Five Picks To Win The 8th Annual ICW Square Go!

As Insane Championship Wrestling’s eighth annual Square Go approaches, the speculation begins as to who will be the one to nab the briefcase and obtain a guaranteed title shot, anytime and any place. The Square Go is a time of year where anything can happen, from betrayals to shock entrants, winners out of nowhere and moments that cement a meteoric rise in their wrestling career. We’ve seen winners cash in and etch their place in history, we’ve also seen failed cash ins and many twists and turns along the way.

When you look at the list of previous winners, there really is a who’s who in Scottish wrestling that have outlasted the competition to become the holder of that Square Go briefcase:

Previous winners:

2012 | Red Lightning
2013 | Mikey Whiplash
2014 | Chris Renfrew
2015 | Dickie Divers
2016 | Wolfgang
2017 | Joe Coffey
2018 | Stevie Boy

Of the seven winners, five have went on to successfully cash in their title opportunity (Chris Renfrew, who failed in his attempt with his briefcase, won Dickie Diver’s case to successfully cash in at the Square Go event in 2016).

Who will add their name into history? Let’s throw out a few, five in fact, names that could very well win.

Joe Hendry

Personally, if I was a betting man, it’s hard to not have your money on “The Prestigious” Joe Hendry. Hendry has been on the cusp of being that top guy in ICW and hasn’t really had the chance to be the guy. His recent turn as part of Team Dallas further fuels the speculation that we will possibly see Joe Hendry as a main event player that he has proven to successfully been elsewhere. Lionheart is currently in his arc of challenging world class competitors, those outside of ICW, but to throw back to a personal fued with Joe Hendry would be mouth watering. They had their issues, they created a fabulous blurred lines atmosphere that you want from a great wrestling fued. Is it real? Is it for show? Nobody was ever 100 % sure. Hendry is a British amateur wrestling champion, he has wrestled around the world, he’s been at Impact Wrestling, World of Sport Wrestling and Five Star Wrestling. He literally ticks all the boxes as a “world class competitor”. I’d go as far to say that Joe Hendry was the catalyst for Lionheart rise, sure Jackie Polo heaped petrol on it and lit a match but the “Lionheart is a f*nny” stuff was from Joe Hendry. What would draw me in further to this prediction is Joe wanting to do everything as big as possible. It would not be out of the realm of possibility for him to use this title shot to automatically book his place into the main event of Fear & Loathing. It’s really hard to look past Joe Hendry as of writing. Adding all that up plus his alliance with Leyton Buzzard, Ravie Davie and Kez Evans, sometimes it’s all about the numbers and they could spell disaster for the other entrants.

Andy Wild

So what if it isn’t Joe Hendry? Well, how about the guy that is currently the voice of the fans in ICW. The leader of the Wild Boys, Andy Wild. Wild has had his issues with Mark Dallas as of late and a good way to stick it to the boss is to earn a guaranteed shot at the top title of his company. Wild has been on an absolute tear around Scotland recently, throwing around all comers and has been a prominent thorn in the side of the ICW owner so would have to be a favourite to go all the way.

Mark Coffey

Mark Coffey had a change of attitude recently in ICW, he was runner up in 2018 and after losing his Zero G Championship to his brother at Fear & Loathing he flipped a switch to an even more aggressive Mark Coffey. Coffey had created himself a nice spot in the Zero G Division but his time could be now to break into the world title picture. An outside shot perhaps as his appearances in ICW have been sparse as of late but when The Power Forward’s name is brought up it would be hard to argue that Coffey isn’t in the discussion to be a contender to win.

Red Lightning

The first Square Go winner, Lightning has made no secret that he sees himself as one of the top contenders to win this match. When someone speaks so commandingly on the microphone who are we to doubt RUDO? Do I think he will win? I’m on the fence, I can see it but it would be a long shot. He’s returned to the ring recently but I would cast doubt on whether he can keep up with the others in the match. On the flip side of that comment, Lightning has proven that he is a very smart man and with that comes strategy. I don’t know, I’ve added him into my five picks as there’s a voice at the back of my head going, “RUDO could win y’know…”.


One name that has been announced that could be a dark horse to win is “The Vixen of Violence” Viper. She’s been in her fair share of rumbles in the past and isn’t fussed whether you are a man or women, you’re getting thrown about like an empty trackie. Viper is a high profile entrant, from her appearances in World of Sport Wrestling and during the WWE Mae Young Classic in 2017, she is a one to watch for sure. She is the first official ICW Women’s World Champion, she has tangled with wrestlers across the globe, she is “The Megaton Barbie” and has battered plenty of wrestlers that have stood in her way before. Keep an eye on Viper to add another historic accolade to her career.

So there we go, five guesses thrown out to win the eighth annual ICW Square Go match that takes place next Sunday as SWG3 in Glasgow. A show that is stacked to the gills including Lionheart facing the challenge of Angelico over the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, Joe Coffey comes up against the debuting Ilja Dragunov for the ICW Zero G Championship, Kay Lee Ray defends the ICW Women’s World Championship against WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm PLUS The Kings of Catch have a chance to finally become ICW Tag Team Champions when they face The Personification of Destruction.

Tickets are still available on Ticketmaster.

Who do you think will win?