SWN Meets… The Arabian Horse

When a new promotion popped up on Facebook called AWO Scotland, I was curious. I’d seen plenty promotions start but never actually start. So I contacted the Facebook page and was put into contact with the owner of All Wrestling Organization, ‘The Arabian Horse’ Mahran Abdul Hai, to find out more about his intentions for AWO Scotland and to find out a little more about the company.

Before we talk about AWO Scotland, let’s go back to the beginning. How did AWO Wrestling come about?

Since I was a young kid I always liked watch professional wrestling and wanted it to make it a reality, back in 2010/2011 I joined a wrestling school in Israel in order to learn how to become a professional wrestler and after that moment came, I started to plan the AWO and in June 2012 that dream became a reality with our first show, WrestleFest 1, in my home town of Tira in front of almost 800 people in attendance. That event is also, until today, the show that had the most attendance in Israel history that contained only local wrestlers.

Did you find that there was a demand for wrestling in Israel in the early stages and was there any resistance in getting the company off the ground?

There is a demand here in Israel for wrestling but most wrestling fans here in Israel want to see the top stars in the world which is not possible since most of them have exclusive deals with WWE/NJPW and those that aren’t obligated are too much expensive so we work with our local talent and two or three events a year we bring foreign talent, some are former WWE wrestlers like Chris Masters, Carlito, Joe E. Legend and some are the future of independent wrestling like Nitro Green of DPW, Ace Mayhem of FEW, El Externico that is wrestling all over the UK and a few more.

To the second part of the resistance, well there was a little bit at first since when I opened the AWO there was another promotion beside us and because I’m considered an Israeli-Arab there was a bit of racism but I kept on following my dreams and eventually it worked.

Tell us a little bit more about a typical AWO Wrestling show and what fans can expect when they purchase a ticket?

Well in one word… everything. For the fans that come to our events we do it all, we have a few wrestlers who wrestle comical matches to put smiles to the fans such as Clobber Stone & Benny “The Thunder” Raigerouiz, we have wrestlers who work at a high paced matches like Oscar Vice & Hellboy, our current champion CJ Chaos, Gal Barkay, we have a few veterans that use psychology in their matches or even go to a brutal fight like Chris Korvinn who is also known as “The BlonDevil” or my partner “El Dorado Diablo” Goldman that almost two years ago made the first ever Texas Death Match in Israeli wrestling.

Since 2012 AWO Wrestling has expanded to now be global with branches in Israel, Morocco and Ukraine along with the impending Scotland branch. Did you ever think that it was even possible to take the AWO Wrestling brand to four countries over two continents and how difficult was it to co-ordinate the expansion of AWO Wrestling?

It’s not an easy task at all, me and my main partner Mariano Goldman have a lot to deal with, both financially and mentally but to our luck we have also great people that work with us in all four countries that help us a lot like Omar Nacim at Morocco, Kostya at Ukraine, all the wrestlers in Israel and now also in Scotland.

You’ve boasted previous guests such former WWE stars like Elijah Burke, Carlito, Joe E Legend and, former AWO Heavyweight Champion, Chris Masters to AWO Wrestling in the past. Are there any wrestlers out there today that you’d like to have compete in AWO Wrestling?

Well each wrestler and each wrestling promoter has his own preferences to big name wrestlers to compete with, but if I need to be honest, if I have the opportunity to bring some wrestler like we did in the past with the names included above then I will but I much prefer to see in the future that a wrestler who I taught him what he knows to develop and go on to the top of the industry, when that day will happen, I can go to sleep with a huge smile and say I did it all in this business.

Onto AWO Scotland, Lou King Sharp looks to be a key figure for AWO Scotland in the running of the Scotland branch. How did that relationship come about and how did that lead to AWO Scotland being formed?

Me and Lou started talking after our AWO Ukraine debut event and after our monthly event in Israel got featured on NothingElseOn.tv and he shares the same vision that me and my partner have and that lead to our decision to open AWO Scotland.

You’ve already confirmed Lou King Sharp as part of the active roster, could you give us any clues on who else you have planned to appear for AWO Scotland?

At this moment I don’t have any clues to give you since we at the AWO, with the help of Lou, will scout the entire UK to bring to AWO Scotland the very best talent there is to offer, when there will be something to tell, trust me you’ll know.

Scotland is packed with wrestling companies up and down the country. What, would you say, will make AWO Scotland different from other companies in the surrounding area?

Firstly I don’t know the other companies in Scotland but the main difference between the AWO Scotland to the other promotions is that except that we have three more companies in Israel, Ukraine and Morocco is that we work with other companies worldwide like FEW from Miami, DPW from Denmark so we can offer a bigger stage to wrestlers to make a name for themselves.

What do you hope to achieve with AWO Scotland?

The same thing I hoped for when I opened the AWO in Israel in Morocco & in Ukraine… to help make people’s dream come true, to give fans what they want and most of all, to make people who want to know about wrestling to watch the AWO as an example to great wrestling.

And finally, where can we find out more about AWO Wrestling?

First thing we have our official website http://www.awowrestling.com, secondly you can follow us on social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and thirdly, attend our events and enjoy yourself.

Thank you to Mahran for answering our questions and we look forward to seeing what AWO Scotland has to offer.