Scottish Wrestling Entertainment ‘Student Showcase’ FULL Results

The following results are from Scottish Wrestling Entertainments’s ‘Student Showcase‘ event at Manhattan Works in Dundee, Scotland on February 9th, 2019:


SWE Heavyweight Championship – Number One Contendership – Battle Royal – Johnny Thunder and Zack Leon were crowned co-winners.

Assistant GM Edith Summers made the main event a triple threat match.

Mike Musso defeated Hugo Harris by pinfall.

Jace Jackson & Darcy defeated Felix Fortune & KJ Nitro by pinfall.

Spike Tierney defeated Jay Robin by pinfall.

Gauntlet Match – Euan G Mackie defeated Randomico 1, Dynamico, Randomico 2, Atomico & The Tormentor.

Nathan Reynolds defeated Craig Stephens by pinfall.

Brian Christie & Tommy Cross defeated John Kerr & Umar Mohammed by pinfall.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat – Scotty Riccio defeated Johnny Thunder and Zack Leon by pinfall to retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.


Our thanks to Scottish Wrestling Entertainment for the results from the event.