Wrestler Spotlight: Mark Andrews

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. With Discovery Wrestling recently celebrating their fourth anniversary show, we’re taking a look at NXT UK star Mark Andrews, who had a phenomenal bout against Joe Coffey at their show in November 2015.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Mark Andrews, Mandrews, Mandrews Tarver, The Lightning Kid, Pikachu
Nicknames – “White Lightning”, “The Lightning Kid”, “Mighty Morphin”, “Draco Malfoy”
Companies Wrestled For  – National Wrestling Alliance Wales, Celtic Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain, South Wales Championship Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, Welsh Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Triple X Wrestling, AMP Wrestling, 4 Front Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling, Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland, Combat Sports Federation, British Allstars Wrestling Alliance, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, Insane Championship Wrestling, CHIKARA, Dragon Pro Wrestling, Pro Evolution Wrestling, PROGRESS Wrestling, New Wrestling Entertainment, Do or Die Wrestling, Wrestle Midlands, Alternative Wrestling World, Ironfist Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Pride, Ironfist Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, DREAMWAVE Wrestling, GALLI Lucha Libre, Absolute Intense Wrestling, AAW Vanguard, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Great Bear Promotions, Saint Louis Anarchy, Pro Wrestling eXpress, Tidal Championship Wrestling, HXC Wrestling, PRIME Wrestling, International Wrestling Cartel, Wrestling is Cool, AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Fight Club: PRO, Preston City Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, Shropshire Wrestling Alliance, Future Pro Wrestling, Infinite Promotions, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Revolution Red Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, German Wrestling Promotion, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, VII Underground, Climax Wrestling, Lucha in the 6, Freelance Wrestling, SMASH Wrestling, Pro Evolution Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Exposure Wrestling Entertainment, Over the Top Wrestling, Fight! Nation Wrestling, HOPE Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Lucha Forever, Leicester Championship Wrestling and Riptide Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments – 
1x CW Tag Team Champion w/Tommy Dean
1x PROGRESS World Champion
5x ATTACK! 24:7 Champion by himself (4 times) and w/Pete Dunne (1 time)
1x and first ever PROGRESS Tag Team Champion w/Eddie Dennis
1x ATTACK! Tag Team Trophy Champion w/Nixon Newell
1x FNW British Champion
1x BWC Scarlo Scholarship Champion
1x DPW All Wales Champion
1x CSF All Nations Heavyweight Champion
2008 CW Halloween Tournament Winner
2011 ATTACK! Elder Stein Invitational Winner
2013 PROGRESS Natural Progression Series Winner
2014 Impact British Boot Camp Winner
2015 CHIKARA Rey de Voladores Winner
2017 PROGRESS Thunderbastard Winner
Signature Moves – Fall to Pieces (Shooting Star Press), Stundog Millionaire (Stunner as a Suplex Counter), Stomp 182 (Victory Roll in to a Jumping Double Foot Stomp), Cyclone Kill (Spanish Fly), Carousel Drop (Tilt-a-Headscissors transitioned in to a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT), Neck Stop Driver (Reverse Brainbuster)/Diving Double Foot Stomp Combo w/Eddie Dennis
Alliances – Bayside High w/Nixon Newell, Flips and Forearms w/Pete Dunne, FSU w/Eddie Dennis, Thunder & Lightning w/Tommy Dean, Smash Hits w/Frantic, Team UK w/Pete Dunne, South Wales Subculture w/Flash Morgan Webster, Team Go for Broke w/Braxton Sutter & DJ Z, Team DEFEND w/Eddie Dennis, Flash Morgan Webster & The Dunne Brothers (Pete Dunne & Damian Dunne), The NeXXXus w/Gav Gabriel, Hitch Sheffield, Phil Otunga & Wade Helix, w/Rockstar Spud
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You can check out the aforementioned match between Andrews and Coffey below;