Scottish Wrestling Entertainment ‘Uprising: November 2018’ FULL Results

Date: November 24th 2018
Venue: Ardler Complex | Dundee


Bravehart declared every SWE Championship, except the SWE Hardcore Championship, vacant. The Jackal was stripped of the SWE Heavyweight Championship due to not retrieving both titles during the ladder match last month. Edith Summer announced that in 2019 the Empress Division will make it’s debut, featuring the best in women’s wrestling.

SWE Future Division Championship Tournament – Scotty Riccio defeated The Riot Chris James by pinfall to advance.

Dead Cell (Nathan Reynolds & Kevin Williams) defeated Fortune 500 (Felix Fortune & Hugo Harris) by disqualification.

Euan G Mackie w/Atomico defeated Chris Lamb by pinfall.

Spike Tierney, Ken Kaiden, Zack Leon & Johnny Thunder defeated John Kerr, Darren Blair, KJ Nitro & Eddie Devine by pinfall.

Ian Ambrose defeated Tommy Cross by pinfall.

SWE Future Division Championship Tournament – Luke Aldridge defeated Jace Jackson by pinfall to advance.

JD Wilde & Darcy defeated The Jackal & KC Spinelli by pinfall.

Source: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment

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