SWN Year End Awards 2018 – Full Results

2018 has come and gone and it has been a remarkable year for Scottish professional wrestling. Changes have happened everywhere including right here, we re-branded to Scottish Wrestling Network which means this it the first SWN Year End Awards but the forth year of awards overall. We have several categories that were voted for by fans, the conclusion of our ongoing Monthly Poll awards, administration awards plus we officially confirm Adam’s Wrestler of the Year following his ongoing top 10 that takes place each month.

Monthly Poll Awards

Determined by the fan voted Monthly Poll. Full results.

  • Monthly Poll Wrestler of the Year: Aspen Faith
  • Monthly Poll Tag Team of the Year: The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
  • Monthly Poll Promotion of the Year: Insane Championship Wrestling

Adam’s Wrestler of the Year 2018

Every month Adam notes his top 10 Wrestlers of the Month. Full results.

  1. Joe Hendry
  2. Viper
  3. Andy Wild

Administration Awards

  • Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceDrew McIntyre
  • Outstanding Recognition Award for Versatility in Sport: Joe Hendry
  • Outstanding Recognition Award for Contribution to Video Media: Kings Road

Fan Voted Awards

On January 1st we opened the voting for you to choose the winners of the below categories including the new category ‘Move of the Year’, these are the results as voted for by you.

Wrestler of the Year 2018 (Male)

  1. Mikey Whiplash
  2. Jackie Polo
  3. Lionheart

Wrestler of the Year 2018 (Female)

  1. Viper
  2. Sammii Jayne
  3. Kay Lee Ray

Tag Team of the Year 2018

  1. The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
  2. Dead Cell (Nathan Reynolds & Kevin Williams)
  3. The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels)

International Talent of the Year 2018

  1. Sugar Dunkerton
  2. Santino Marella
  3. Jeff Jarrett

Feud of the Year 2018

  1. Lionheart vs Jackie Polo (ICW)
  2. Mikey Whiplash vs Mark Dallas (ICW)
  3. Ian Ambrose vs The Alex Webb (SWE)

Match of the Year 2018

  1. Jackie Polo vs Lionheart (ICW ‘Fear & Loathing XI’)
  2. Viper vs Kay Lee Ray (ICW ‘Fear & Loathing XI’)
  3. The Kings of Catch vs The Rejected (WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy X’)

Show of the Year 2018

  1. ICW ‘Fear & Loathing XI’
  2. Discovery Wrestling ’48 Months Later’
  3. WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy X’

Move of the Year 2018

  1. Apter Burner (The Kings of Catch)
  2. Wombstone (Ian Ambrose)
  3. Shadowfax (Sammii Jayne)

Promotion of the Year 2018

  1. Discovery Wrestling
  2. Insane Championship Wrestling
  3. WrestleZone

One To Watch 2019 (Male)

  1. Spike Tierney
  2. Jesse Santana
  3. Jack Morris

One To Watch 2019 (Female)

  1. Ashley Vega
  2. Angel Hayze
  3. Darcy

One To Watch 2019 (Tag Team)

  1. KOE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa)
  2. The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
  3. Pure Dead Brilliant/The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp, Krieger & Kid Fite)

One To Watch 2019 (Promotion)

  1. Source Wrestling
  2. Fierce Females
  3. Respect Pro Wrestling

Thank you for taking the time to vote!

We’ll be back on January 1st 2020 to do it all again!