Insanity In The Granite City: WrestleZone Stars Impress As ICW Make Aberdeen Debut

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Insane Championship Wrestling made their Aberdeen debut last night at the Assembly for Granite City Fight Club. While the show featured all your regular ICW names, there were a number of debuts, both in and out of the ring. Obviously, we had Sugar Dunkerton finally making his first ICW appearance as part of The Big Bad Bawdy Daddies. But aside from him, the remainder of the debuts were all guys from the Aberdeen-based WrestleZone. Let’s take a look at the guys involved!

Damien – Damien is lovely to watch. It’s as simple as that. He teamed with The Purge in a winning effort against Sugar Dunkerton and The Kings of Catch, and it was actually Damien who picked up the pin over Suge. Between this and his participation in May’s Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament (he made it to the finals remember), it’s very possible this could lead to regular ventures down to Glasgow for The Revolutionary.

Crusher Craib – Since returning from injury last June, Crusher Craib has begun to compete for promotions other than WrestleZone (he debuted for Discovery Wrestling in January and was scheduled for Carnage in Caol in October but travel issues prevented that from happening). His ICW debut came against Lionheart and despite coming out on the losing end, he dominated the majority of the contest from what I’ve been hearing. It feels like a natural fit to have The Creator of Carnage in an ICW ring.

Ryan Riley – Ryan Riley only made his main roster debut for WrestleZone in September, so this says a lot about him that he was on an ICW just two months later. He was part of the ring crew for the show but in similar fashion to GPWA’s Eli Bulwark, The Inspirational One found himself answering an open challenge for Jackie Polo’s World Heavyweight Championship. A quick loss thanks to Just Justice’s tight headlock hold, but an inspiring one nonetheless.

Bradley Evans – Joining Ryan Riley on ring crew was Bradley Evans. I mean, is there anyone more fitting for a security-type role than Evans? He has the imposing look that can make anyone intimidated by him, and his TKO is a beauty to see. When ICW return to The Granite City next year, here’s hoping Evans is utilised in a more prominent role.

Mikey Innes – ICW’s usual referees are Thomas Kearins and Sean McLaughlin but with Sean donning the stripes at NXT UK, it left a spot open for WrestleZone official Mikey Innes to put on an ICW shirt for the first time. It looks like Mikey will be venturing out across Scotland if this trend continues, seeing as he also reffed a PBW show last month. If you need a referee to take a great superkick, get in contact!

For full results, click here. To see Billy’s talking points coming out of the show, click here. Also keep a look out for Billy’s review of the show, which will be up very soon. ICW will be returning to Aberdeen in 2019, so hopefully I can pop my ICW cherry. Totally wasn’t jealous of everyone who attended here. Not in the slightest…

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