Wrestler Spotlight: Gangrel

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at former WWE superstar Gangrel, who comes to ICW this weekend!

Photo credit WWE.com

Alias – Gangrel, Blackheart Destruction, The Black Phantom, David Heath, Crazy Dave, Claire Drive Ripper, Druid, The Canadian Vampire, The Avante Warrior, The Black Phantom, The Master, El Vampiro, Lestat The Vampire, The Vampire Warrior, Warlock
Nicknames – “The Vampire Warrior”
Companies Wrestled For – World Wrestling Entertainment, World Championship Wrestling, Stampede Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, Central States Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Tri-States Wrestling Alliance, Universal Wrestling Federation, United States Wrestling Association, IWA Japan, Extreme Championship Wrestling, Tri-Star Wrestling Alliance, Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation, National Wrestling Alliance Championship Wrestling America, Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Trans World Wrestling Federation, National Wrestling Alliance Florida, World Wrestling Council, World Wrestling Alliance, International Wrestling Association Puerto Rico, Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling, World Wrestling All-Stars, New Era Pro Wrestling, Pro Xcitement Wrestling, Premier Wrestling Federation, Impact Wrestling, National Wrestling League, National Wrestling Alliance New Jersey/New York, Border City Wrestling, Mason-Dixon Wrestling, World Xtreme Wrestling, Empire Wrestling Federation, European Wrestling Promotion, Maximum Pro Wrestling, All Star Wrestling (England version), Full Impact Pro, Michigan Marquee Wrestling Association, Wisconsin Pro Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance Midwest, MainStream Wrestling, Impact Zone Wrestling, North End Wrestling Alliance, Ohio Valley Wrestling, All Pro Wrestling, Deep South Wrestling, New Wrestling Entertainment, PWU: Wrestle-Reality, Devil Mountain Wrestling, Deep South Wrestling, New Horizon Pro Wrestling, North American Wrestling, Coastal Championship Wrestling, House of Pain Wrestling Federation, National Wrestling Alliance Pro Wrestling, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, EPIC Pro Wrestling WAR, Wrestling Fan Xperience, Alternative Wrestling Show, New Wrestling Entertainment, American Wrestling Rampage, North American Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Revolution, Pro Wrestling Xtreme, Wolverine Pro Wrestling, International Catch Wrestling Alliance, Hulkamania, Riotgas Wrestling Alliance, Vendetta Pro Wrestling, European Professional Wrestling, Canadian Wrestling’s Elite, Pro Wrestling Bushido, Steeltown Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Rampage, Tulalip Championship Wrestling, Canadian National Wrestling Alliance, Atlantic Wrestling Council, All-Star Wrestling (Canada version), Sacramento Wrestling Federation, Americas Wrestling Federation, KnokX Pro Academy, International Pro Wrestling Association, High Impact Wrestling, Independent Championship Wrestling, Northern League Wrestling, Traditional Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Superstars, Pro Wrestling Phoenix, Thrash Wrestling, Ring Warriors, WildKat Pro Wrestling, Busted Knuckle Pro Wrestling, Monster Pro Wrestling, Pure Power Wrestling, Big West Wrestling, Hoodslam, Millenium Pro Wrestling, West Coast Wrestling Connection, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Allied Independent Wrestling Federations, Top Talent Pro Wrestling, WrestleForce, Wrestling for Charity, Big Time Wrestling (California version), Vicious Outcast Wrestling, Deutsche Wrestling Allianz, School of Roc, DREAMWAVE Wrestling, Remix Pro Wrestling, High Impact Wrestling Wildside, Wrestling is Intense, House of Hardcore, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, Ultimate Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Live, Paragon Pro Wrestling, Memphis Wrestling, Warriors of Wrestling, Central PA Wrestling, Fighting Spirit Wrestling, Heroes and Legends Wrestling, Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling, Freakshow Wrestling, MCW Pro Wrestling, Pure Wrestling Association, Big Time Wrestling (Virginia version), Invasion Championship Wrestling, Ironfist Wrestling, Outback Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Cartel, All Action Wrestling, SmashMouth Pro Wrestling, Arcadian Wrestling Association, Game Changer Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Fully Loaded Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Blitzkrieg Pro, WrestleCade Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Magic, Fight the World Wrestling, WrestleMerica, Top Rope Promotions, Ultimate Championship Wrestling, Atomic Wrestling Entertainment, Georgia Premier Wrestling, Platinum Pro Wrestling, Fighting Evolution Wrestling, Blue Water Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Pride, Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, Vintage Wrestling, Xtreme Bombshells of Wrestling, Superstars of Wrestling Federation, Heavy On Wrestling, Black Label Pro, Bar Wrestling, Great North Wrestling, Gangrel’s Wrestling Asylum, Combat Revolution Wrestling, Big League Wrestling, ACTION Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Vanguard Championship Wrestling, Maruchan Promotions, Alpha-1 Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Wrestling Has A Tomorrow
Titles & Accomplishments –
1x TWA Tag Team Champion w/Blackheart Apocalypse
1x USWA Heavyweight Champion
1x NWA Florida Tag Team Champion w/Blackheart Apocalypse
1x MXPW Heavyweight Champion
1x and first ever MXPW Tag Team Champion w/Dave Johnson
1x AWC Heavyweight Champion
2x IPWA Tag Team Champion w/Rusty Brooks
1x PWL Heavyweight Champion
1x PWR Heavyweight Champion
1x Stampede International Tag Team Champion w/Tom Nash
1x AWF World Junior Heavyweight Champion
1x ACW Heavyweight Champion
1x NWL Heavyweight Champion
1x APW Tag Team Champion w/Billy Blade
1x EWP World Heavyweight Champion
3x ASW Trans Canada Heavyweight Champion
3x WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion
3x WCWC Tag Team Champion w/Mikey O’Shea (1 time) and w/Sinn Bodhi (2 times)
2x WCWC Legacy Champion
1x Hoodslam Golden Gig Champion
1x PWA Ontario Champion
1x VCW Tag Team Champion w/Kevin Thorn
1993 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year
2003 EPW Ironman Championship Knockout Tournament Winner
2010 LPW Hall of Fame Inductee
Signature Moves – Impaler DDT
Alliances – The Blackhearts w/Blackheart Apocalypse, The Blackhearts w/Blackheart Agony, The Brood w/Edge & Christian, The New Brood w/The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy), The Brotherhood w/Apoc & Thorn, The Bloodline w/Billy Blade & Mike Rayne, Immortal WAR w/Chase Stevens & Chris Thorn, Dante’s Rejects w/Beast the Butcher, Stone Hendrix & Lucy, The Hoard w/LaDuke Jakes, Mideon & Torcher, The Ministry of Darkness w/The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Edge, Christian, Mideon, Viscera & The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq), w/Dave Johnson, w/Sinn Bodhi, w/Jason Saint, w/Rusty Brooks, w/Kevin Thorn, w/Mikey O’Shea, w/Luna Vachon, w/Kiara Dillon
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