Where Are They Now: ICW 2nd Annual Square Go! Match


Looking back at previous events in professional wrestling can lead to either good or bad memories, depending on what you like. Nevertheless, it gives you something to remember. Whatever happens on that fateful night will remain in the history books forever. On Sunday evening, it’s the ICW 8th Annual Square Go! from SWG3 in Glasgow. Four world-class championship matches will take place at the event, as well as the 2019 instalment of everyone’s favourite – the Square Go! Match. Today, let’s go back to 2013, to the 2nd Annual Square Go! Match. That year would see Mikey Whiplash come out on top, but what about some of the other names in the match, the ones that perhaps are no longer on the ICW roster? Whatever happened to them?

Euan G. Mackie

The second Square Go! Match would mark one of Euan G. Mackie’s final appearances in ICW, as of writing at least. From the research I’ve done, he’s only made a further two appearances for the promotion. In the six years that have followed since the 2nd Square Go! though, Mackie has become a mainstay in the likes of Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, United Pro Wrestling, and World Wide Wrestling League. He’s been rather successful in these companies as well as some others, picking up the RAD:PRO Mix Tag Team Championships, the Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship, and the SWE Heavyweight Championship. His alliance with Stallyon as The Opera of Silence has left a path of destruction behind them, while another alliance with Timm Wylie sees a bit of an odd couple pairing. On occasion, Euan can also be seen abroad in Germany, where he’s competed for Mad Wrestling Association and Asylum of Wrestling Maniacs.


Following the 2013 Square Go! Match, Falcon made just a handful of appearances for Scottish School of Wrestling and Premier British Wrestling as well as wrestling in Denmark for Dansk Pro Wrestling. As of 2014 however, The Bird of Prey wrestles exclusively for Reckless Intent Wrestling, where he’s challenged for both the UK and the now-defunct Sunday Slam Championship. The masked man is also a member of the high-flying Lucha Scotland alliance alongside Lucha DS, Robbie Solar, and Soldato. Still waiting for the group to wrestle an eight man tag team match though. One day…

JD Bravo

Following on from his appearance in the 2013 instalment of the Square Go!, JD Bravo would continue wrestling for Premier British Wrestling, usually on the losing side of things to the likes of Jack Jester, James Scott, and Lucy Cole. By the summer of 2015, Bravo had taken a leave of absence from professional wrestling, but his return would come at PBW’s Academy Attack 11 show last May where he teamed with Ian Skinner and Leo King in a loss to Ewan O’Raw, Jason Hyde, and Stone Malone. Recently, JD has become a mainstay star in Respect Pro Wrestling. Here, he’s formed a team with Bobby Roberts known as BMD (which stands for The Big Mac Daddies, because obviously). The duo are in the running to become the inaugural RPW Tag Team Champions, with the champions set to be determined on March 9th in Lochwinnoch.

Massimo de Marco

After competing in the 2nd Annual Square Go! Match, Massimo de Marco (who isn’t the Massimo I thought he was at first glance) would only wrestle one more match after this. That would be an eight man tag team match at a PBW show in Barrhead, where he teamed with Dave Krycek, Switch, and TJ Rage in a winning effort over Falcon, JD Bravo, Kenny Williams, and Stevie Xavier. According to my research, the Italy native hasn’t wrestled another match since March 30th 2013 – no word on what he’s up to these days.

Nathan Black

Nathan Black used to be a dominant force within Scottish wrestling before hanging up the boots. He would appear in one more Square Go! Match following this when he entered the 2015 field in an unsuccessful effort but elsewhere, Black was highly successful for the most part. He was a participant in numerous tournaments up and down the country, making it to the finals of the 2013 SPW Caledonian Cup and the 2014 W3L Galashiels Cup, as well as the semifinals of the 2014 W3L Seven Deadly Sins Tournament. He featured on two of the ICW Spacebaws shows, winning a Battle Royal at Episode V: Bill Murray Strikes Back and teaming with David The Beloved in a loss to The Bucky Boys at Episode VI: Return of the Jewdi. His career ended at Showcase Pro Wrestling (formerly known as Pro Wrestling ImPulse), where he won and lost the Heavyweight Championship in the same night before wrestling his final match on June 6th 2015, which was a loss to Mike Musso in an I Quit Match.

Rob McKai

From the records I’ve got here (cagematch.net for anyone wondering), the 2013 Square Go! Match was the second and final match for one Rob McKai. His only other appearance in the role of a wrestler was at ICW’s first ever show back in 2006, where he competed in a Fatal Four Way Street Fight alongside Kid Krazy, Scully, and eventual winner Armageddon.

Saqib Ali

Following his participation in the multi-man fray, Saqib Ali make his presence known in promotions such as Rock N Wrestle, home promotion Premier British Wrestling, and British Championship Wrestling. He would go on to challenge for several titles, such as the PBW Tag Team Championships and the CCW All Star Championship down in Ireland, while he would go on to win the W3L Tag Team Championships alongside Prince Asad. Those two, alongside Donnie T, would be known as Pure Gangster, an underrated unit in my humble opinion. These days, Saqib can typically be found on the losing end of things, with losses coming against the likes of Grado, Aaron Echo, and Dylan Angel. He’s like the Scottish version of Curt Hawkins. Don’t worry though lads, he’ll get another win one day!

Yum Yum

Remember this absolute legend? Yum Yum – what a name. Now known as “The Demolition Man” David Devlin, the artist formerly known as Yum Yum has become a mainstay in Reckless Intent Wrestling while also making the odd appearance for Source Wrestling and Respect Pro Wrestling. Since adopting the new name, Devlin has found plenty of success in Reckless Intent, capturing their Hardcore Championship, Slam Championship, and Tag Team Championships (alongside Kieran Kelly) within the space of three years, as well as winning the 2018 Battle of West Lothian Tournament. Certainly a change of things from when he was Yum Yum.

In full results from this show, taking place on January 27th 2013 at the Garage, Glasgow;

Johnny Moss def. Christopher
30 Minute Iron Man Match – James Scott def. Wolfgang 3-2
ICW Heavyweight Championship – Red Lightning (c) def. Stevie Boy
2nd Annual Square Go! Match – Mikey Whiplash last eliminated Jack Jester to win