Preview: Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club Tapings’ January 2019


The first ICW Fight Club of 2019 is almost upon us as the insane stars make their way back to the Garage. As all eyes are now firmly locked on the 8th Annual Square Go!, it’s all or nothing for the roster as they hope to secure their spot in the eight annual over the tap event. Who knows, we may even have a new World Heavyweight Champion by then…


ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Shigehiro Irie vs Lionheart (c)

Following his victory of the World Heavyweight Championship at Fear & Loathing, Lionheart declared he wanted to defend the gold against the very best talent from all over the world. Emphasis on world, as you can tell from his first challenger. Making his ICW debut, it’s Japanese sensation “Beast Mode” Shigehiro Irie, a man I know very little of apart from the fact that he is reportedly Pro Wrestling’s Teddy Bear. Having done some research on him though, he is a former 2x DDT Pro Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion (a title held by such illustrious stars including a trash bin, the entire audience at a Beyond Wrestling show, and Cultaholic’s Jack the Jobber), as well as the KO-D Openweight Championship and other titles. As far as I’m aware, this will be his Scottish debut, and what better to arrive than by winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Don’t be betting on Lionheart giving up the gold that easily though. He’s worked too hard to get to where he is, and won’t be going down without a fight.


Rampage Brown w/The Wee Man vs Aspen Faith w/Lewis Girvan

It’ll be The P.O.D vs The Kings of Catch for the Tag Team Championships at the Square Go! but before then, Rampage Brown goes one on one with Aspen Faith. Brown and Ashton Smith (who’s presumably on NXT UK duties at the weekend) came out as the shock victors in the #1 contenders TLC Match at Fear & Loathing, a match everyone was predicting to be a Kings of Catch victory. That same night, new Tag Team Champions were crowned as The Wee Man’s clients snatched the gold from The Kinky Party. In the days following the event, it was announced that Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan would be getting a title opportunity when ICW make their debut at Glasgow’s SGW3. Now’s the time for the mighty KoC to rise to the very top. With Smith away for the night, there’s a chance to weaken Rampage before the championship match. Walk in, Apter Burner, leave.


Andy Wild vs Ravie Davie w/Mark Dallas

Andy Wild’s issues with Mark Dallas continue as he faces Dallas’ newest recruit to his regime for a new ICW, Ravie Davie. As we know, the head honcho of ICW prevented the leader of The Wild Boys from competing at the Hydro because he had a new vision for what ICW should look like going forward, and it didn’t involve Andy. Nevertheless though, Wild made his presence felt by saving Mikey Whiplash after his match with Joe Hendry. As he went to DDT Dallas, who else to save the boss than Ravie Davie. The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square was sick of how his career was going at that point, and so joined the dark side to start a new venture in his career. He may have bitten off more than he can chew by attacking Andy Wild though, a man known for his throws that can take opponents for a severe Wild Night Out. Just remember though – it’s Davie that has the strength in numbers.


Bad Company (BT Gunn & The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James)) vs Joe Hendry, Leyton Buzzard & Kez Evans

Speaking of Mark Dallas’ goons, three of them will be in action as Joe Hendry, Leyton Buzzard, and Kez Evans face the Bad Company trio of BT Gunn and The Purge. Joe was the first member of the roster to officially show his allegiance to Dallas’ new regime – after all, The Prestigious One is highly against the usage of weapons which is exactly what Mikey Whiplash (Dallas’ main rival) is all about. Obviously you weren’t getting Hendry without getting Leyton Buzzard aswell, plus Kez Evans who showed his true colours back at Shug’s Hoose Party by turning on training partner BT Gunn. The Oddity has found some new friends in the form of Bad Company though and with him in the mix, the group’s more dangerous than ever.


Aaron Echo & Liam Thomson vs The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger)

Tag team action will see The Authors of Sink Style (name pending) taking on Fite Network representatives Lou King Sharp and Krieger. It’s been a good few weeks for Aaron Echo and Liam Thomson, with Echo finally putting away former pal Kenny Williams at the Hydro while Thomson regained his sink from Kid Fite. Think we all know which was the bigger victory there. Fite had ‘borrowed’ the sink from his former Fite Club teammate in exchange for loaning Liam money for a World Heavyweight Championship match against Jackie Polo but when the tension rose between them, it culminated with an impromptu match at Fear & Loathing XI where Thomson was once again declared as the owner of that particular sink. During that bout, Lou King Sharp and Krieger tried to help their trainer, a move that didn’t end too well for them. Time for The Bad Boy to get some retribution on the duo who really are Proper Mental.


Aivil vs Little Miss Roxxy

With Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray not scheduled for action, a match between two potential challengers will see Aivil take on Little Miss Roxxy. 2018 for Aivil saw her distance herself a bit from Mikey Whiplash – she’s still part of Legion, she’s just going on a bit of a run for herself just now. That meant a heated rivalry with former two-time Women’s World Champion Kasey that culminated in an I Quit Match at France ’99, a match that was won by The Twisted Priestess herself. Meanwhile, Little Miss Roxxy made her ICW return at the end of December where she was victorious over Viper in quite the upset, although she was ambushed by KLR post-match. If the Newcastle native can gain another victory here, surely that’ll put her in the running to challenge The Queen of Insanity for her gold.


Square Go! Qualifying Match
Grant McIvor vs Paxxo

It’s Square Go! season so what better way to celebrate than with a good old-fashioned qualifying match for the eighth match in its history. On one side of the ring, we have The Italian Nightmare of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, Paxxo. He’s appeared for ICW in the recent past, losing out to Mark Coffey in the middle of November. On opposite side of the ring is a man making his long-awaited ICW debut, The Gazelle of the Source Wrestling School, Grant McIvor. Grant has been making his name felt across the entirety of Scotland, making it to the quarterfinals of last year’s Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament, and also been featured in Discovery Wrestling as a now former member of The House of Saynt. Both men have a huge opportunity here to make their name known to the ICW faithful, but only one can move on to the 2019 Square Go! Match.


The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) vs Dickie Divers & ???

The Kinky Party shockingly lost the Tag Team Championships at Fear & Loathing to The P.O.D, a team who cashed in their contract they had won earlier in the night. After also failing in their championship rematch last month, Jack Jester and Sha Samuels are now back at the bottom of the pack. They face Dickie Divers here, with Divers earning the right to pick his partner. He knows exactly what it takes to win the doubles gold in ICW, having been one half of the inaugural champions alongside his old STI partner, William Grange. Grange was recently replaced on commentary by a returning James R. Kennedy which, to my knowledge at least, sort of came out of nowhere. Is it possible we could be in for a reformation of The STI?

As of writing, tickets can still be bought from, whereas season pass ticket holders can pick up their tickets from the box office prior to the show.

Announced Matches
ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Shigehiro Irie vs Lionheart (c)
Rampage Brown w/The Wee Man vs Aspen Faith w/Lewis Girvan
Andy Wild vs Ravie Davie w/Mark Dallas
Bad Company vs Joe Hendry, Leyton Buzzard & Kez Evans
Aaron Echo & Liam Thomson vs The Fite Network
Aivil vs Little Miss Roxxy
Square Go! Qualifying Match – Grant McIvor vs Paxxo
The Kinky Party vs Dickie Divers & ???

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