Five Picks For The ICW King of Hawners Tournament


Tournaments are lovely in wrestling, aren’t they? Whether they’re singles or tag events, you can always guarantee at least a handful of excellent matches being contested throughout the rounds. What’s quite rare in wrestling these days though is trios tournaments. I imagine it’s partly due to being an absolute nightmare to organise, such as making sure all three men in the teams are available for each show. As of writing, I believe the only trios tournament that is held annual is the CHIKARA King of Trios.

At ICW’s most recent set of Fight Club tapings last night, they unveiled plans for their own trios tournament known as the King of Hawners. Set to be held on Sunday May 26th and Monday May 27th from the Garage in Glasgow, the tournament looks set to be two insane nights of action (no pun intended). While no teams have been revealed as of writing, there’s still a good three and a bit months to predict who’ll be entering. That’s why you’re reading this right now. You saw the title of the article and clicked on it because you too are excited for this event.

For this article, I won’t be focusing on the likely teams. The likes of your Bad Company, Team Dallas, Fite Network, Filthy Generation. Instead, I’ll be listing five other teams that aren’t featured regularly within ICW and stating why I think they’d be a perfect fit. What a long-winded intro – let’s get on with it!

#ThugLife (Shaun Walker, Kai Williams-King & King Killa)

Y’all, lemme me tell ya about these guys. Shaun Walker and the KOE pairing of Kai Williams-King and King Killa somehow aren’t featured more prominently within the Scottish wrestling scene. That’s surprising considering they’re based with Source Wrestling, one of the major training schools in the country. Kai and Killa debuted for ICW back in October, whereas Shaun has yet to bring the #ThugLife to the Insane Fight Club. I can’t envision a better opportunity to not only bring back your reigning Sourse Tag Team Champions (official titles remember), but to also have The Hero Killer debut. I saw a clip of them on Facebook doing what appeared to be a combination Black Mass/double superkick. It was beautiful. Please let them do it in the Garage.

The Violence Institute (Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Luke Matthews & Xero)

The Violence Institute. A group of cold, calculated individuals. A group of Source Wrestling graduates, much like the previous team. A group of severely underrated Scottish wrestlers. There’s no getting away from the fact that in Source, these big lads are the guys to beat if you want to make a name for yourself. ADM is the reigning (and inaugural, which makes it HISTORIC) Source Champion, having held the title since last July. He debuted for ICW back in November and left quite the impact, but it would indeed be a loss suffered at the hands of The Kings of Catch. He’d be one of the guys I’d definitely throw in there. Put him alongside Luke Matthews and Xero, and you’ll be looking at a dominant force.

The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne, Los Federales Santos Jr. & Cadet Nelson)

The best guys in the UK. The Anti-Fun Police are without a shadow of a doubt my absolute faves (well, a tie between them and The Kingdom of Catch of course). I’m a fan of all the silly shenanigans in wrestling, bar Los Cystos because, well, it speaks for itself really. While the whole thing of the AFP is essentially fun and games (maybe not fun, but y’know), they’ve had their serious moments too such as when Chief Deputy Dunne captured the ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Championship. He and Los Federales Santos Jr. debuted for ICW on Sunday night, beating Jack Jester. At this point, Santos had not long returned from a brief injury – in his absence was Cadet Nelson. The youngest member of the squad is rising through the ranks of British wrestling at a slow and methodical pace, much like a Randy Orton bout. His alliance with Dunne though got some new eyes on him, and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks through to the major promotions. So, bring him up to ICW please and thanks.

The Nine9 (Dickie Divers, Jack Morris & Jonathan Richards)

In Reckless Intent Wrestling, The Goss Dynasty sit on top of the throne. Led by Darren Goss (hence the name), Jack Morris and Jonathan Richards serve as the allies to the current Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion Dickie Divers. They’ve had a good few months in Livingston, with Divers winning last year’s Reckless Rumble Match to win the aforementioned championship. More recently however, Divers promised to bring in a new tag team partner, who turned out to be Jack Morris. With the new team name of The Nine9, the duo beat former Tag Team Champions The Kinky Party in quite the upset. Surely that gains them entry into the King of Hawners, so why not bring Jonathan Richards up to ICW with them? In the wise words of I’m A Celebrity’s John Barrowman, it would be simply faaaaaaaabulous!

The Masked Invaders

At the Fight Club tapings last night, three masked men made their presence felt throughout the evening. They firstly ambushed Paxxo after his loss to Kenny Williams, and then also interfering in the bout between Mark Coffey and Liam Thomson. No-one knows who they are or what their intentions are within ICW. As a result, that makes them a feasible threat for this tournament. If the identities of these men (or women, it is 2019 remember) aren’t known to the public, how can their opponents possibly prepare for them?

Disagree with me? Great – it’s always good to have your own opinions. Make sure to let us know who you’d like to see enter the King of Hawners tournament!

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  1. I thought that one of the masked people at first would be Austin O Siris from the GPWA Asylum with his crew, but then I thought whatever happened to Ravie Davie’s cousin Zander, cause he’s not been seen since France99 and hes not been mentioned all.

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