SWN Top 50…ish – 2018

After news of the SWN Top 50 no longer going ahead being broken, I had a quick scan of the Adam’s Wrestler of the Month and the SWN Monthly Poll archives from 2018 and noticed that we have just over 50 wrestlers that have been chosen over the last 11 months. So I have taken this information in an attempt to generate a Top 50 of sorts for 2018.

Using the Mailing List was a disaster in all honesty, with many spoiled ballots received, so I was trying to figure out a way to make it fair. Sure there will be omissions and as I look at the list I may’ve wanted others included but this system has used Adam’s Wrestler of the Month list, which I find to be a fair analysis of the month, along with the fan voting of the SWN Monthly Poll to be as unbaised as possible to represent 2018 in Scottish wrestling.

Taken into account is the point scores generated in Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers of the Month along with a point system given to the SWN Monthly Poll winners from January to November. That gave us a Top 52 (after the removal of international talent and those that aren’t Scottish regulars). I asked the Twitterverse for their thoughts and the majority were happy to go with a Top 52, so here it is!

The 2018 SWN Top 52

52. Blondie Barratt
51. Hugo Harris
50. Felix Fortune
49. Cousin Zander
48. Lad Chapman
47. Nathan North
46. Sha Samuels
45. Jack Jester
44. Glen Dunbar
43. Johnny Lions
42. Ravie Davie
41. Anastasia
40. Aaron Echo
39. Corvyn Cameron
38. Isla Dawn
37. Dickie Divers
36. David Devlin
35. Robbie Wishart
34. Crusher Craib
33. Chris Renfrew
32. Kieran Kelly
31. Theo Doros
30. Mikey Whiplash
29. Zach Dynamite
28. JD Wilde
27. The Jackal
26. Krieger
25. Liam Thomson
24. Alexander Darwin MacAllan
23. Lou King Sharp
22. Jack Morris
21. Mark Coffey
20. Kay Lee Ray
19. Emily Hayden
18. Irving Garrett
17. Lucha DS
16. Wolfgang
15. Joe Coffey
14. Shawn Johnson
13. Jackie Polo
12. BT Gunn
11. Lionheart

10. Sammii Jayne
9. Lewis Girvan
8. DCT
7. Kenny Williams
6. Stevie Boy Xavier
5. Damien
4. Aspen Faith
3. Andy Wild
2. Viper
1. Joe Hendry

Thank you for taking part in the SWN Monthly Poll and your support has helped us generate this Top 52. Next year we’ll do it all over again… hopefully with less fuss!