Westie’s Square Go Hotpicks

By Louise Westie


It’s hunting season…well not really. February 24th is the 8th annual Square Go, taking place at the SWG3 this year and it’s pretty much the Scottish version of the WWE Royal Rumble but with one big difference – 5 weapons, 30 men (or women) will enter the ring one at a time and the last man (or woman) standing in the ring will win a contract for a guaranteed title shot at any title at any time of their choosing in the next 12 months, and they can cash it in WHENEVER or WHEREVER they choose. My predictions on the Square Go are –


Due to prior wrestling commitments, Whiplash has not been seen since the Hydro and he’s well known for making his surprise comebacks at big shows, like when he famously returned to Barramania to fight the NAK with the SDS. If he was to make his comeback, the SWG3 would go mental and imagine Mark Dallas’s face and reaction of the fans if one of Dallas’s worst nightmares was to come true and Whippy held the keys to Dallas’s beloved kingdom.


“The Vixen of Violence” is no stranger to a Square Go and we’ve also not seen Viper since she lost her belt in the Queen of Insanity Match at the Hydro and recently hinted that “there’s a reason I’m in the history books”. Viper has already made history and made the ICW Woman’s championship a World title. Can Viper make history again and go off against Lionheart for his title or could she go for Zero-G and become the first woman to hold the belt?


Now I wouldn’t put anything past Joe Hendry because Joe is British amateur wrestling champion, an MMA enthusiast and a very talented grappler and has the potential to be a worthy champion. If he was to win, it could very well reignite the feud between him and Lionheart again, which would make very interesting viewing, given that the last time they had a match it was at Shug’s two years ago at the 02 ABC, where the crowd booed Joe and cheered Lionheart beginning the start of Joe’s heel turn and Lionheart’s face turn.


The leader of the Wild Boys and the Stovie Dad Bod God and is right now the voice of the fans of ICW. It’ll be one year in the making this year since he made his return as a full-time member of the ICW roster, entering the gauntlet match for the Zero-G title at Barramania. This year he could very well earn a long-awaited title shot having just won his place in the Square Go along side “Shotgun” Kieran Kelly. Having seen his match with Joe Coffey at Discovery for his Y Division title, if that’s anything to go by, they could steal the show on a grander stage. A ‘Wild Night Out’ could very well be on the cards if he was successful in winning that contract.


I know it’s unlikely given that the last time we saw him, he was carried out of The Garage and onto a stretcher after that horrific attack by Just Justice/Jackie Polo, but could he make a surprise comeback?!


For those relatively knew to ICW, Stevie Boy won last year’s Square Go just beating Mark Coffey and cashed in half-way during the main event at Barramania, but his reign was sadly and unfortunately cut short due to major knee surgery which took him out of wrestling action. Nearly 9 months later and no word yet if he is cleared to wrestle in time. Looking in fantastic shape appearing at Fear and Loathing, could the King of Filth make a surprise comeback and join his Queen Kay Lee Ray and his Filthy Generation comrades – The Kings of Catch? …


“Bad Boy” Liam “LT Degree” Thompson hasn’t had much luck with the Square Go (given since the last time he was in a Square Go, back in Newcastle, he never got to take part as he lost his beloved Sink to Wolfgang and was ejected from the match) resulting in him being made homeless, sleeping rough and being in one of the wildest matches in ICW to date! This year, he is determined to hold onto his beloved Sink at any cost. Fingers crossed the Sink enters the Square Go this year.


Now we haven’t seen, or heard, from since he lost his title to Lionheart at the Hydro. Which makes me wonder where he’s been or what he’s been up to?


What’s a Square Go without a few surprises? This year who knows: maybe some surprise debuts we never saw coming or some surprise comebacks?


Who wins? There’s only one way to find out … The ICW Square Go takes place Sunday February 24th at SWG3. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.