolfgang vs Liam Thomson

It’s happening. Good Housekeeping 2: Electric Boogaloo will take over the Garage as Liam Thomson fights to reclaim his sink that was taken away by Wolfgang just over a year ago. A stipulation was added to the match just yesterday that if Wolfgang comes out victorious, Liam Thomson will become his new personal assistant. Thomson made his ICW return to help Ravie Davie fend off The Fite Network at Shug’s Hoose Party, and defeated Andy Wild in his return match last month. Despite his success, there is still one thing grinding away at LT Degree; the Good Housekeeping loss. The challenge was made and the match was confirmed. Wolfgang has been away for the last few months on NXT UK contractual obligations, with his most recent appearance being a loss to Aspen Faith in May. What a way to come back!

For those wanting to get a taste of what they can expect to see, ICW have uploaded the first Good Housekeeping Match to their YouTube channel;


Adam Maxted vs Lionheart

Lionheart’s crusade to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Hydro will continue this weekend as he faces a fellow World of Sport star, the debuting Adam Maxted. After finally defeating arch nemesis Jackie Polo in the Shug’s night one main event, Lionheart stated that he wanted the World Heavyweight Champion in a match at the Hydro. His journey towards December 2nd began with a victory over Kay Lee Ray, and now faces the self-proclaimed most handsome man in professional wrestling. Adam Maxted has had quite the year, competing on both 5 Star Wrestling and WOS. With this being his ICW debut, Maxted will hope to make an impact in an attempt to become a staple on ICW shows going forward.


Mikey Whiplash vs Joe Coffey

Since reverting to his Necromancer character, Mikey Whiplash has only one thing in mind; f**k the rules. Mark Dallas barred him from Death Matches following the extensive damage he suffered in the Barramania 4 main event but just as he was about to retire, Aivil reminded him of who he really is. Ravie Davie felt the full wrath of that last month, and now it’s Joe Coffey’s turn. Coffey may be one of the biggest names all over the UK as a signing to WWE’s UK brand, but is that really important when you’re facing someone like Mikey Whiplash? Expect to see blood and massive lariats.


Grado vs Joe Hendry w/Leyton Buzzard

They may be best friends in Impact Wrestling, but ICW management have decided to put Grado against Joe Hendry on Sunday night. Grado returned at Shug’s Hoose Party to one of the loudest reactions I’ve heard, beating Jackie Polo in an impromptu match put together by commissioner Jeff Jarrett. He was a different man before he left, last seen as a member of the RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand. Another man who has gone through a change in past 12 months is Joe Hendry. Hendry has gone from the all singing, all dancing Local Hero to a man who has become an accomplished athlete in both professional and amateur wrestling. It’s a true clash of styles this. It’ll also be interesting to see what Leyton Buzzard does after the sort of dissension we’ve seen between him and Hendry as of late.


Sha Samuels w/Jack Jester vs Iestyn Rees w/Red Lightning

Sha Samuels will be in singles action as Jack Jester stands in his corner (probably recovering from a hangover) in his match with RUDO client Iestyn Rees in a WOS showdown. This isn’t the first time these two men have faced off in recent months, with The Kinky Party besting Rees and Bram to retain the tag titles back at Shug’s. With Fear & Loathing rapidly approaching and more teams coming in to an already stacked tag team division, it looks as if The Alpha Male is trying to secure another title opportunity for ALPHA/EVIL. Think I speak for the majority of ICW fans when I say I’m all for for a rematch – their first encounter far exceeded expectations.


Kay Lee Ray vs Kez Evans

Continuing her protest to show she can hang with the men, Kay Lee Ray faces Kez Evans on Sunday. After her second reign as Women’s Champion ended at last year’s Fear & Loathing event, KLR vowed never to challenge for that title and instead wants to win one of the men’s titles. We’ve already seen her compete for the Zero-G Championship when she answered one of Kenny Williams’ open challenges, and she also entered this year’s Square Go! in a bid to earn a crack at the biggest prize on offer to ICW wrestlers. She was unsuccessful against Lionheart last month, so will Kez Evans prove to be too difficult for The Queen of Hardcore aswell?


The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar) vs The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger)

I mentioned earlier about ICW having a pretty stacked tag team division. That will be on full show in this match as The Purge take on The Fite Network’s Lou King Sharp and Krieger, two teams that are quite familiar with each other. Their rivalry late last year saw LKS being thrown from the balcony of the Garage. Tough guys those Purge boys. The Purge’s mentor Wolfgang is back in the house on Sunday, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kid Fite wondering about with two of his best trainees to date. Will anyone be tossed off a balcony here?


Fans are also invited to attend Chris Renfrew’s Birthday Bash. A list of acceptable gifts Renfrew would like are as follows;

  • A llama
  • A garage/pen to store said llama
  • The recipe for KFC
  • All the pizza
  • What Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love
  • A smaller llama to keep the bigger llama company
  • A Hugh Hefner-style dressing gown
  • A cloud he can fly on

Doors at the Garage open at 5:30pm, with a start time of (I believe) 6pm. As of writing, tickets are still available from If this is your first time attending an ICW event and you’re unsure of what to expect, have a look at this beginner’s guide;

Announced Matches
ICW World Heavyweight Championship – DCT (c) vs Jackie Polo w/Coach Trip
ICW Zero-G Championship
– Aaron Echo vs Mark Coffey
Good Housekeeping Match
– Wolfgang vs Liam Thomson
Adam Maxted vs Lionheart
Mikey Whiplash vs Joe Coffey
Grado vs Joe Hendry w/Leyton Buzzard
Sha Samuels w/Jack Jester vs Iestyn Rees w/Red Lightning
Kay Lee Ray vs Kez Evans
The Purge vs The Fite Network