Five Picks To Win The 2018 Reckless Rumble Match


Reckless Intent Wrestling are back at Livingston’s Murieston Scout Hall on Saturday for the 2018 Reckless Rumble. A great looking card has been put together thus far for the evening, all topped off with Grado defending the Heavyweight Championship in the biggest Reckless Rumble Match to date. With a host of competitors currently announced featuring stars of the past, present, and future, here are my five picks to walk out victorious with the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship around their waist!


Theo Doros

Theo Doros has had quite a year thus far. Within a few months, the Cyprus native competed in the 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament, became the inaugural Reckless Intent Tag Team Champion alongside his Age of Orion partner Michael Chase, and also became the first person to hold the UPW Championship. Having failed to win back the tag titles from new champs David Devlin and Kieran Kelly, it’s time for The Superior Cypriot to move on to the heavyweight division.


Michael Chase

As mentioned, Michael Chase and Theo became the first Tag Team Champions back in July but they were forced to vacate due to Chase’s required knee surgery. However, Chase returned sooner than expected (believe he wasn’t meant to be back until October). This would be a phenomenal way to mark his return back from injury, and could result in a Chase/Doros rivalry over the Heavyweight Championship. Sounds good to me!


Jack Morris

Jack Morris is one of those names that just looks like a wrestler. He’s had a real breakout year, a year that saw him gain a pinfall victory over the now-retired Doug Williams. Under the guidance of Darren T. Goss and The Goss Dynasty, Morris has had a fair share of success under the Reckless Intent banner. Considering he’s already had quite the year, a victory in the Reckless Rumble would just be the icing on the cake for the ex-footballer. It may be a bit soon for his first Heavyweight Championship (or first championship in general), but I see big things in the future for Morris.


Dickie Divers

Another member of The Goss Dynasty is “The Great” Dickie Divers, who has been one of the more underappreciated members of the Reckless Intent roster so far this year. Divers has had considerable success throughout 2018 and, in my eyes at least, is the man Mr Goss is looking to have come out the victor. Will this cause friction in The Goss Dynasty however? Only time will tell…


Chris Renfrew

The current Reckless Intent UK Champion Chris Renfrew is scheduled for a title defence earlier in the night against King Robert Wishart, but there’s no saying he won’t come out on top in the Reckless Rumble. Renfrew has had some success in Rumbles in the past, winning the ICW Square Go! in 2014. The former New Age Kliq member has had a phenomenal 2018 in Reckless Intent, defending the UK Championship against all comers. The Heavyweight Championship is the next logical step in his career down in Livingston.

The other announced competitors are as follows; Grado (c), Wee Jimmy, Jarek Nowak, Jonathan Richards, Dr Effen, Falcon, Conscience, Eric Canyon, Brandon Adams, Justin Deed, Delsin Dayre, Rob Mills, Jackie Grady, Scott McManus, Craig Anthony, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Robbie Solar, David Devlin, and Ian Skinner

Also announced for the night;

  • Reckless Intent UK Championship: Chris Renfrew (c) vs King Robert Wishart
  • Empty Arena Match for the Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship: Justin Deed (c) vs Jam O’Malley
  • The Age of Orion (Michael Chase & Theo Doros) vs The Goss Dynasty (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers)
  • Craig Anthony vs Delsin Dayre
  • Eric Canyon vs Falcon
  • VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match: Robbie Solar vs Brandon Adams

Tickets are still available from, priced £10 for adults, £5 for children, and £25 for a family ticket. Doors open at 6:15, with the first bell at 7pm. Who will win this year’s Reckless Rumble Match?

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