Adam’s Top 10… Ones To Watch In 2019


2018 saw several talents break on to the Scottish wrestling scene. Up and down the country, there were new stars being born thanks to the tremendous training facilities available. As we head into 2019, it’s time to take note of who the main names are to keep an eye out for. Believe me, this was hard to whittle down.

Honourable mentions go out to;
Angel Hayze
Ashley Vega
Austin Osiris
Charlie Vyce
Crusher Craib
Dean Ford

Emily Hayden
Grant McIvor
Jesse Santana
Kieran Kelly
Lucha DS
The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)
The Titans (Alexander Darwin MacAllan & Rowan Frey)

10. Leyton Buzzard

Photo credit Beyond Gorilla

2018 was Leyton Buzzard’s breakout year. Having been aligned with Joe Hendry since the previous September, The Prodigy has been on the receiving end of some huge opportunities. His rivalry with Kieran Kelly in ICW has been fantastic to watch, while his role (and Kieran’s for that matter) in Joe’s rivalry with Chris Renfrew made it all that more entertaining. Just last month, Leyton made his debut for IPW: UK down in England as part of the inaugural IPW Invitational. Although he didn’t come out victorious in his opening round match, he left a big enough impression that is sure to set his fire alight in 2019.

What makes you one to watch? – “I’m not one to watch, I’m THE one to watch! Once I’ve wiped off the stain from my boot that is Kieran Kelly, I will be coming after everyone. 2019 is the year of the Buzzard.”

9. Jack Morris

Photo credit David J Wilson

Jack Morris doesn’t care how much people are in the crowd when he’s competing – as long as there’s a ring, he’ll give it his all no matter what. He’ll still be busting out second rope shooting star presses whenever he gets the chance to do so. There’s not many people in the world, let alone the UK, that can do such a spectacular move from the middle rope. The footballer-turned-wrestler is undoubtedly one of the fastest rising stars in British wrestling today, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s getting bookings from some of the top promotions in the United Kingdom.

What makes you one to watch? – “There is nobody coming up the ranks in Scottish wrestling that is like me. I have the look and the ability in the ring to back it up. The size, the power, the agility. I have a natural athletic ability that few can match. 2018 was just a preview, just a trailer, to what I can do, and 2019 will be the whole show.”

8. Zach Dynamite

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Just look at the smug smirk on Zach’s face here. That’s the face of a man who knows just how good he is in the ring. 2018 saw Fully Loaded turn on the fans after losing his first WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship, which proved to be one of the finest moments in his career. That championship loss sparked something inside Zach that propelled him up the ranks. A debut came for Discovery Wrestling at the start of August, a promotion that saw Zach using moves we don’t usually see from him up north – for example, a lovely brainbuster. Although he’s now lost his second Tri-Counties Championship, don’t give up on Dynamite quite yet.

What makes you one to watch? – “What makes me one to watch in 2019 is simple. I dubbed myself The Foundation of the Future because I believe I’m the future and that I was going to make my mark that started in WrestleZone as I dominated as the Tri-Counties Champion. That was just the beginning. 2019 will belong to Zach Dynamite because just like the future, it’s inevitable.”

7. Ian Skinner

Photo credit David J Wilson

This PBW Academy graduate utilises a more technical-style offence when he competes, a style that is used by some of the finest independent wrestlers today – Zack Sabre Jr., Timothy Thatcher, Chris Jericho, the list goes on. Ian Skinner uses the nickname of The Shooter, which isn’t just some sort of fancy moniker. He’s earned the right to call himself that, despite only being on the go since December 2017. A mark has been left on Scottish wrestling in Ian’s short time on the go and in the years to come, a star will have been born.

What makes you one to watch? – “In 2019, Ian Skinner will be the one to watch between the ropes because no matter whether I’m grabbing submissions, throwing forearms, cracking jaws with knees or hitting a Fortnite dance – I’m there to put on the match of the night for that audience and send them home with memories. Whether I’m one on one or in a multi-man match, I’ll be giving 100% and bringing my hard-hitting frantic flurries. In 2019, watch out, because these patented steamed hands are ready to fly!”

6. Jason Reed

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

2018 was made great again by the presence of Jason Reed. The man who certainly doesn’t look like Donald Trump made 2018 his year by introducing some campaign plans. He became a regular fixture on the WrestleZone roster as he went on his first crusade – to Make WrestleZone Great Again. Unfortunately, a witch hunt prevented him from reaching his full potential. In addition, Reed entered the Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament as a wildcard entrant and although he went out in the first round, he did enough to show everyone why they should be taking notice of Jason Reed.

What makes you one to watch? – “If I want to achieve anything in 2019 I need to work harder than everyone else. I need to arrive first and leave last. I’m ready to do that.”

5. Aivil

Photo credit David J Wilson

2018 was the year we saw just how great Aivil can be. Whether she’s competing under this moniker or as Jokey, you can guarantee that she’ll be dishing out all she possibly can in order to not only succeed in the business, but to also provide everyone a great night’s entertainment. The Twisted Priestess is on the cusp of massive things right now, especially in ICW. In 2019, I promise you that she’ll be the ICW Women’s World Champion at some point or another.

What makes you one to watch? – “This year I proved I belong in the ring, fight after fight. I’ve got charisma, technique, agility, and determination. I conquered my rightful place as an official member of the ICW main roster and debuted everywhere, always leaving my twisted mark. And I have much more still to show.”

4. Craig Anthony

Photo credit Marion McGinn

Craig Anthony debuted in March 2018 out of the Source Wrestling School and already, he’s competed for the likes of British Championship Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, and on the camps with All Star Wrestling. Within a few weeks of his debut, he was announced as a participant in both the 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament and the inaugural Source Championship Tournament. He’s known as The Natural, a nickname he’s earned for how quickly he adapted to professional wrestling, having begun his training only the previous year. If he can accomplish all this and more within 10 months, then the future is shining bright for young Craig Anthony.

What makes you one to watch? – “Judging by the eyes I drew to myself and the plaudits I received in my debut year of 2018, I think it’s only natural that I’d be a man to keep an eye on in 2019. My explosion onto the Scottish scene and rapid incline in the industry is something that I think is very rare and has already turned heads and gained me bookings and debuts for 8 different companies in as many months since I debuted in March. And that momentum is only going to keep storming through this industry in the next coming year! I have no plans on slowing down! Every goal I set for myself when I started training, I achieved. Every goal I set out for in 2018 after my debut, I achieved. I have a whole set of new goals for 2019 and the results will be no different! #DeathbyNaturalCause”

3. Irving Garrett

Photo credit David J Wilson

Technical wrestling is bloody brilliant, isn’t it? The outrageous counters and the fascinating submission holds are just brilliant to watch. A man who calls himself The Bone Collector should be pretty good at both these things, and Irving Garrett is indeed rather good at these two tasks. He made his name felt in the middle year, putting away Craig Anthony, Grant McIvor, Prince Asad, and Damien to win the second annual Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament. Garrett burst onto the Scottish wrestling scene looking to chew some bubblegum and collect some bones, and he’s all out of gum. If you hope to keep your bones safe this year, don’t get on the wrong side of Irving Garrett.

What makes you one to watch? – “I am on to new heights in my career. 2018 was amazing for me, lots of solid victories, debuts across Scotland and won the Drew Galloway Invitational. This year I will become the first person to successfully defend that victory when I enter the tournament as reigning champion. This year I will avenge the losses I did take. I will make my adversaries tap out. There will be no limit on how many arms and legs will be going in my collection.”

2. Anastasia

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Halfway through 2018, the Scottish wrestling scene was introduced to Anastasia. Already, she’s competed for Fierce Females, Three Count Wrestling, Source Wrestling, and Shield Pro Wrestling, amongst other promotions. The Beauty From The Borders learned a lot of what she knows from Sammii Jayne, with the two forging a great friendship behind the scenes. The future looks bright for Anastasia, but only time will tell what the new year holds for this fine athlete!

What makes you one to watch? – “I am one to watch in 2019 because I have continuously worked hard to get where I am already and will continue to work hard to show everyone how I motivated I am and how I am different to what people have already seen before. I want to be a wrestler who is unique and in 2019, I’m going to show everyone exactly how unique I am.”

1. Nathan North

40684599_2153455224696233_1547587887682289664_n (1)
Photo credit Brianbat Photography

2018 was a Vintage year to say the least, with Nathan North emerging as one of WrestleZone’s greatest exports. After ditching Jeeves Winchester as a manager, North debuted a completely new look as he showed exactly what being Vintage was all about. The Northern Star has since debuted for Discovery Wrestling, Three Count Wrestling,, Shield Pro Wrestling, Upbrawl Championship Wrestling, and Respect Pro Wrestling. Now living in Glasgow, there’s no stopping Nathan North going forward.

What makes you one to watch? – “How about the fact that I live in a completely different area in Scotland and everybody I face from this point on will more than likely be a brand new opponent. People in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Newcastle have only seen a glimpse of Nathan North but there are plenty more fresh opponents that I would love to mix it up with in there, THAT’S why I’m one to watch!”

Who are some of the rising stars you’re looking forward to seeing in 2019?