The Bedlam Report | ICW Fight Club (13th January 2019) Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Well yes its me again, the good Doctor is back and ready to give his opinion on the current events of ICW, let us look at the first show of 2019 shall we?

The season ticket fiasco kind of dominated pre-event thoughts, due to an error Ticketmaster were unable to send out a lot of the tickets. Now, every new idea has teething problems, however the odd solution to effectively give all season ticket holders early entry just to get the tickets would seem unfair in some eyes, but I suppose these things happen.

Another thought is there is increasing dissatisfaction with ICW in general, this has prompted me to indeed write a special on this exact issue, essentially in my opinion anyway, ICW is and has been for a while making a bunch of choices which are, at best, bizarre but I digress, and anyway you will be able to read it soon enough but it does not bode well if long term fans are now showing dissatisfaction with things.

There’s something ICW are doing lately which seems a bit odd, most, if not all companies, will advertise future shows at their events… ICW, for whatever barmy reason, has started advertising PREVIOUS events and don’t say it’s for On Demand. People are intelligent enough to figure that out (plus they aren’t advertised that way). I doubt many of us have a TARDIS or even a Bill and Ted Phonebox outside to go back in time to see these events, it’s almost as bad as the DVD boxset of Stargate Atlantis season one having a trailer for… Stargate Atlantis season one (I’m not making it up and it’s not a special feature, it’s on at the start like a regular trailer) I wonder why they are doing it.

Rampage Brown vs Aspen Faith – Next time you see Ashton Smith, is it just me or when he does his angry face during his entrance it looks like a guy TRYING to be angry as opposed to… y’know, someone being angry, it’s odd. Anyway, this was a very solid start, the crowd are more used to seeing Lewis than Aspen in singles so it was good to see Aspen (to an extent anyway) flying solo, this was a great match to set up the tag title match at the Square Go.

Nine9 aka Dickie Divers & Jack Morris vs The Kinky Party – Good to see Divers back and in the tag division again, and honestly the whole “Kinky Party need to finish their drink” schtick is getting old (as I’m sure you are fed up of me saying it as much as I am of seeing it). This was all set up to advertise the Anti-Fun Police getting in a feud with The Kinky Party, I just hope The Kinky Party split… and soon.

Paxxo vs Grant McIvor – Ah, so good to see Paxxo back, the guy as a certain charisma that’s hard to place, plus his look makes him stand out from a lot of other performers. Grant however, while obviously talented and probably could feature more, really needs to rethink his ring name of “Gazelle”, does that mean he runs away from lions trying to eat him? This was clearly a match to put Paxxo in the Square Go and to remind people that he is not a guy to underestimate, he could be a wildcard.

Bad Company vs Joe Hendry, Leyton Buzzard & Kez Evans – This was a solid enough match, though when you consider the performers it’s not a surprise, what is a suprise though is how very… midcard… this whole Dallas being heel thing is. I’ve said before, he’s portraying himself as someone who wants to control every aspect of his company yet isn’t bothering with the main event or indeed caring about who holds any of the titles. He’s less Mr McMahon more… “Midcard McMahon”, I also feel now’s the time ICW has a neutral commissioner type because if Dallas is heel and Red Lightning is heel… McMahon had Slaughter and Foley in WWE, but back to the match, it’s actually good to see The Purge used properly, took them long enough, and BT was his usual great self.

On a side note, imagine a Leyton Buzzard vs Lou King Sharp match… it would be interesting to see.

The Fite Network vs Liam Thomson & Aaron Echo – This was what it was, a decent comedy tag match. I genuinely find The Fite Network amusingly quirky and they work so well in ways you rarely see in these sort of mismatched tag teams. I do wonder however, how long before the whole sink thing gets old and I hope Liam and Aaron tagging isn’t a regular thing, Aaron is best as a singles wrestler.

Little Miss Roxxy vs Aivil – It is good to see the little blips in Roxxys performance against Viper last time were just that, blips. What I liked about this match was it was two character wrestlers facing off and facing off well. Aivil was, as usual, one of the stars of the night. The highlight of this match, and I’m sure everyone will agree, was Aivil’s Undertaker-esque sit up and the subsequent stalking forward to Roxxy. The look on Aivil’s face, well never have I seen someone so pretty look so scary. She looked like she didn’t just wanna beat Roxxy, she wanted to cut her up and suck the marrow from her bones. What made it work as well was Roxxy’s slow rabbit in the headlights reaction. Roxxy did win, by cheating, but I’m sure she sees Aivil’s evil smile in her nightmares.

Ravie Davie vs Andy Wild – This was another match in Dallas’s grand scheme to control his company… by harassing midcarders.. I know, I know. Ravie Davie is actually working well as a heel, he hasn’t felt the need to change his ned gimmick, just ramped up the more annoying aspects we associate with the ned culture and it works. It is also good to see Andy Wild get decent exposure again, for a while it seemed he was doomed to sporadic appearances (usually as a surprise “former Zero G Champion” for open inviations to do with the belt). I am wondering how this all plays out for Andy but this was ruled a no contest due to interference.

Lionheart vs Shigehiro Irie – Irie is a beast of a wrestler, the highpoint was him literally picking up and throwing Lionheart like a ragdoll over the barrier. This was, as I predicted, a great match from a technical standpoint but, as I feared, it lacked true drama. You knew Lionheart was retaining, no way Irie was ever gonna win. I may just be a simple fan but here’s an idea, the match itself doesn’t change, however before, you have Dallas come out, call Lionheart a washed up wrestler who has no right holding HIS companies belt and he’s determined not just to get it off Lionheart but to destroy him too and he searched far and wide for the right man, enter Shigehiro Irie the match happens. At the end Irie shows his respect for Lionhearts ability and experience, Dallas comes out and tries to make out he will find someone else, someone who will actually beat Lionheart unlike that big failure in the ring, cue Irie running Dallas out the arena to the fans cheers, it would provide that little bit of drama the title scene is needing and make Dallas seem more like he truly is obsessed with how the company is run that he’s targeting his champion but I’m “just a fan” I guess. I do hope we do see more of Shigehiro Irie though.

In other news Red Lightning is in the Square Go, interesting, and while not turning face, he is gaining some popularity, mind you for years he has been the anti-Dallas for the company and with Dallas turning heel… who knows.

This event was like a lot of recent ICW events, had some good matches and some matches truly did capture my imagination, but on a whole seemed to be lacking… something it’s hard to pinpoint it but a lot of recent shows have been like that.

And soon I will release an as yet untitled special on the issues I feel ICW have and offer some possible solutions where applicable, I know some people will say I have no place doing so as I’m not in the business. No, I’m just a fan who has put money INTO the business and surely most, if not all people, in ICW, be the wrestlers or other staff, started off as fans, surely it would be folly to dismiss my thoughts purely on the basis of being just a fan. This special will be blunt and maybe even harsh, but it needs to be said, keep and eye out for it my readers, it will be worth reading, trust me.

I hope you enjoyed my report, as always please remember, it’s just my opinion.