Who Are The Kings Road Warriors?


Last night, a new show premiered on the Kings of Catch YouTube channel – Kings Road Warriors. The format of the show sees a member of The Kingdom of Catch take a warrior under their wing for a month, where they will face several challenges. In the end, only one Kings Road Warrior will remain. Let’s bring on the contestants!

screenshot (117)

Kings Road Warrior – Ashley Vega
Mentor – Sammii Jayne

Introducing – Ashley Vega. Out of the PBW Academy, Ashley has been on the go for three years now, and has wrestled for promotions such as Source Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, and also has a Fierce Females debut coming up against her mentor Sammii Jayne. There’s a few things worrying Vega going into this – for example, Sammii likes to do nice flashy moves (such as the Shadowfax) whereas she prefers to do more simple manoeuvres to get the job done. One thing they do both have in common however is enjoying food but as we heard from Sammii, Ashley will have to buck up her ideas if she wants those sandwiches!

screenshot (118)

Kings Road Warrior – Angel Hayze
Mentor – Aspen Faith

Introducing – Angel Hayze. Like with Ashley Vega, Angel is also out of the PBW Academy, and has also been on the go for around three years. In that time, she’s visited the likes of Source Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, and Scottish School of Wrestling, where she is a former SSW Diamonds Champion. What worries Angel about this is the fact that Aspen has a love for Death Matches, a prospect that terrifies her. It doesn’t look like she has much choice though, as Aspen commented that if he has his way, Angel will be doing nothing but piledriver after piledriver.

screenshot (120)

Kings Road Warrior – Jesse Santana
Mentor – Lewis Girvan

Introducing – Jesse Santana. Would you believe it, he’s also a product of the PBW Academy and has been making a name for himself for the past three years. Although a recent knee injury has kept him sidelines for a short while, that didn’t stop Santana from telling everyone to kiss his sass. 2018 saw him enter the Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament which was a massive accomplishment for young Jesse. His biggest fear about this isn’t about the thought of maybe having to piledrivers through tables – it’s about breaking a nail. Priorities, right? Lewis Girvan wasn’t too thrilled about mentoring Jesse, but we’ll see how their friendship develops over the next month.

Who knows what will happen as the weeks progress but for now, these are your Kings Road Warriors contestants!

The prelude episode can be viewed right now on The Kings of Catch’s YouTube channel:

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