The Bedlam Report | ICW Fight Club (7th October 2018) Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Hello again, ready for another edition of The Bedlam Report? I hope you are because here it is and, as usual, the good Doctor is not holding back (but would you have me any other way?).

An interesting point is the complete eradication of any reference to Chris Renfrew before the event, a NAK versus Kings of Catch chairs match being change to a Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins vs Kings of Catch match, BT Gunn delivering a promo killing the NAK and not even mentioning Renfrew by name. There have been various reasons for this disappearance, drunken behavior and attitude problems have been cited as reasons by various sources. If I am to be honest, regardless of the reason the show benefited from Renfrews absence.

Kid Fite vs Grado – This was a decent starter match, I said Kid Fite but, in actual fact, Grado fought the whole Fite Network, you could tell both sides were having a lot of fun with the match. Kid Fite picking up the win, but in reality this match was all about announcing James Storm versus Grado for the Hydro. I genuinely don’t know if I am excited about this match, I love James Storm and yes he has history with Grado, I just don’t know if it will be a good match-up and can’t help but wonder if there could have been better opponents.

Jackie Polo vs ICW Security – Our new champion Jackie Polo! I have genuinely waited a long time to see this guy get a run with the belt and what we got was pure Polo, he wasn’t going to risk his title or his career for nothing, if you want to face him, you gotta pay. One of ICW’s own security took him up on the offer, naturally the poor guy was defeated rather quickly and Polo then announced any future challenger would have to pay him quite a lot in order to face the champion.

Dickie Divers vs Liam Thomson – It’s great to see Divers back, the guy is severely underrated and I admit this was one of those matches that you knew would be fairly good, but it turned out to be better than anyone expected. Solid wrestling from both guys, with a wee bit of comedy with Liam telling the referee AND Divers not to touch his sink (of course Divers did and paid the price).

K.O.E. vs The Purge – Y’know K.O.E. seem like an interesting team, I do hope they get used regular as I will admit I was entertained by them. The Purge however, I genuinely cannot get excited about them, I don’t know if there’s any one thing in particular. I mean they get used sporadically, despite being one of the first successes of the Asylum they just seem to be… just there really, they won but K.O.E. made more of an impression on me in that one match than The Purge ever have.

BT Gunn vs Lionheart – This match was to face the ICW Champion at the Hydro, now I will be honest, despite it being more or less a foregone conclusion that it will be Lionheart versus Polo at the Hydro this was a textbook match. If I were a trainee, this was a match I would have paid attention to, it was a joy to watch two veterans just go at it the way they did, yes we all knew who would win, but who cares? It was a great match.

Bram vs Jack Jester – Bram won this match, it was fairly decent and done its job of furthering the feud between the teams, although I have to be honest, no matter how many times I see them, I just don’t like The Kinky Party as a team. I just can’t get behind them. I can only hope RUDO take the belts off them soon and they can go back to singles matches. ICW, right now, needs Sha to be the East End Butcher tearing up the ranks more than it needs him as a tag team guy in, what is effectively, a comedy team.

Aivil vs Kasey – Forgive me if this report is one sided but Aivil once again blew Kasey away with her performance, not just her wrestling ability in the ring but the whole package. The theatrics before with the entrance, her selling of her gimmick in the ring in general, I have noticed that there are very few women wrestlers (in ICW anyway) who have such an intense gimmick. You can tell she is having fun with it too and Kasey is the perfect foil for her at this point. Aivil is the first female wrestler to truly capture this fans imagination since Layla Rose and before her Viper, I only hope this leads to bigger things for her.

Joe Hendry vs Andy Wild – This match was unsurprisingly solid but the main story wasn’t the match, but it was the crowds reaction to Mark Dallas. You see Dallas did try to turn heel a few years before but the fans just didn’t buy it, I remember Dallas cutting an almost Mr McMahon style hate filled promo making out the fans were ungrateful, it’s his company to run his way, the crowds reaction was to cheer him, they did not want to boo him and they quickly ended the storyline. This time however, the fans reaction is probably the one he was hoping to get, he is playing it well as the boss who wants to see his company evolve and change but is getting annoyed with the fans and old guard of wrestlers who feel he’s deviating from the company’s roots. I am interested to see how it plays out as, I will be honest, Dallas as a face character bores me, love the guy as a promoter and a person but whenever he would come out to cut a promo, I’d groan, he’d drag out the simplest announcement out to the point I genuinely wanted to stand up and shout “just bloody get on with it”, sorry it’s the way I feel.

Mark Haskins & Jimmy Havoc vs Kings of Catch – Now as I said this was supposed to have the NAK in it but I’m grateful they weren’t, this was an awesome match with lots of innovative spots and was full of excitement, believe it or not I first saw Haskins at one of the old TNA UK tours at Braehead and he was amazing back then. Now TNA didn’t use him that well, or that often, but I am glad he still is about and still as entertaining, the Kings of Catch won this but more importantly this match showed us something, the fans love the Kings of Catch. They are over with them, and funnily enough they didn’t need Chris Renfrew to do it, nor did they ever need Chris Renfrew to get over. Long live the Kings, the Kings of Catch.

I really enjoyed this event on a whole to be honest, there was no overlong promos, there was no truly bad matches, granted there was some uncalled for remarks to the female wrestlers, I mean come on guys show some respect (and also bear in mind these ladies could probably destroy you easily in a fight) but all in all one of the best events in a while.

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A pleasure as always.