Why Jason Reed’s Character Is One Of The Best In Wrestling Today


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Ever since bursting on to the Scottish wrestling scene, Jason Reed’s entire character has been based around him being a cheeky chap from Fife that loves nothing more than a nice meal at Nando’s. In the majority of promotions he wrestles for these days, that’s very much still the case from what I’ve seen.

Up north in Aberdeen though, he’s on a mission to Make WrestleZone Great Again. New American-sounding entrance music, a towel wrapped around his neck like he’s some sort of golf fanatic, and Agent W by his side.

All this initially started from the WrestleZone fans bombarding Reed with chants of ‘Donald Trump’. Jason could’ve done something on a smaller scale with these chants, such as simply shouting back at the audience as most wrestlers probably would do in situations like this. But he took it to the next level and created a completely new character out of it.

Every single part of Jason’s new character has been exceptional. The way he addresses the crowd is like the sort of thing you would expect to hear Donald Trump say, going on about campaign plans and Fake News. He’s making a full blown attempt to get this to work, and make himself known throughout the north east as something other than a Nando’s lover.

He’s had tremendous success since debuting the character thus far. Since June, he’s defeated the likes of Bryan Tucker and Scotty Swift, and was also successful in the Aberdeen Anarchy pre-show battle royal over six WrestleZone Training Academy graduates. The most important thing though is that it gets under the skin of fans, which is exactly what his character should be used to do.

So if you’re at a show featuring Jason Reed, WrestleZone or not, make sure you chant ‘Donald Trump’ at him. Make sure to let him know that you support his campaign plans. Make sure to offer him a meal from Nando’s.

If there was one gripe I had with the character, it’s that I’d like to see some new wrestlers added to Jason’s cabinet. Names that spring to mind are Ryan Riley, Dino Del Monte, and Ted O’Keefe.

It’s something you don’t often seen in wrestling these days – crowd reaction creating a completely new persona for a star. Mindblowing.

Jason’s next appearance for WrestleZone comes on October 27th in Aberdeen at Halloween Hijinx, where he is set to go one on one with NXT UK star Kenny Williams.


In the meantime however, be sure to keep up to date with his campaign plans on social media;

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