Fierce Females In 2018: By The Numbers


Fierce Females are Scotland’s only all-women’s wrestling promotion, and one of only a few in the entirety of the UK alongside the likes of the Pro Wrestling: EVE. Although they’ve only had a handful of shows since their return from hiatus in October 2017, every event provides a top quality night of wrestling action featuring the best women from the UK and further afield. 2018 was a landmark year for the company as they crowned a new Fierce Females Champion for the first time since May 2015, with Jayla Dark capturing her first taste of championship gold so far in her career. As the title of the article suggests though, it’s time to break it down. The numbers, not the ageing bodies of Triple H and Shawn Michaels…

2018 saw;

23 Matches
22 Singles Matches
1 No DQ Match

Out of 4 Title Matches
The Fierce Females Championship was defended 2 times, with 1 title change (Jayla Dark once) and 1 successful defence (Jayla Dark once)
The Internet Championship was defended 1 time, with 1 title change (Debbie Keitel once)
The ICW Women’s Championship was defended 1 time, with 1 successful defence (Jokey once)

Championship Reigns

Fierce Females Championship
Viper – May 29th 2015-June 24th 2018
Jayla Dark – June 24th 2018-Present

Fierce Females Internet Championship
Dannii Hunter – December 26th 2016-November 18th 2018
Debbie Keitel – November 18th 2018-Present

Win/Loss Records
“The Queen of Crazy” Addy Starr – 0 wins, 0 losses, 1 draw
Amy Alonsy – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Beauty From The Borders” Anastasia – 0 wins, 2 losses
“The Amazon” Ayesha Raymond – 1 win, 2 losses
“The Australian Assassin” Charli Evans – 2 wins, 0 losses
“Fearless” Charlie Morgan – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Huntress” Dannii Hunter – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Whole Shebang” Debbie Keitel – 1 win, 1 loss
“The Best, The Beautiful, The Only” Emily Hayden – 2 wins, 1 loss
“The High Priestess” Isla Dawn – 1 win, 0 losses
“The One Girl Gang” Jayla Dark – 2 wins, 0 losses, 1 draw
“The Twisted Priestess” Jokey – 1 win, 1 loss
“The Clown Princess of Carnage” Kasey – 1 win, 1 loss
“The Feminist Icon” Katey Harvey – 1 win, 1 loss
“Stunning” Lana Austin – 2 wins, 0 losses
“The Throwback to the ’80s” Leah Owens – 1 win, 0 losses
“The First 21st Century Badass” Millie McKenzie – 0 wins, 1 loss
Molly Spartan – 0 wins, 1 loss
“Unhinged” Raven Creed – 1 win, 0 losses
“The Braided Bruiser” Rhio – 0 wins, 1 loss
Ruby Radley – 1 win, 0 losses
“The Norfolk Doll” Sammi Baynz – 0 wins, 1 loss
“Sparking” Sammie Jo – 1 win, 2 losses
“The Main Event Empress” Sammii Jayne – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Sadistic Showgirl” Shax – 2 wins, 0 losses
Valkyrie – 2 wins, 0 losses
Veda Scott – 0 wins, 1 loss
“Pro Wrestling’s Pin-Up” Violet Vendetta – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Vixen of Violence” Viper – 0 wins, 1 loss

If you wish to see full results from these shows, please click here.

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