Billy’s Top 10… Ones To Watch In 2019

Yes, I couldn’t go by without sticking my two pennies in and have gone and done my own top ten ones to watch for 2019. Adam’s proved super popular and you can read it by following this link here.

For this top ten I’m focusing on singles wrestlers with the option open to do a tag team alternative if the good readers would like to read it in the near future.

Wrestling in Scotland is fantastic right now with so many reputable schools producing outstanding wrestling talents. True talent is shining through to give fans the reason to come to shows and, more importantly, reasons to come back again.

Not only is this a top ten of wrestlers for you to look out for, it also throws in some wrestlers I haven’t actually seen yet but their names are ones that I’ve seen plenty of buzz about which makes me want to see them. Sure watching on YouTube/Vimeo/On Demand/VHS/gifs is nice but nothing quite beats seeing a wrestler do the wrestling in person, you can spot their little ticks better, feel their presence and you can appreciate every little movement a bit more y’know?

No doubt I will tap publish and think of someone else to include but these are the first ten names that come to mind. I’ve purposely missed more obvious names that I think will have a great 2019, your established talents and the like, in order to throw out some names you may not know but this year they will be making a splash at a show near you.

10. Nathan North

Kicking off with “The North Star” himself. I saw Nathan North a few times up in WrestleZone last year and he was improving at a blistering pace. He’s now based down in Glasgow and although he hasn’t broken through down there he has been popping up over the border. He has a great character, a ton of potential and ready to jump on an opportunity.

9. Dave Conrad

I’ve been vocal in the past about not being a big fan of Dave Conrad, however, thanks to his match with Matt Riddle at the tail end of 2017 and his ongoing exploits on The Joe Hendry Show Podcast I have a gut feeling we’ll be seeing Dave Conrad breakout in 2019. Bantz may not have set the world on fire but a renewed focus could see Conrad really turn a few heads this year.

8. Alexander Darwin MacAllan

The current Source Wrestling Champion had quite a 2018 by becoming the inaugural champion along with becoming one half of the SWA Tag Team Champions. It’s set to be an interesting year with Source Wrestling running more events than ever meaning more matches, more defenses and more challenges with MacAllan leading the charge. ADM is one I want to see in 2019 and I don’t doubt he’ll be making his way around the country soon enough.

7. Emily Hayden

“The Best, The Beautiful, The Only” Emily Hayden finally grabbed a title in 2018 by becoming the new W3L Women’s Champion. Emily One Belt has made an impact down at Fierce Females along with trips up north to Caithness Pro Wrestling as part of The Sensational Scenebirds. Her passion is evident, she’s solid in the ring and her demeanor is a bit cheeky and hanging around Christopher Saynt will only exacerbate that which will see her confidence increase and her stock rocket up. No doubt that Emily had to be on my list.

6. Jokey

Jokey, or her alter ego Aivil, had an incredible 2018. She brought new nuances to her work with her inflatable pal Penny (it’s a balloon). She is a unique act in Scotland right now whether she is the fun-loving clown Jokey or “The Twisted Priestess” Aivil. 2019 can only see her going up with eyes set on the many women’s championships around the country. She’s a commanding presence with her unique look, plus she’s a dab hand in the ring. It’s only a matter of time before she lifts gold in Scotland.

5. Angel Hayze

The PBW Academy have produced many talents that have capture lightning in a bottle; Noam Dar, Kenny Williams, Kay Lee Ray are three examples that have went on to be signed by the big lads at WWE. So coming from a school with a high reputation can be daunting for anyone. Angel Hayze is one that I have literally seen nothing of but have heard the buzz. I’ve heard great things about her and with her inclusion in King’s Road Warriors in 2019 it will be good to see her personality before eventually seeing her wrestle somewhere. She was one of fan voted ones to watch for 2019, finishing just behind my next pick, and I’m excited to see where she goes in the next 12 months.

4. Ashley Vega

Without echoing too many of the words in the previous entry, PBW Academy graduate Ashley Vega was voted by the fans to be the SWN One To Watch for 2019. She has already kicked off 2019 in style by making her Pro Wrestling:EVE debut which speaks volumes to her work in ring then she’s off to Discovery Wrestling, possibly one of the biggest independent companies in Scotland today. Much like duos of the past like Jayla Dark & Viper, Sammii Jayne & Debbie Sharpe, Kay Lee Ray & Carmel Jacob, I can see Vega and Hayze being the next generation of “fight forever” match ups.

3. Kieran Kelly

“Shotgun” Kieran Kelly, the SWA X Champion, broke out last year in ICW as part of the longest match in wrestling history, in that his battles with Leyton Buzzard really got to show what both had to offer. Kelly really came into his own in 2018 and I hope there is more to the touring of the SWA X Championship and we can see Kelly pop up around the country to defend the title in 2019. He also has his tag team avenues with Craig Anthony and Scott McManus which will also keep him busy.

2. Leyton Buzzard

I finally got to see Leyton live and in person last year at ICW Granite City Fight Club. He is outstanding, his comedic timing, his in-ring work, his buffoonery as a total package is unmatched at the moment. His willingness to go above and beyond in the name of entertainment is something to be admired. His Triple H attitude era backstage get up on ICW Fight Club might just be my favourite thing in wrestling right now. I draw a lot of comparisons between Leyton and Lou King Sharp, both stand a little shorter but they have the charisma to make themselves larger than life. There’s a lot of buzz for Buzzard and I’m here for it.

1. Jack Morris

I heard so many things about Jack Morris, but it took seeing him at United Pro Wrestling to jump on board. Morris is ridiculously agile and brushes it off with a cool “whatever man” kind of attitude and makes shooting star presses look so smooth. The guy looks like what you’d expect a wrestler to look like and has talent that I think hasn’t even scratched the surface. He looks like a natural, oozes charisma and will be a major star in short order.

So there we go, ten wrestlers that I think will have a great 2019. If you’re reading this and are like “oi where am I?” I can confirm that you are number 11. Yes just you.

Who do you think will have a breakout 2019?

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