The Bedlam Report | ICW Bravehearto Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam

Hello again my trusty and loyal readers, its that time again where the good doctor dissects another ICW event for your reading pleasure.

First thing I will say is to thank the good people who erected the crowd control barriers outside the event, it cut down on the amount of issues that usually happen, mind you a better barrier would be nice, not just ones ICW deem too knacked to use anymore

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The earlier start was a nice change and meant most people got to see the whole event for a change and while it was good to see BT have a bit of fun on the mic and show how funny he can be, the NAK segment did go on a bit, though was good to hear not just the Kings of Catch tell Renfrew to be quiet but BT too, to be honest it’s hard to work out why the NAK are the faces here, I mean Renfrew initiated it because he didn’t think they were over enough… or something, I have said before this just seems a weird reason to feud and I’m sorry calling them Tesco Value Young Bucks and telling them to stop making videos and stuff seemed petty (the videos are part of the reason they are getting over), it’s almost “how dare you get over in a different way than us”, only time will tell how this plays out, I only hope it makes more sense as it goes on.

Kay Lee Ray vs Kez Evans – Okay as you know inter-gender matches are not my thing but even then this match just seemed awkward, as if they just didn’t work together well at all, the sad thing is both wrestlers are very talented so its not as if it was a bad match, it just lacked flow and cohesiveness, a few times it looked like Kez had to quite obviously reposition himself to be in the right place for KLR’s moves. After the match we had Viper re-issue her challenge from last event and then Dallas more or less forcing her to accept it, to be fair Dallas made a valid point, Viper and KLR are two of the best female wrestlers in the UK and also are the arguably most marketable female wrestlers ICW have, to have KLR fighting male wrestlers exclusively didn’t make sense (I know other promotions have successfully done this before however ICW… not so much) it wasn’t the best match I have ever seen.

Iestyn Rees vs Sha Samuels – This was a solid match and I have to admit I wasn’t really excited about it beforehand but I was surprised, they work oddly well together, though I can see The Kinky Party splitting pretty soon though can I see RUDO taking the tag titles? Possibly, they are a good team, though in saying that, I genuinely want the Kings of Catch to win those belts any time soon. Another note if and when The Kinky Party split I can see Sha being the heel, it seems he’s getting fed up of some of the antics Jester does, ever noticed how Sha made jester go around the ring in a way that didn’t take him past the fan Jester usually kisses? It was a deliberate effort by Sha.

Lionheart vs Adam Maxted – This match was always going to be decent and interesting match, there were no surprises in it but there didn’t need to be. While yes Maxted was on Love Island, he has been on World of Sport and I bet that had a part in him getting booked for the match, I know WOS has its doubters but it’s a good thing, wrestlers appear on it, it gets UK wrestling more mainstream, it possibly means they can command more money from promotions and promotions can use “as seen on WOS” on their posters to maybe get a bigger crowd. ICW should step up their quest for a TV deal, on demand/online is not the same thing and neither are documentaries. Back to the matter at hand, I will be honest, a Maxted vs Iestyn Rees match would be… interesting.

Joe Coffey vs Mikey Whiplash – Firstly, anyone else notice that Joe Coffey’s trunks design was based on the Celtic third kit, nice touch. This, for me, was the match of the night, it is surprising these two have never had a feud before, they work well together and I cannot imagine them having a bad match against each other. Joe won but its what happened after that was interesting, Dallas came out and basically commented on Whiplash’s apparent unwillingness to change with the times and that the days of the no rules and death-matches are going the way of the dodo in ICW and introduced the man Dallas believes is the new face of ICW, Joe Hendry. Now this is interesting, yes they have history but i’m more intrigued by Joe getting such a push, it’s well overdue, the guy has deserved a push like this for a long time, he has natural charisma and ability and, to be honest, the fact he hasn’t been world champion yet is a mystery, I look forward to this Hendry and Whiplash feud unfold, a Coffey and Whiplash feud would have been nice, but this, this is intriguing.

Liam Thomson vs Wolfgang – Oh geez what can I say, sponges, fridges, plugs, bathtubs and mops all used to curiously effective effect. Liam Thomson finally got his ultimate prize back and Wolfy… learned its never a good idea to come between a man and his sink. I think this match worked as well, not just because of the storytelling, but because both wrestlers are more noted for their serious wrestling, if this match had been between.. say… Grado and DCT would it have been good? Oh yes but for some reason the thought of these two serious wrestlers fighting over a kitchen appliance is absurd and that’s what made it as compelling, think on it.

The Fite Network vs The Purge – Well… hmm… what to say apart from good to see Lou King Sharp get a pin and I wonder could they be splitting up The Purge, might be a good thing actually as I feel that they have not really done that much with them as a team, granted they have challenged for the title a few times but they have been used pretty sporadically so it may be a good idea to try them as singles wrestlers, see what happens there.

Mark Coffey vs Aaron Echo – I was shocked Echo didn’t win the Zero G title, and don’t get me wrong it was a good match, one you’d come to expect from these two but after it, Joe challenging Mark for the title at the Hydro, one thing that always bugged me is when any wrestler has held a companies top belt like Joe did then end up after it chasing after a lower card belt and still expected to be AS excited for it. It all stems from a promo Jericho gave at Unforgiven 2003 where he sounds determined to get HIS Intercontinental title back, all I could think was YOU WERE THE FIRST EVER UNDISPUTED CHAMP, YOU WERE THE MAN, I guess I just think too much at times, but I just never understand that, it’s like an Olympic gold medalist talking about how they will work had to get silver at the next Olympics.

Joe Hendry vs Grado – Grado’s new music… all I can say is surely they can find some soundalike to like a prayer (surely they are not making a storyline about Grado trying to find a new theme? really?). The match itself was a fairly decent one and was a fun match to watch. I’m glad to see Joe Hendry finally looking like he’s getting the sort of push he has been deserving of for so long, not really much to say about this, it was just a good match.

Just Justice Jackie Polo vs DCT – I hear some people saying how Polo shouldn’t be champ and stuff but here’s the thing, people said DCT deserved to be champion because he’s worked hard and deserved it considering he started as a joke wrestler. Well allow me to retort, Polo, when he first really got going with his talk segment “The Polo Lounge” people hated it, he was getting the wrong sort of heat “face the bar, Polos on” was the cry, but he didn’t quit, he gained the fans respect, no-one faces the bar anymore, he, like Joe Hendry, has a natural charisma and he has more than done enough to earn that belt. So hate him as a heel but respect him as a wrestler guys, c’mon. Anyway the match itself was interesting, a Polo Promotions reunion teased but ultimately not happening, I had been worried they were going to just have DCT end it quick when he started the multiple scoop slams as if to try and end things early. The odd finish caught everyone by surprise, though I think ICW sometimes blur the lines too much at times in terms of kayfabe/real situations, was DCT legit injured or was it pure kayfabe to explain why he won’t be back anytime soon? (hell one person even thinks Polo deliberately legit injured DCT to win). Ultimately the better man won and even if Lionheart wins at The Hydro, it will be forever in the wrestling history books Jackie Polo was a ICW world champion… and he bloody deserved it.

I have to be honest when I think back I really didn’t buy into DCT being champion, it’s the stuff like the hulking up and his general character that in my opinion didn’t seem… how to put it, when you have a roster of guys like Bram, Joe Hendry, Mark Coffey, Lionheart, Whiplash and Renfrew have either had no title run or had ones cut short too quick its seems strange that someone like DCT gets the title. The thing is I could’ve bought him as Zero G champion, but not World (yes I know hes been Reckless Intent champion but still), I know I sound harsh but its my opinion.

The Aaron Echo vs Kenny Williams feud… I’m just not excited about it, though I wish they’d give Aaron some mic time, ICW are bad for this, having feuds were one side… usually the heels… dominates the promos, Renfrew vs Dickie Divers and Stevie Boy vs Davey Boy are good examples (hell in the latter Davey never once cut a promo to counter Stevie’s claims that he split with Davey because he felt Davey wasn’t putting the same effort as he used to… all he did was try and attack Stevie at every turn… hardly an action to compel people to cheer for him).

In my first Bedlam Report I stated Jackie Polo and Joe Hendry deserve pushes, this is only my fourth report and already my prayers are being answered, Anyway I hope you enjoyed my report, as always please remember, its just my opinion.