Preview: ICW 8th Annual Square Go!


It’s Square Go! season once again for ICW, with this year’s instalment set to take place from Glasgow’s SWG3 venue. In previous years, the Square Go! has saw the likes of Joe Coffey, Red Lightning, and Stevie Boy all walking home with the briefcase in tow. As well as the eighth version of the namesake match, there are also four huge championship matches to get through too, featuring some of the world’s absolute best challenging for the prizes on offer within ICW. By the end of the night, the entire landscape of ICW could completely change.

8th Annual Square Go! Match
Announced Entrants – Liam Thomson, Paxxo, RUDO Lightning, Jimmy Havoc, Wolfgang, Grado, Andy Wild, Kieran Kelly, Kenny Williams, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Mark Coffey, Krobar, Aaron Echo, Viper, Leyton Buzzard, Krieger, Lou King Sharp, Jack Jester, Sha Samuels, Dickie Divers, Jack Morris, Ravie Davie, Stevie James, and Joe Hendry

I’m sure you all know how a Square Go! Match works by now. There’s been seven of them so far, plus it’s said on the poster. 30 entrants, 5 weapons, 1 winner. If I was describing it to a WWE fan, I’d probably say it’s a Royal Rumble Match for a Money in the Bank briefcase with a bit of Extreme Rules added in. I never know what to type in previews for Rumble-type matches so instead, I’ll give you my five picks to win it all;

Joe Hendry – He’s been my pick for months now and despite a promo from a certain man (more on him in a bit), my top pick remains the same – Joe Hendry. So Prestigious. He had one hell of a 2018, from being on both Five Star Wrestling and World of Sport Wrestling to being signed to Impact Wrestling to competing in the Commonwealth Games. Now that he’s aligned with Mark Dallas, the ICW head honcho will do anything in his power to ensure a victory for one of his men. He’s got the skills to win a match like this and he’ll presumably have the help of Leyton Buzzard, Kez Evans, and Ravie Davie. What a prestigious end to the night this would be.

RUDO Lightning – I wasn’t sold on RUDO Lightning winning the Square Go! when he first announced his participation. I thought he was mainly there to fill the numbers. That promo from the start of February though has completely swayed my opinion. Somehow, RUDO has earned the admiration of the ICW faithful, something I never thought I’d be typing. The head coach of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum isn’t only in it to win it, he’s in it to stick it to Mark Dallas. A rivalry reignited it seems, something I’m really looking forward to in the months that follow!

Grado – Why not? Grado’s arguably the biggest face in Scottish wrestling at the moment, as well as starring in a handful of TV shows for BBC and being a former (and inaugural) World of Sport Wrestling Champion. He made a sensational return at Shug’s Hoose Party and hasn’t done much since, bar taking a guitar to the head from Jeff Jarrett. As much as it looked like they’d be having a match, that appears to be off the table now that Double J’s back with WWE on a full-time basis. As a result, he’s left doing nothing again. He’s been World Heavyweight Champion before, so he’s certainly got what it takes to win the Square Go! It just depends whether or not Mark Dallas has anything to say about.

Andy Wild – Since returning as a regular roster member last spring, Andy Wild has become one of the favourites in ICW. He fights for what’s right, even if it means risking his job. It’s been a tough journey for The Dad Bod God to get back to a mainstay in ICW, and it’d be a shame to see anyone ruin that (cough cough, Team Dallas). He’s perfect for this sort of environment, being able to chuck folk about the ring like there’s no tomorrow. Suplex here, suplex there, everyone gets a suplex. Big Dad Stovie Strength is coming to win it!

Liam Thomson – It’s always nice to have a wildcard pick for the giggles. If Liam Thomson won the Square Go!, the roof would come off the building. He was forced to take a year off due to injury but now that he’s back, The Bad Boy is doing anything he can to get further up the ranks of ICW. That has meant that on a few occasions, Liam’s sink has been taken from him. Devastating scenes. Surely the sink will be one of the weapons in the match?


ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Lionheart (c) vs Angélico

Lionheart’s mission to only defend the ICW World Heavyweight Championship against the world’s best talent reaches a new high on Sunday as South Africa’s Angélico makes his return to the Insane Fight Club. The man who proclaims he is Half Man, Half Amazing made his ICW debut last summer, beating Mikey Whiplash in one hell of a contest during the first night of Shug’s Hoose Party 5. The high flying sensation left the ICW faithful speechless with his jaw-dropping athleticism, so I’m sure he’ll receive a warm welcome back to Glasgow. Speaking of Shug’s, that’s really where Lionheart’s ascension to the top of ICW began as he finally pinned Jackie Polo’s shoulders to the mat. Since winning the title last December, he’s made successful defences against both Shigehiro Irie and Jody Fleisch, with both contests being highly praised. Expect nothing different when Angélico comes for the gold.


ICW Zero-G Championship
Joe Coffey (c) vs Ilja Dragunov

After making a surprise return to ICW at Barramania last April, Joe Coffey has been on a complete tear. Once again under the guidance of Red Lightning (although it’s unclear whether or not that’s still the case), The Iron King was successful in his quest for the Zero-G Championship as he bested his brother Mark to lift the gold for the first time at Fear & Loathing XI. Since then however, he’s yet to make a defence of his crown. That changes on Sunday night, when he comes toe to toe with the debuting Ilja Dragunov. The Russian sensation is undoubtedly one of the hottest names on the independent circuit today, exciting crowds wherever he goes. When it was first announced he’d be making his ICW debut, I felt it was pretty certain he’d be challenging for a championship. He and Lionheart would’ve had a class matchup, but that’s not to say he and Joe can’t do the same. In Ilja’s first appearance for a Scottish promotion, it’s entirely plausible that the Zero-G Championship could be heading the way of Unbesiegbar!


ICW Tag Team Championships
The P.O.D (Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith) (c) w/The Wee Man vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

The third of four title matches, and the one I’m the most invested in. At Fear & Loathing back in December, there was a six team TLC Match to determine the next challengers for The Kinky Party’s Tag Team Championships. You had The P.O.D, The Kings of Catch, The Purge, The Fite Network, The Briscoe Brothers, and Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins. It was clear who the fans wanted to win the match – Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan. It wasn’t to be though, as Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith not only won the contract but also the titles on the very same night. Every single person inside the Hydro that night couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed. Now, it’s time for The Filthy Generation to add some tag gold to their collection. The P.O.D were champions for three months last year, reigning supreme over anyone that stood in front of them. Meanwhile, The Kings of Catch have been impressing everyone, to no surprise. It’s their time. Just imagine the reaction on Sunday if they lose again.


ICW Women’s World Championship
Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Toni Storm

Kay Lee Ray’s third reign with the Women’s World Championship could very well come to an end after just two months as she comes up against a woman making her return to the Insane Fight Club, current NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm. After losing the championship back to Kasey at the end of 2017, The Queen of Insanity insisted that she vowed to no longer challenge for the Women’s Championship, a promise she kept true to with matches against the likes of Lionheart and Kez Evans. It wasn’t until Viper did everything in her power that KLR returned to the Women’s Championship scene, eventually winning the title from The Vixen of Violence in the first ever Queen of Insanity Match at Fear & Loathing XI. While she’s been going through hell thanks to barbed wire and thumbtacks, Toni Storm has been busy over in NXT UK, capturing their Women’s Championship from Rhea Ripley at the company’s first ever TakeOver event in Blackpool. The New Zealand native hasn’t been seen in an ICW ring since October 2015, where she defeated Nikki Storm. It’s been a while, but Toni could very well be waking up on Monday morning as your new ICW Women’s World Champion.

As of writing, a limited number of tickets can still be purchased via Doors open at 6:30pm for VIP ticket holders and 7pm for general admission ticket holders, with a start time of 7:30. The show will be available to watch the very next day on ICW On Demand!

Announced Matches
8th Annual Square Go! Match – Winner gets a championship match whenever they choose
ICW World Heavyweight Championship
– Lionheart (c) vs Angélico
ICW Zero-G Championship
– Joe Coffey (c) vs Ilja Dragunov
ICW Tag Team Championships
– The P.O.D (c) w/The Wee Man vs The Kings of Catch
ICW Women’s World Championship – Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Toni Storm

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