Five Picks To Be Surprise Entrants In the ICW 8th Annual Square Go! Match


It’s a busy weekend in Scottish wrestling, with a total of 10 shows confirmed between Thursday and Sunday, three of which have already taken place (results for those available here). We’ll be ending the weekend on a high, with ICW’s 8th Annual Square Go! from SWG3 in Glasgow, a new venue for ICW and one that’s already sold out. As we all know, Rumbles are known for boasting a few surprise entrants here and there, with the Square Go! being no exception. Last year saw the likes of Moose enter the fray, but what about 2019? HAve ICW got any surprises in store for us tomorrow night?

Noam Dar

At last night’s NXT UK tapings, Noam Dar appeared and told everyone he was now only with that brand, apparently putting an end to his 205 Live career. As we know, NXT UK stars can appear for promotions WWE have working relationships with. ICW just so happens to be one of those companies. Add that with the fact he’s in the UK as we speak, and we could be looking at a potential full-time return to ICW for The Scottish Supernova.

Jackie Polo

I want Jackie Polo to enter the match twice. If Mick Foley can enter three times in the same match, then surely Scotland’s beeeeeesssssstttttt wrestler can enter two times. Ideally, he’d enter the match early on (maybe even as number one or two) as Just Justice then be eliminated can come back later on as the old Jackie Polo. It could be done and personally, I’m all for it.

Sugar Dunkerton

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with Sugar Dunkerton’s Twitter, this one won’t come as a surprise seeing as he’s confirmed he’s been booked for the show. Big Suge has been scratching and clawing for an opportunity in ICW and despite having already appeared for the company back in November, I’m sure the Square Go! would provide the sort of opportunity he’s looking. Plus, I really want a segment in the match between him and Chief Deputy Dunne (another man not announced but has confirmed he’s booked). Billy put it best in a Facebook comment – it’s the worst kept secret in Square Go! history.

William Grange

Hear me out on this one. Dickie Divers has recently enlisted the help of good pal Jack Morris, a duo known as The Nine9. For the ICW historians amongst you however, you’ll remember that Divers used to be in a team known as The STI alongside current ICW commentator William Grange. I’d love to see Grange make a return to the ring, whether it’s full-time or just for this. It could just be a small angle with Divers and Morris, anything to see The Scourge of the Schoolyard back in the ring!

Kassius Ohno

Out of the five I’ve mentioned, this is probably the biggest wildcard of them all. At the NXT UK tapings last night though, Kassius Ohno apparently made a full-time jump from regular NXT to NXT UK, which came as quite the surprise to me but a welcomed one. That means he’s currently in the UK. You can see where I’m going with this. He’s been in ICW before against Joe Coffey, so why not have him come back?

As mentioned, this event has sold out. It will however be available to watch on ICW On Demand the very next day!

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