Recap: Kings Road Warriors Ep.2 – “Gas”


Kings Road Warriors rolled on this week with the second official episode of the series, focusing on the wrestler side of things as opposed to the fan side with the theme being gas. An episode full of cheating that left me appreciating Lewis Girvan even more, simply for being Lewis Girvan.

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Round 1 – Grapes

The first challenge this week focused on something Sammii Jayne described as Grapes. As we soon found out, it’s that thing where the wrestlers stand in the corner and essentially run on the spot. The last one left standing would be the winner. Jesse Santana, despite becoming a serious wrestler, was the first to fall. Meanwhile, Sammii motivated Ashley Vega with the prospect of going out for a meal after they were finished while Aspen Faith cheated by lifting Angel Hayze’s legs for her. This cheating would come to be beneficial, as Angel would indeed come out victorious, earning her first two points of Kings Road Warriors.

Before the second round kicked off, we caught up with each of the contestants and their pros. Sammii presented Ashley with some of her vintage gear as a good luck charm, Aspen continued his efforts to persuade Angel into doing a Death Match, and Lewis went on a mad tangent to Jesse about the serious wrestler being a disgrace to the long line of fishmongers in the Girvan family and presented him with some kickpads. Because why not really?

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Round 2 – Promo-Off

With Vega and Santana coming out unsuccessful in the first challenge, they were made to have a war of words. Jesse’s delivery of his promo was far more dull than we’re used to from the now former Princess of Pro Wrestling, making Lewis Girvan a happy chap for the first time on the show. Clearly, his kickpads were doing something. Ashley on the other hand was ecstatic to be there, clearly showing more enthusiasm than her fellow contestant. Still, Lewis was shocked to the core when his protege lost.

Coming away from episode two, the scores are as follows;

  • Jesse Santana – 2 points
  • Ashley Vega – 2 points
  • Angel Hayze – 2 points

With a three way tie going into episode three next week, what challenges will The Kingdom of Catch have up their sleeves to put the competitors through their paces?

You can catch the episode on The Kings of Catch YouTube channel here: