Recap: Kings Road Warriors Ep.3 – “Gods”


It’s Wednesday morning, which can only mean one thing – another Kings Road Warriors dropped on YouTube last night. It’s been a fun journey thus far for Angel Hayze, Ashley Vega, and Jesse Santana. They’ve been put through the toughest of challenges from The Kingdom of Catch, whether they’re physical activities in the ring or the contestants being forced to remember the inaugural NXT Champion. This week saw two challenges, so let’s get into things!

After a quick recap of last week’s antics, Aspen Faith revealed that the theme this time around would be Gods. To be completely honest, I’ve still got no clue what he was meaning. Anyway though, we had Ashley Vega dressed up as Sammii Jayne, Angel Hayze dressed up as Aspen, and Jesse Santana dressed up as Jesse Santana with just a hint of Lewis Girvan. He’s a serious wrestler you know.

screenshot (139)

Round 1 – Bean Boozled Challenge

What better way to establish yourself as a wrestler than with the Bean Boozled Challenge? Personally, I’ve never taken part in the game and judging by some of the reactions here, it’s a good choice. Some of the flavours on offer were smelly socks, spoilt milk, and grass clippings. All the good ones. Angel Hayze apparently doesn’t have any taste buds as she apparently couldn’t tell the difference between the good flavours and the bad flavours. In the end, it came down to a draw between Hayze and Jesse Santana. An envelope decision would decide the victor, which saw Angel draw the lucky envelope to be declared the winner of Kings Road Warriors week three.

screenshot (141)

Round 2 – Climb The Ladder

With Angel Hayze securing her spot in the Kings Road Warriors finals, her fellow finalist would be decided by who could climb to the top of a ladder first. While Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan bickered on the other side of the room, both competitors climbed the ladder at the same time and embraced. As a result, a fan poll will take place on Aspen’s Twitter to determine who will go on to join Angel Hayze in the finals. You can cast your votes below;

At the end of the third week, we know Angel Hayze will go on to the finals. It looks as if Aspen’s threats of her competing in Death Matches has helped her compete at her best to make it this far. But will it be Ashley Vega or the serious wrestler Jesse Santana that joins her?

You can catch the episode on The Kings of Catch YouTube channel here: