Adam’s Top 10… Wrestlers of the Month – December 2018


So, we’ve made it. The end of the inaugural Adam’s Wrestlers of the Month series. December, despite being the end of the year, was one of the busiest months in Scottish wrestling in 2018. We had shows up and down the country from WrestleZone to Reckless Intent Wrestling to Pro Wrestling Elite. Plus, Insane Championship Wrestling had a show in some place called the SSE Hydro. You might’ve heard about it. New champions were crowned, bodies were battered and most importantly, there were Christmas-related shenanigans on some shows. That’s what it’s all about at this time of year, right? Being so cheery that it makes you want to use Christmas items as weapons. Ahh, the holidays. But without further ado, here are the final 10 entrants in the 2018 Wrestlers of the Month!

Honourable mentions go out to Aspen Faith, Dickie Divers, Jackie Polo, Kieran Kelly, Krieger, Krobar, Lewis Girvan, Lou King Sharp, Michael Chase, Stevie James, Theo Doros, and Wolfgang.


10. Mr P

Mr P makes his list debut just in the nick of time thanks to him winning the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship from Zach Dynamite at Christmas Chaos. The match, which was a Christmas Brawl, sounded like an excellent one so I’m looking forward to seeing that when it’s out on DVD. With his first taste of singles gold now accomplished, who knows what 2019 holds for the man who always embraces the chaos.


9. Leyton Buzzard

Another debut on the list is Leyton Buzzard, who kicked off his December with a loss to Kieran Kelly in a battle between two of ICW’s fastest rising stars. After appearing at Fear & Loathing XI alongside Mark Dallas and the rest of his gang, The Prodigy made his debut for IPW: UK in England as part of the inaugural IPW Invitational. He lost to The OJMO in a bout also involving LJ Cleary and ELIJAH, but he left a solid impression nevertheless. Leyton returned to Pro Wrestling Elite teaming with Kez Evans, where they lost to Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo Viper, before capping off the month with a victory alongside Ravie Davie in a Handicap Match against Kieran Kelly. Quite a successful month for the intern of Joe Hendry.


8. Mark Coffey

The Power Forward managed to scoop up some extra points just before the year ended as he impressed throughout December. After defeating Dickie Divers right at the start of the month, Mark lost the ICW Zero-G Championship to brother Joe in what was a terrific bout between the siblings. A debut came for NORTH Wrestling where he defeated Cara Noir, followed by another victory the following week as he and Viper (or was it actually Jackie Polo?) defeated Kez Evans and Leyton Buzzard at PWE’s Elite Christmas. A rather sour end to the month for Mark Coffey though as he lost to Andy Wild, but he did show a more sinister side to him now that he’s been knocked off his perch as Zero-G Champion. This change of attitude could boost Coffey up the ranks as we head into 2019. One match of his from NXT UK was also broadcast during December, where he and fellow Gallus member Wolfgang defeated Ashton Smith and Ligero.


7. BT Gunn

BT Gunn’s up and down year ended in December with, well, some ups and some downs. He, Aaron Echo, and the rest of Bad Company lost to the entirety of RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand at ICW’s France ’99, but he bounced back the next night as he, Wolfgang, the returning Noam Dar beat all three members of British Strong Style in the Hydro. After retaining the BCW Heavyweight Championship against Wolfgang and Kid Fite, he ended December on a down with losses to Aaron Echo at PWE, defending Undisputed Champion Damien at WrestleZone (a match also involving Crusher Craib), and to Joe Hendry at ICW. Maybe he’ll bounce back in 2019 now that he’s a member of Bad Company.


6. Aaron Echo

Aaron Echo has cemented his name on Scottish wrestling. 2018 proved that fact, and December saw Echo pick up some huge victories. Fair enough, it didn’t get off to the best start as he teamed with Bad Company’s Wolfgang. BT Gunn, Stevie James, and Krobar all lost to Joe Coffey, Kenny Williams, Red Lightning, Iestyn Rees, and Bram. From here, it was an up as he defeated Kenny at ICW Fear & Loathing XI, followed by a victory over rising star Dean Ford at Premier British Wrestling’s show in Beith and then against “The King of Sink Style” Liam Thomson at British Championship Wrestling’s show in East Kilbride. In quite an upset, The King of Benidorm defeated BT Gunn at PWE’s Elite Christmas show, then ended the month by defeating one of Mark Dallas’ boys in the form of Kez Evans. A wonderful month for Aaron Echo – what a time to be alive!


5. Joe Hendry

Even though he’s only number five this month, Joe Hendry is still the 2018 Wrestler of the Year. He had two ICW victories to kickstart the month, beating Ravie Davie and then Mikey Whiplash the following night in the Hydro to further cement himself as a favourite to win the 2019 Square Go! Match. The Prestigious One joined the Fight Forever Wrestling tour at the start of the month and immediately came in with a bang, winning the Ace in the Case Ladder Match against Iestyn Rees, Rampage Brown, El Phantasmo, and Kip Sabian to earn a future title opportunity. Joe wasted no time in cashing it in as he captured the Men’s World Championship the following day from Flip Gordon during Flip’s bout with Jimmy Havoc, although he had lost to El Phantasmo earlier on in the same show. To end the tour on a high, the former Local Hero retained his newly-won title against Flip to remain the champ heading into the new year. A loss to Matt Myers at NGW Eternal Glory and a win over BT Gunn at ICW Brush Another Goose ended yet another successful month for “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry.


4. Joe Coffey

ICW’s new Zero-G Champion returns to the list as Joe Coffey comes in at number four. The Iron King began the month by teaming with his RUDO Sports and Entertainment Brand comrades Red Lightning, Kenny Williams, Iestyn Rees, and Bram as they defeated Wolfgang, BT Gunn, Aaron Echo, Stevie James, and Krobar at ICW France ’99, before then capturing the Zero-G Championship from his brother Mark Coffey the following night at Fear & Loathing XI. Three more victories followed as Joe first defeated Adam Maxted at BCW’s show in East Kilbride, Lionheart at PWE Elite Christmas, and then also put away Liam Thomson in non-title action at ICW Brush Another Goose. Throughout December, The Iron King was also seen on some episodes of WWE’s NXT UK. He defeated Trent Seven on one episode followed by Travis Banks on another episode, before ending the year on a high with an undefeated December as he bested Ligero on the final episode of 2018. What a year it’s been for Joe Coffey!


3. Viper

Viper earns an additional eight points this month, cementing her status just behind Joe Hendry in the top two. She teamed with Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins in a loss to Filthy Generation members Kay Lee Ray, Aspen Faith, and Lewis Girvan at ICW France ’99, and then also lost her Women’s World Championship to KLR at Fear & Loathing XI in a brutal Queen of Insanity Match (which ICW have kindly uploaded to their YouTube channel for free). The Vixen of Violence was then part of the entire Fight Forever Wrestling tour, losing to Millie McKenzie on day one as the suplex machine became the inaugural Women’s World Champion (Kay Lee Ray was also in the match). She then became the victim of Brandi Rhodes for the next three days, losing to her in singles action on days two and four while the third day saw her and fellow Queen’s Quest UK member Bea Priestley lost to Brandi and Millie. At Pro Wrestling Elite’s last show of the year, she replaced Jackie Polo in Polo Promotions as she and Mark Coffey defeated the team of Kez Evans and Leyton Buzzard, and then lost to a returning Little Miss Roxxy at ICW’s end of 2018 show. A mixed month for The Megaton Barbie.


2. Lionheart

Lionheart is once again on this list to the shock of no-one. Following him defeating Andy Wild in a lovely match the night before ICW Fear & Loathing XI, it was time for him to face “Just Justice” Jackie Polo at the Hydro for the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite Polo’s attempts to do anything in his power to prevent a new champion, Lionheart did indeed walk away as the new ICW World Heavyweight Champion. Rounding off the month was Lionheart competing for his own promotion Pro Wrestling Elite, where he failed to defeat NXT UK superstar Joe Coffey. Although he didn’t compete, he did appear at ICW’s Brush Another Goose event, demanding ICW management find the best in the world to challenge him. He’s found just that, as he is set to defend his new title in January against Japan’s Shigehiro Irie!


1. Kay Lee Ray

The final Wrestler of the Month is Kay Lee Ray, for obvious reasons. She kicked things off with a six person tag match victory alongside The Kings of Catch as they defeated Viper, Jimmy Havoc, and Mark Haskins at ICW’s France ’99 event, and then it was time for the big one. ICW Fear & Loathing XI at the SSE Hydro, where KLR faced Viper in the inaugural Queen of Insanity Match for the latter’s Women’s World Championship. Kay Lee Ray walked away victorious to become ICW’s first three-time Women’s Champion in history, but not before having a bucket full of thumbtacks dumped over her in what has to be one of the best visuals in wrestling this year. Following this, the new Queen of Insanity made her debut for the new Fight Forever Wrestling promotion at their Phenomena event in Birmingham, being defeated by Millie McKenzie in a match also featuring Viper to determine the first FFW Women’s World Champion. Lastly, it was a return to Defiant Wrestling for Kay Lee as she entered a six woman Gauntlet Match for the Women’s Championship. Entering at number three, she was the first person eliminated at the hands of Millie McKenzie. Perhaps KLR will finally get some retribution on McKenzie as we enter 2019. As the new ICW Women’s World Champion, Kay Lee appeared at ICW’s final show of the year as she headbutted Little Miss Roxxy after Roxxy had defeated Viper. When taking this into consideration as well as the fact the pair embraced following their Fear & Loathing match, it looks like KLR and Viper are on the same page for a change. That can only spell trouble for anyone who stands across from them.

And so, that’s it. The inaugural series of Adam’s Wrestlers of the Month is done and dusted. Something that can be taken away from this final series is that there is a definitive Wrestler of the Year for 2018, so congratulations go out to “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry (click here to see how his 2018 went down).


I’ll see you all at the end of January/beginning of February for the second series. Happy new year folks!

Point Standings as of December 31st 2018
1. Joe Hendry (73 points)
2. Viper (66 points)
3. Andy Wild (45 points)
4. Kenny Williams (38 points)
5. Lionheart (34 points)
6. Sammii Jayne (31 points)
7. Stevie Boy (28 points)
8. BT Gunn, Damien, and DCT (26 points)
9. Joe Coffey and Kay Lee Ray (25 points)
10. Aspen Faith (24 points)
11. Jackie Polo (19 points)
12. Mark Coffey (18 points)
13. Lewis Girvan (17 points)
14. Wolfgang (13 points)
15. Alexander Darwin MacAllan (11 points)
16. Shawn Johnson (9 points)
17. Aaron Echo, Krieger, Lucha DS, and Zach Dynamite (8 points)
18. Emily Hayden (7 points)
19. Liam Thomson, Mikey Whiplash, and Theo Doros (6 points)
20. Chris Renfrew, Crusher Craib, JD Wilde, and Kieran Kelly (5 points)
21. Corvyn Cameron, Dickie Divers, and Isla Dawn (4 points)
22. Anastasia and Jack Morris (3 points)
23. Glen Dunbar, Irving Garrett, Leyton Buzzard, and Ravie Davie (2 points)
24. Blondie Barratt, Johnny Lions, Lad Chapman, Mr P, and Nathan North (1 point)