SWN Meets… Cpt L.L Manton Esq.

Adam here, back at it again with another interview for your reading pleasure. Now, the majority of the interviews on the SWN website would be from wrestlers. But to switch things up today, I managed to catch a chat with WrestleZone’s resident commentator/backstage interviewer/hater of Scotty Swift, Cpt L.L Manton Esq!

What initially drew you in to professional wrestling?

I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling for as long as I can remember. In the early 2000’s, I interviewed a young up and coming wrestler at a local show near where I studied. That man was Nigel McGuiness. For a time I entertained the idea however, as they say, “life had other plans”, and I found myself in amateur boxing and of course, journalism!

Who were your favourites to watch growing up, and who are your favourites now?

My favourites growing up were initially Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado, Roddy Piper, and Mr Perfect. My number one then, and for all time for me, will be the late great Eddie Guerrero. There’s so many talented folks out there these days but to name a few Marty Scurll, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Cody, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Zach Dynamite, Charlotte Flair, Viper, and Bradley Evans. There’s far, far more but I’m conscious of taking up too much page space!

When did you first start at the WrestleZone Training Academy, and why did you decide to give it a go?

I started back in January 2017. I just thought “why not?”

When starting out, were you always dead-set on going in to the production side of things or did you initially want to become a wrestler? Or was it perhaps both?

Not always but I quickly found out just how difficult and intricate professional wrestling is! Between that and 37 years of contact sports taking its toll on my body, I decided to pick up the mic once more.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you made your broadcast debut at the 2017 Battle of the Nations. Were you nervous at all heading in, especially considering former WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate was on the bill?

Indeed, my WrestleZone journalistic journey began at Battle of the Nations 2017. I was really the only man (over)qualified to call a prestigious matchup such as Tyler Bate vs Damien! So nervous? No.

Since that night, you’ve become an ambassador of sorts on commentary for the likes of Aspen Faith and the now-defunct Sterling Oil. Do you feel this makes you unique from other broadcasters given the fact that you’re being outright biased towards one side?

If I may, I will answer your question with a few of my own…
Was it ‘fair or unbiased’ for WrestleZone management to put the fate of Sterling Oil in the hands of a non in-ring competitor in Mr Russell?
Was it ‘fair and unbiased’ of WrestleZone management to hound and harass this once great strategist to the point of near breakdown then throw him in the ring?
My point being, what you may see as “outright biased” I, and my nation, see as redressing the balance. The other side of the coin if you will!

Are there any other broadcasters you enjoy listening to in order to possibly learn some new things?

Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Bret Hart, Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura. There’s many others but they are my main influences.

At some of this year’s gala shows, we’ve seen you as both a referee and a manager to Zach Dynamite I believe it was. Is this something you’d like to bring over to the main shows?

Zach is a close personal friend. At said point, you refer to Zach came to me in need of direction. I may have set him on course, pointed him to stardom some might say, but he did the rest and continues to shine all by himself! These days I’m a broadcast journalist, however should any competitor require any of the services I provide in a managerial capacity, my door is always open.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen non-wrestlers transition in to wrestling, whether it be full-time or a one-off. Is this something you’d like to do aswell? If so, who would you like to face on the active WrestleZone roster?

As I said, I’m no wrestler however as 1998 Golden Gloves runner-up Frimley Budokhan said, if the likes of Bryan Tucker, Mikkey Vago, Scotty Swift or that big goon Blue Thunder wish to step into the ring under Marques of Queensbury rules I’ll be more than happy to oblige!

Anything you’d like to plug?

Well of course I can be found and contacted on my Facebook and Twitter pages. However those of my nation who simply cannot get enough of my dulcet tones can simply go to www.frompodsunknown.com and bask in our audio glory!

Lastly, how does it feel when wrestlers (typically Scotty Swift from what I’ve seen online) interrupt your backstage interviews?

I refer you back to the answer before last. Now if you will excuse me I must be in Cape Town in 72 hours!

My thanks to Mr Manton for answering my question!