The Bedlam Report | Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ February 2019 Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Well it’s that time again where the good Doctor looks at the insanity that is ICW and tried to make sense of it all for you the reader. Now recently I have written a  special about ICW called ICW: Insane… but not in a good way I hope you, dear reader, look it up and I also hope you find it informative.

One thing I did notice was the queue took longer than usual to build up and indeed in The Garage I would say it was half to two thirds full, this doesn’t bode well. This Doctor remembers when you couldn’t move for the sheer volume of people in the place, not the case here… and hasn’t been for a while.

Anyway on with the show.

Asthon Smith vs Lewis Girvan – Ashton, y’know he is an amazing talent but he just can’t look convincingly angry, it’s quite funny. The match itself was damn good thought the hokey thing of The Wee Man stopping the potential winning pin was a bit of a cliche the rest of the match shows us a little snippet of what to expect from them in the Square Go.

Red Lightning vs Aaron Echo – Now, if you had told me I would have enjoyed a match between Red Lightning and Aaron Echo a year ago I would have laughed but you know what? It was a great match and I was enjoying it up until Dallas’s cronies came out and interfered. The weird thing was, was Dallas trying to butter up Red, get him on Dallas’s side? It was curious as up to this point Dallas and Red haven’t really interacted, but Red did NOT look happy.

Joe Coffey vs Paul Robinson – No, just no, I’m sorry but what did Paul Robinson do that anyone already in the ICW roster hasn’t to deserve a shot? Joe was amazing as ever with his early 90’s Celtic away kit inspired trunks. It was a decent enough match, but once again you have to ask is Joe the best guy to have as Zero G Champion? Think of all the cruiserweight guys in the roster (the Zero G is supposed to be a cruiserweight belt, ICW just seems to use it as a generic secondary title now) who could showcase the belt, plus Joe is world title picture talent, he is possibly the best Scottish wrestler around these days but who knows what the future holds.

Kenny Williams vs Paxxo – A curious match with both men showing off their talents for the crowd. Kenny, we all know, Paxxo is a wildcard and that’s what I like about the guy. He stands out, and trust me that is a good thing in this day and age, he also seems to know how to get the crowd to react in a way you don’t see that often anymore. Yes he lost but it was a great match. Kenny is maturing well as a wrestler and seems to be slowly and smartly moving away from the whole “Marty Mcfly mark 2” image he seemed to have going for a while. Three masked wrestlers (one very probably being Grant McIvor… sorry mate… the hair is a dead giveaway) attacked Paxxo, why? who knows? will we find out, maybe not, it IS ICW after all.

Kay Lee Ray vs Little Miss Roxxy – This match was… watchable but raised a lot of questions. Why is someone like Roxxy even challenging for the belt after only a few matches when you have Aivil… who has amazing charisma, bags of talent, great look and has managed to captivate the ICW crowd all without uttering one single word and has yet to have even a sniff of a title shot? Mind you, the state of the women’s division is one of many things I go into in my special ICW: Insane… but not in a good way.

Kieran Kelly and Andy Wild vs Ravie Davie, Kez Evans and Leyton Buzzard – Andy and Kieran won despite the usual heel shenanigans but the interesting thing is… I kinda predicted what would happen next as far back as my Fear and Loathing review. Red Lightning came out and called out Dallas for the earlier attack during the Aaron Echo match, now while yes, Red and Dallas have feuded on and off since the dawn of time, his time I like the spin on it. It’s not just reversing the face and heel roles it’s Red making out that indeed he was always trying to make us see this current side to Dallas, that he knew Dallas would do this, though there is a worry… will Dallas once again put his company up for ownership in a match like he does every second bloody year? I hope not, this could be genuinely interesting and I hope lifts the Dallas storyline out of the midcard where it really shouldn’t be.

Anti Fun Police vs Kinky Party – Well when I say Kinky Party… Sha was… indisposed, but it served its purpose. It introduced the Anti Fun Police and established them as a threat and possibly be the end of The Kinky Party, it was short and sweet but it definitely served its purpose and if (and only if as ICW can be funny at times with bringing in other talents… remember the Geezers?… exactly) I think if they want to split The Kinky Party this feud is the best time to do it.

Mark Coffey vs Liam Thomson – Liam’s sink thing is getting a bit, I dunno, it’s going to get tiresome at some point. The match itself was decent enough though with Grant Mclvor and the masked marvels attacking Liam. I’m really wondering what they are trying to do with these guys as so far they attacked a relative newcomer in Paxxo and a veteran in Liam Thomson… yeah.

Lionheart vs Jody Fleisch – A brilliant if predictable match. This highlighted a few things, in my opinion, one is there’s another side effect to Lionhearts “facing the best international talent” thing. Despite having a bunch of matches with no real drama, it kind of means he ain’t losing the belt for a while. Otherwise, how can he defend the belt against all the international talent which, on this occasion, infuriates me more than usual… why? Jody Fleisch is one of my all time favourite wrestlers ever, as I have said before I knew of him long before I knew much if anything about the UK scene in general post original World of Sport, his match in FWA versus AJ Styles stands as one of the best matches I have ever seen, without guys like Jody the UK scene wouldn’t be were it is today (I know Lionheart in his post match promo touched on some of this too). In-fact, for years I did wonder if he had retired as surely if he had still been wrestling ICW would be foolish not to book him (turns out they probably were foolish, mind you ICW acted similar with Doug Williams, seemingly not booking one of the biggest UK talents in modern times). What makes it worse is ICW using Jody as a glorified jobber. You know something, I am just going to say it, I think ICW should put the belt on Jody and soon, they have not been shy about putting belts on guys just to elevate its prestige why not give the title one of the UK’s most hard working and long serving wrestlers. If guys like DCT and Trent Seven deserve the title Jody more than deserves it, hell, he would probably be one of, if not the most, deserving champions in ICW history. I’m sure if ICW can afford to bring in all these imports they can afford to bring Jody in to get the title, defend a few times and drop it. Come on ICW give the guy a run with the belt.

One thing I have noticed is all the singles titles at the Square Go are being defended against non-regulars/imports, what does that say about the current roster? Of course that means there’s a damn big chance that the champions are all retaining, part of the drama of a title match should be that the champion could lose it, we are not getting that with ICW recently. Thank god for the tag title match, it’s the one match I can see going either way (though even then I bet the Kings of Catch win, and the POD are not seen again, until they return and take the belts again out the blue).

One issue that is becoming a concern is ringside security, when I first started security was a fine tuned machine, if a wrestler was going into the crowd they would be in keeping the fans away and safe, if a wrestler jumped out of the ring, the barrier would be moved, if a fan touched a wrestler… or even just got in the face of one a little too much they would be there to calm the situation but not now it seems. More and more fans get in wrestlers faces and/or actually get physical (it’s not the first time wrestlers have fought in the crowd and fans have got in the road/tried to touch/or generally caused issues) and the barrier… how many times recently have wrestlers clipped the barriers recently? Would have been more if it wasn’t for the efforts of one fan, he knows who he is, that ginger bearded wonder who will move the barriers back if need be, but the fact is he shouldn’t need to that’s security’s job. I am not talking to you, dear reader, on this as just the good Doctor but as an SIA badged security worker with years of experience in this sort of thing, ringside security is no joke.

Be sure to read my special ICW: Insane.. but not in a good way but be warned, its very, very critical of ICW on a whole as a product and I’m sure some may say harsh, but I am just calling it as I see it.

I hope you enjoyed my report, as always please remember, it’s just my opinion.

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