Who Are The Other Four Members Of The Reed Cabinet?


Jason Reed posted the following image to his social media pages back in November, revealing that The Reed Cabinet consists of six members, although only he and Agent W are the only known members as of writing. So the obvious question is – who are the other four members? Well, #ReedThis!

Dickie Divers

Jason Reed has made it quite clear on Twitter that he’s had phone calls with Dickie Divers regarding his campaign plans for WrestleZone. Divers is reportedly quite fond of Reed’s plans here, meaning he’s one of the most likely candidates to join the team. I believe the two are quite good friends outside the ring, which would make for an even better showing here with both part of The Reed Cabinet.

Zach Dynamite & Bradley Evans

With Zach Dynamite no longer holding the Tri-Counties Championship, he and Bradley Evans aren’t doing much right now. The Reed Cabinet could do with a tag team in the ranks to hold the doubles gold and although we haven’t actually seen much of them in tag team action, they would make for an excellent addition. Plus, you could also have Evans as a bodyguard-type figure, something we’ve seen him doing for Dynamite. All the best Presidents have great bodyguards to protect them.

Richard R. Russell

I mentioned earlier how Dickie Divers has made it known how much he supports the campaign plans. Well, there’s been no-one more vocal about their support than one Richard R. Russell. Since the culmination of Sterling Oil’s tenure in WrestleZone at Aberdeen Anarchy X, Russell has been nothing but a voice on Twitter. As much as I enjoy listening to Jason Reed on the mic, I can’t help but argue that Russell would make for a better fit as a mouthpiece. Not only was he the talking figure in Sterling Oil, but he was also their Chief Financial Officer, handling all the paperwork aspect of his men. If Reed has someone else to sign the papers for him, he’ll be able to work out that bit more to make him an even bigger threat in the ring. Or go for a cheeky Nando’s, whichever he prefers.

Maybe we’ll see at least one new member unveiled at Summerhill Showdown on Saturday evening. Who would you like to see be unveiled as a member of The Reed Cabinet?